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How does Sweden escape the NWO?

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On 8/6/2020 at 3:02 PM, THESTRONG-THEVALIANT said:


As for Sweden - a fundamental old law protects citizens from any type of lockdown.




The legal reason why Sweden did not impose lockdown


[…]the legal framework within which the government of Sweden operates does not directly allow it to impose draconian measures, such as a widespread or nationwide shutdown.

State of emergency

This is because there is no provision in the Swedish constitution that allows the imposition of a state of emergency during peacetime crisis. There are, however, provisions to do so if there is a war. As coronavirus is a health crisis and is not literally a war, Sweden cannot impose a state of emergency.[…]


But the communicable disease control act is largely based on individual responsibility, and hence requires voluntary measures on the part of citizens instead of the government imposing those. The onus is thus on people to act responsibly in order to prevent the spread of an illness.


This is the core we started from, Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist at Sweden’s Public Health Agency, told the British science journal Nature. It is not legally possible to close down Swedish cities under the current laws, he said.


The communicable disease control act allows mandatory testing and quarantining people within a small area, such as a school or a hotel. But locking down a whole geographical region is not permitted.


The Swedish approach, Professor Klamberg explains, to laws is based on the idea that the state and the government agencies do not have unrestrained power in discreet areas which may lead to abuse in times of crisis.






Which to the exception of the Swedish and the Belarusian is exactly what EVERY other Western population is being suffering from. So if they're implicitly recognized as being an abuse in mainstream media themselves, then why aren't these 'COVID' rules forbidden for being illegal ?


Add to this the fact that even the WHO itself never recommended the systematic wear of masks but conversely stated that they won't efficiently protect against 'the virus', and you're left with a single hypothesis left as to who's being inflicting these abuses on populations and WHAT for…


Those responsible for that terror campaign are no 'savants' and have no medical background : they're bankers, businessmen and political leaders all involved in a war against China for world trade and military domination, and the whole COVID thing is nothing but a media operation to divert the public's attention from what's coming… because if the American public knew, they wouldn't vote again for a president who's being dragging the whole West into an imminent third world war…



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On 8/3/2020 at 11:40 PM, shadowmoon said:

What is special about them that they are not being tortured by their government?

Surely you are not that naive.


1: Sweden does not have a "real" constitution, it has four fundamental laws and a "Parliament act" at the bottom of its legal system.

2: Sweden is among the very few countries who dont have a constitutional court, thats a court that nails politicians

when they commit crimes against the constitution and other laws.A real constitution consist of written constitution

and a constitutional court who regulates the agreements written in the constitution , its that simple.

3: Among swedes for decades  been request to the Reichtag (german for parliament assembly) to implement a

constitutional court but politicians refuses to , now go figure why.


Apr 3, 2020 the gubbernomental socialist-green coalition wanted to override/make an addition to the four fundamental laws which

would give them dictatorial rights to decide e.g which business could stay open or closed, mandate to wear masks, injects vaccine

and so on because gov dont have any legal standing in those issues and even if they would it would had meant civil war, viking

swords and all that blood mess again here and there push a Scandinavian to far and it goes berserk! 

Even fake MSM wrote about that "coupde etat" attempt:




So all the Gov still can do is to"recommend" but the NWO propaganda apparatus of Sweden does its very best to suppress that

crucial info so everyone outside Scandinavia thinks everything is nice and dandy there.


But any way yes, the socialist-green coalition tried to get supreme totalitarian power but was blocked primarily by, guess who?

The communist party in coalition with the capitalist party Moderates who said it was a bit to much to swallow who anyway

gave the socialists-green government OK to the new totalitarian rights but with the fine print extension that the "Reichtag"

 will decide afterwards if whatever new law to be implemented will pass the voting of whatever they might construct in

other words giving them (Reichtag) the rights to clamp down on draconian measures taken, a lame excuse for the opposition

to give themself the power over "we the people"!


Now who the hell could have figured that scenario out?! Commies blocking socialist attempt for totalitarian draconian measures!


Are swedes tortured by their gov? You bet they do get but not in the upfront way like UK or Australians get, its much

more convoluted and refined but you will not found out how if you constantly go to fake MSM to try get info.


The language barriers makes it much easier for Scandinavians to find out whats gong on in the English German world

speaking countries then the reverse.


So there is no mass lockdowns like London NY Melbourne ,no mask obligatorily bull crap barely any covid 1984 testing etc.

And for the milliont time no one in Scandinavia is chipped, anyone saying so is trying to spread a old circulated myth that

originates from a former tatto shop owner who wanted publicity and to make him self a billionaire and failed! 


Does Scandinavia escape NWO? Of course not thy have the tentacles all over the place. 

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They haven't gotten away with much (apart from a wrecked economy, yet). A friend flew to Gothenburg on Tuesday. She said she was surprised at how similar to London things are (sounds like a semi-lockdown). She also said there was a report on the news about children being infected. It's so fkn predictable where this is going. 

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As an example, when super hero Dr Tegnell the state epidemiologist and government representatives early in 2020 dictated(turned out later it was merely a recommendation but bassooned out as absolute aw and mandatory) that only 50 person crowds  was ok then some fake MSM actually asked how he had

come up with the number of 50. At first he couldn't answer and pressed he made up some absolutely ludicrous none scientific based bull crap.

And the moron of a journalist didnt have a spine enough to counter question! 


The result of that was nobody gave shite about it, nobody gave a shite to enforce it as the woke soyboy gender bending pro feminist police was as usually

occupied with the latest gang shooting! Thats just one example of many on the NWO retardedness.


Stockholm and Gothemburg Malmoe etc example restaurants have been full up from day one, none gave a shite in any of gov recommendations , no masks no nothing!



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On 8/6/2020 at 2:02 PM, THESTRONG-THEVALIANT said:

Roskilde is a Danish city (and a famous live band festival with tents and mud like woodstock), but if the word is taken apart you get Ro Skilde close to Roth Schild (Danes are geographically close to Germany) both words would in english equal Red Shield which would in turn in Swedish be Röd Skjöld.




Nine Dead At Pearl Jam Concert

Mosh pit tragedy at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival


The size of the audience, Johansen says now, was “nothing special. It was really crowded. But not dangerous.” Johansen, 37, had done security at Roskilde for the past ten years. “We’d had that crowd before,” he notes, “and there was no problem.”


Within an hour, the area directly in front of Johansen had turned into a rock & roll hell. Eight young men, ages seventeen to twenty-six, suffocated to death in the mosh pit



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