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It may be a good idea to hope that eventually people will just say no. But I also think it would be wise to unite through a digital platform to exchange ideas, strategies, and solutions, to disseminate information to the wider public, and to be able to consense, organize, and make decisions in solidarity. Millions of like-minded individuals, organizations, and networks, ever-growing. We are in the process of creating this. We also recommend getting the idea of horizontal governing in everybody's heads and we have produced this 7 minute animation explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2AcVRqM_Y0RCZn7fkia6UE5ztxUSvBy6dNKKwTqSh3-ek9W59RHlTTVf4. More ambitious strategies in the process at utopiacornucopia.org.


Abrazo, Tom aka Mofwoofoo founder of Chambalabamba Community (chambalabamba.org)

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Communism is the idea that you are given things for free rather than for making effort ... it is therefore anti-life anti-reality anti-good.

How miserable it is to say to someone ... you go work hard and afterwards we take all your money and we from up here on the throne will decide what we use it for.  That is horrific slavery.

And it encourages really shit people .... shit people always want to rule you and tell you their "values".

Then they want to teach your children their values ... that they have decided.

And then they tell you ... it's so nice because we "share" everything.


This is nothing but a cunning evil.

You should follow people who them themselves are capable, those who work hard and you can see them working hard, those who have made good of their lives ... those who do not take followers easily... those you should follow.  Those who value you are your work and your choices.   Those who know the difference between right and wrong from their own battles with life.


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