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You are the master of your own perception and reality.

John Sheppard

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Who are they?  


What power do they have?  


To decide for you what to think, say, believe and do? 


They, grab for power, because they are powerless.  


They, hold on to power for dear life.  


And so shall they lose it.  


Those willing to lose it, will gain it  


But they do not know this.  


So may god have mercy upon them, and may god forgive me, because i will show them none 




Perception creates reality as we experience it: 


Perception is now more than ever consciously influenced and manipulated by certain people with a certain agenda for their own gain and power.  

Not in a constructive way in which people put the power of their perception on themselves, but on something or someone other than themselves.  

That seems very dangerous to me. It happens in such a way that people don't even realize it themselves. (Google. youtube. facebook)  

That is destructive, hidden narcissism, psychopathy in all its glory and simply evil. I think something should be done about it.  

Nothing or no one has the right to decide for me what I think, say, believe or do. That is intentionally attempted.  

What happens if people in masses unconsciously accept that responsibility for their own perception and being lie with someone else?  

That will move towards mass genocide. Globalist tyranny and dictatorship.  

Total control. Hitler's wet dream he hadn't even dreamed of. How I see something determines how I experience it, how I experience things determines who I become.  

As I said, nothing and no one has the right to determine for me what I think I say or do. If it does happen, it is my responsibility to do something about it, in every way possible.  

Individual responsibility and freedom is the highest good.  

If anyone or anything try's to undermine that, I will have to do everything I can to preserve and defend it my personal liberty.  

At all costs. 




Tell Me The Truth:


If you want to tell the truth, 

Start by telling the truth, that, 

You do not know what the truth is 


But do not tell me the truth, 

For when you do 

I shall know 

It is not the truth 




That Which Moves Without Moving:


It is not me who moves,  

It is the Force that moves me 


If it is i that moves 

I move through the force 


The force and i are one and the same 


Constant change 


The tidel wave 


You who grab for power and control 


Will be erased 


I am  

That which is 

That which was 

That which always Will Be 


The truth cannot be deceived 

It cannot be hidden 


It Will be revealed 


For all to see 




How i am That I Am: 


Now, i make the assumption that the mere fact the President actually gave such a speech at Mount Rushmore shows just how many people blindly assume and believe anything that they have been told by the mass media, education system, internet and other means of transmitting false facts and false truths delibirately designed and engineered to allianate people world wide from their inalliable rights as human beings.  

The mass array of propaganda and distractions leveled at the public over the course of decades and generations has slowly seeped into the subconcious minds of the public, altering their perception and belief structure to such a degree that to many people have become allianated from their own power over their own perception and reality and that what you, me and others are seeing or not seeing is the result of a carefully and hidiously organized and highly secretive group of individuals who hold their own agenda without any regard to anything or anyone other than their own self serving impulses.   

I firmly believe that the only power anyone or anything has over my perception, experience and life is the power i give it. That also includes myself. I know that i do not know and that my perception of reality is flawed most of the time if not all the time for it always is based on assumptions which are the result of previous experiences which which are no garuentee for the future and simply fall apart in the face of reality as it is instead of how i wish or want to perceive it.  

This gives me the opportunity to gradually, slowly, but surely adjust my perspective and perception to the constantly changing reality as it is and develop my self as a responsible human being.  

The highest good which i could conceptualize for my self is individual responsibility, or the ability to respond as opposed to merely and automatically reacting to circumstances in the way that i was thought and learned to do so.  

For who am i and what is my life worth and what meaning does it hold if i am not the one who decides how to live live but am lived by it through conditioning from external circumstances and through the opinions and perspectives of others?  

The only thing i ever have control over is how i choose to look at and deal with external circumstances as they happen, for the mere fact that they do happen.  Who i am is the result of anything i have ever experienced, thought, acted out and said.   

Who i am is not merely the result of external circumstances but a result of how i perceive them. My thoughts are the result of external circumstances and how i perceive these circumstances. My acts and then words are the result of my thoughts.  

My habits the result of my acts and words, my character the result of my habits, and my Destiny the result of my character.  

