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On 8/18/2020 at 8:23 AM, rideforever said:

Spare me the white people talking about Yoga.  The Yoga Sutras  that she is quoting is not an Advaita text but these fools don't know the different ... it's from exotic Inja, including the pajamas.  But maybe she realises something is wrong with sitting on your arse all the time watching a vase of flowers, so I credit her there.


what if the vedas and yoga and so on was brought into india by white aryan people from the north? (likely originating from the fertile crescent). The braham class tend to be taller and paler skinned and as you travel down the indian landmass the people on the whole tend to become shorter and darker



Nisargadatta Maharaj an Advaita teacher in Mumbai after his work in the daytime spent 3 or 4 hours every night in meditation and practice and he did that for about 3 years and he was taught hand to mouth by his own teacher personally sitting in his house so had very clear guidance.  After that great effort then he reached realisation.  And then he was the witness-consciousness that survives death.

White people don't do any of that.  In fact very few people of any colour do that.


There are buddhist retreats for example the samye ling monastery in the scottish borders have an offshoot on an island off arran where they offer 4 year retreats so clearly some people are doing that


In fact it is part of a long tradition in the scottish islands where the celtic church had cells dotted around for monks living lives of isolation not to mention the long history of monastacism in white culture



Nisargadatta taught for several decades and at the end said that nobody had understood him, except perhaps his biographer who maybe understood something.  It's just not that easy.  White people particularly like to argue about words and talk a lot.
Anyway, if you're interested just do it the old way exactly the same as Nisargadatta did.


well consider that kabbalah has become the basis of the western magical tradition and whereas the eastern approach is still to empty the mind the kabbalistic approach is to fill the mind to bring about a form of spasm. So yes there is essentially an entirely different approach being used by many people in the west who have been drawn into esoteric matters


Is it a good thing that kabbalah is so predominant? That's perhaps another topic

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On 4/10/2021 at 4:30 PM, peter said:

I'm sorry to say Doug but for what ever reason war is still war, and hypocrisy is still just hypocrisy

You are points of attention in one consciousness. 


If you create conflict(war) you are opposing yourself. 

Hypocrisy is something that opposes itself. 

They are both an oxymoron. 


War is confusion and inversion. 

War is a lie. 

If you are conflicted you are a lie. 


To not be a lie you need to be reconciled (reborn rectified) 

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6 hours ago, DougASmall said:

To not be a lie you need to be reconciled (reborn rectified) 

So don't tell me Doug, you have gone from AC to DC  ( just remember, it's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll)




6 hours ago, DougASmall said:

Hypocrisy is something that opposes itself. 

They are both an oxymoron.

I have noticed that you use the word oxymoron regularly, I'm starting to form the opinion that at least  half of it is a Freudian slip.

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On 8/18/2020 at 7:32 AM, rideforever said:

Rupert Spira particularly makes me vomit.
He is the effeminate donkey version.

They all copy Eckhart Tolle, their little outfit, the stupid vase of flowers, the scarf around their neck and the tone of voice.

"Mr Spira why is it that .... whatever ..."
"Ah, yes ... thank you ... thank you for your question ... thank you ... and thank you once again .... well the oneness is the oneness of the oneness ... that was a beautiful pointing ... who is it that is the oneness of ... "

Do fuck off.

I hate these people.

It is the spiritual version of .... Tracey Emins modern art, taking a dump in her bed and then selling it for a million quid to fools.


They can't even come up with their own bullshit, they have to copy Eckhart Tolle.

"I am a student of Rupert.- he doesn't have students, just corpses.


And let's be 100% fucking clear this .... this has nothing whatsoever to do with any Indian spiritual traditions.  Nothing.

It is exactly like the lycra clad stretching sexy body yoga Western fools ... who think purple spandex has anything to do with Patanjali.  No, nothing.


Not interested.


Spirituality is not a joke.  But modern people .... materialism has made a sad show in many fields of human life.  Better to find a different ilk of teacher, that's my opinion.



This is correct.


I was looking for a thread on non-duality that I had read sometime ago and discovered this..  I believe this is a good poetic critique of neo-advaitism, more correctly described as fake advaitism.



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