The perspective on this can ofcourse also be turned backwards on this. Whatever way you want to perceive it.  

Ones own Perception and perspective is all what one has because the freedom and ability to perceive from a different perspective leads to individual responsibility, discipline and freedom of both mind, body and spirit.  

Another part of the whole is that my experience is also partly the result of my perception. If i change my perception i change my experience and thus my thoughts, acts, words, habits, character and destiny.  

Self Response Ability. Fear, stress and discease comes from ignorance and brings darkness and death. Knowledge is the light that illuminates, sets free and dispells all darkness and shadows which is nothing but the absence of light.  

Just as there cannot be light without darkness there van also be no darkness and without light. Live in light and you will live in love, live in darkness and you will not. In the country where i live we say that after rain comes sunshine, but without rain you wouldnt apreciate the sun.  

Consiousness is that which we experience between differences, contrast is needed in order to experience, live and be.  

No up without down. Left without right, black without white. Being consiouss is transcending all differences and contrast and to experience all as one and one as all.  

Denying differences and contrast leads to the exact oposite of being consiouss and experiencing life, it leads to unconsiousness and death.  

Anything that i have just shared with you is completely my own perspective and hypothesis. ‘ 

I would like to invite you to point out every inconsistency you may find therin and share your perspective with me. 




People are called minoritys. 43% of americans are minoritys. 


If its 43 %, how are they "minoritys"?  


What does that word mean anyway? That they are less? Others are more?  


The very word minority is racist in and of itself. Its the people yelling BLM who believe BL dont matter.  


Its the person who says hes always sure, who in fact isnt.  


Its the person who says hes always right, who in fact is wrong most of the time.  


Its the person saying he knows everything, who is sure to be ignorant about his lack of knowing.  


Racism? Yes there are differences, there always wil be.  


You and i are not the same, we are not equal. We are different, in our persceptive, perception, experience, by the nature of our very being ourselfes.  


We are equal in our rights and freedom. In the right and freedom to be ourselfes. Whether the differences we perceive between ourselfes and others is positive, neutral or negative, depends on our own perspective, perception and believes.  


The notion that everyone is the same, equal, not different from others, denys the most important right and liberty to each and every human being, to be an individual.  


To think for themselfes, to be responsible for one self, in what one thinks, acts and says.  


The moment anyone denies that for anybody, your heading towards a totalitarian, dictorial, communistic regime. 





“Every action is measured by the depth of the sentiment from which it proceeds.” R. Waldo Emerson.  


Everything we do is habit.  


A habit is that which you do because youve always done it like that.  


A habit is a subconcious routine, you dont have to think about it, it happens automatically, doesn't require any effort whatsoever.  


Notice, automatic behavior, Happens  


Youl become good at anything if you do it often enough and consistently.  


Everything is hard at first.  


But becomes easier the more you do it.  


Going outside of your comfort zone, doing something differently from what you are used to, requires effort, feels uncomfortable, at first.  


Know that, most people do what they do because  


A. Most people do it that way, and  


B. Because that's what they have always done. Notice, these things Happen  


This also ties perfectly into neuroplasticity.  


Our mind, like our body, functions like a machine.  


Become aware of this,  


know your machine, notice that you are NOT realy in control, that everything you do is habit, automatic subconcious routines.  


Conditioned Behavier. And youl see the nescecity for changing.  


Today is what it is because yesterday was what it was.  


And so to, tomorrow wil be exactly the same as today.  


Unless, you are able to affect change TODAY.  


We are creatures of HABIT.  


Noticing this, is the only thing you can realy do to start affecting this change.  


You are also not the same througout the day, you are consistently not the same person.  


One moment you 0s and 1s tell you this, the next your 0s and 1s tell you that.  


One moment you think buritos, the next its cocaïne, gambling and hookers in lasvegas.  


Notice, it Happens.  


You are not realy doing anything.  

You are a collection of different i's, theres not realy a SOLID, PERMANENT I, that is able to affect change.  


Being Aware, is the result of a permanent I.  


Dont STOP doing the things you are already "doing", the things that happen automatically.  


For there is nothing you cannot not do.  


Notice that you do not notice,  


Remember that you forget.  


Remember to remember.  


Instead, change your short term rewarding habits, by creating new positive long term rewarding habits.  


Fitness, good eating habits, working consistently on your business, goals. Hard, isnt it?  




Notice it happens.  


What can YOU realy DO? 





The Way in Which Most People Ask Questions: 


Whats the point in asking questions if you already "know" the anwser?  

Most people ask questions which already hold the anwser in the way they are asked, asking a question is done from a place of knowing you know not, of a place where you admit your own ignorance and lack of knowing so you can understand and come to know something you do not know and understand.  

Do you also hate rethorical questions? Honey, where were you yesterday at 11?.  

So you werent at the neighbours house last night? You werent sharing your bed with someone else?  

This is not asking questions, this putting words in someones mouth, framing someone.  

A question which precedes from assumptions, expectations, biases and and prejuduce is still exactly that and turning those repeatedly into a "question" doesn't change it at all.  

It just strengthens and reinforces ones own ignorance, lack of understanding and lack of a willingness to admit ones own biased and limited perception so that one can learn and grow from it.  

Its simply pointing at someone else and saying they dit it to! Little children do this all the time, adults that havent matured do the same but in a more sophisticated way. Its still ignorance. Its easier to keep ignorant than to admit it and doing something about it because that takes self response ability.  

Same goes for complaining, its easier to complain about a thing than to actually do something about it.  

If you where to do something about it you needed not to complain for there would be nothing to complain about.  

But maybe, if you try this you are confronted by the fact that its realy hard to do something about it, it may even seem impossible.  

Changing ones own conditioned perspective is hard, it requires effort.  

Change, always requires effort.  

All this in combination with the fact that the questions she is "asking" have an emotional load to them is suggesting there is an element of suppression and projection from her own unresolved feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty and her inability dealing with it preceding her perspective from which these questions arise.  

The only world anybody will ever know is their own personal perception.  

All perceived external negative things are a projection of ones own mind, projected, seen and experienced outside oneself as to not having to deal with them internally.  

This is a coping mechanism as to deal with the fact that we do not perceive reality as it is but as we want to see it.  

Take yourself for example as you are reading this, how do you know, realy know, that you are reading what ive just written in the way that i actually mean it?  

That your perception and persceptive of these words isnt in any way inluenced and somewhat tainted by your previous experiences of the past which are colouring your perception of the now?  

Most people do what they do for two simple reasons,  

first because everyone else is doing it,  

second because that's what they have always done.  

Coming to terms with ones own limitations in perception, assumptions, expectations and perception as being a misrepresentation of the world as it is might seem a scary thing, but only by knowing, accepting this can one open the doorway to understanding growth and change and to align ones own perception and experience with what is happening right now at this moment without any preconceived assumptions and expactions free from the past.  

But this is my perspective at this point in space and time and surely over time it wil change.  

Care to share your thoughts? Id like to know your perspective. 




Telling the Truth: 


Telling the truth is never easy, because it implys a lie, and we al do lie in some way of another. For who decides what is true?  

The longer we do it however, the harder it will be without a doubt to tell the truth.  

Lie wil cover lie, and youl be blinded by them.  

So you better be honoust, even if your not. Especially if your not. 




Being Alone: 


“Being Alone” is the only way to be. For if you cannot be alone, you cannot truely Be.  


How can “you” be, if you cant be alone with yourself, by yourself, on yourself, through yourself?   


People say “Just” be yourself as if being yourself is normal.   


Being isnt “normal”.   


If youre normal you are being like eveyone else and if youre being like eveyone else then who are you exactly?   


No one that is normal is actually being themselfes.   


Being normal isnt being.   


Most people consider being themselfes as being different from most people but in that are exactly the same as most people so that isnt being yourself either.   


Most people actualy dont know "how" to be themselfes that’s why most people will tell you to just be normal.   


If you want to know who or what you are you must start by knowing who or what you are NOT.   


Only by knowing who or what you are not you can start to dis-cover and discern who or what you realy are. know this, most people do what they do because   


A. Everyone else is doing it and   


B. Because that's what they have always done.   


Growth, change, discipline, freedom, the Will to Be requires sacrifice, like a snake shedding its skin or a lobster tossing its old house and creating a new one.   


Who are you? when no one is looking at you?   


Who do you Desire to Be?  




The Law Of Life: 


The more you give the more you receive, the more you receive the more you can give.  

It is the law of life and growth.  

But the law goes both ways.  

If you keep what you have received and do not give it, you shall lose it two fold.  

And if you take without giving you shall repay it in three fold.  

So to it is with life.  

Those who take it shall lose it,  

Those who give it shall receive it.  

A sacrifice of yourself unto yourself. 






"Rights" are given so they can be taken away.  

Is this freedom?  

How free are you when your freedom depends on others?  

Freedom equels responsibility.  

To be responsible, to have the ability to respond instead of merely reacting. 

To be your own meassure of what you think, believe, say, and do. 




The Way:


Strategy is the long term goal, and tactics is how you achieve it.  

Or in other words, like a goal and the road towards it.  

In my experience, there is no road without a goal, and equally no goal without the road towards it.  

My hypothesis and perception is that the "way" in which one does something is more important than "what" on does.  

For what does it mean to do something if one does not know how he does it.  

Then the road becomes the goal and the goal becomes the road. 




Just be normal: 


Just be normal they say, Just be yourself they say, as if being, is normal...  

Learn to behave, act normal, they say.  

But "they" dont know, that they dont know. 

 And they are afraid of not knowing.  

They, dont know "how" to learn. "How" to Be.  

So they just Act normal.  

Their Being, is forgotten and they dont remember themselfes.  

How can they? They dont know because they dont notice that they dont notice, that they have forgotten who or what they are.  

That they dont remember their self.  

Most people do what they do because most people do it, and because thats the way they have always done it.  

Its easy. Are you, like most people?  

To truly Be, is anything but easy.  

But its worth every single step of the way.  

The truth shall set you free. How do i know this?  

Who am i if i dont know?  

How can you tell if the truth doesn't exist?  

And how then can you say it does?  

You. Dont. Know. So it might Just exist, true, whole, as it is, as it always had been and always will be.  

Perfect, eternal and incorruptable.  

Just like you, if you seek, and you will find, and receive because you asked.  

Believe, and it will be so.  

To find yourself within the truth, and truth within yourself.  

Saying it like this, somehow doesn't feel like the truth, but il keep trying, keep desiring, keep turning it over and over in my mind, until it is perfect as it is, no matter how i say it or to whom i might say it.  

Undeniable, unquestionable, the whole truth as it is wil be known and shown for all to be.  

Or maybe im just thinking to much and feeling to little to see and to be.  

The more i think about it the weirder it becomes.  

Letting go... Do i dare to? I dont know.  

And yet, without thinking about it, i do.  

Feels like spaghetti, its all mixed up.  

But it will become clear once it becomes clear. And it will. 




What I Know: 


The more i know, the more i know how little i know.  

The more i know how little i know, the more i see i do not know at all.  

To know is to know that one doesn't know at all. Thats all there realy is to know 

How strong is one really, if one cannot admit that one isnt strong? 

There lies strength in knowing ones own weakness, for how does one know his strength if one doesn't know his weakness?  

How strong is one really, if one cannot admit that one isnt strong? 

Knowing your own ignorance, leads to wisdom.  

Wisdom begins where knowledge ends. 

Wisdom, is acting on the truth, that one does not know. 

And you want control over your life? 

How much control do you really have, if you cannot admit that you are not in control?





David, i sincerely hope you read my message. Forgive me my English as it is not my first language.

I started writing one month ago and it is still work in progress. However i deem it ablosutely nescessary to share this for there is no time to lose.

I hope to hear from you.

Kind regards, i wish you the best and keep going. Kenzo Kollen from the Netherlands

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