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Conservative MP arrested suspicion of rape (no names please)

Mikhail Liebestein

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The big UK news that seems to be being covered up right now is the story of the Conservative MP who has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault.


**Please don’t mention any names here as it probably breaks 3 UK laws and will bring legal risk to you and the forum**




I suspect the reason for not naming will be due to the intricacy if the case, possibly if it is a researcher who was raped by the employing MP then it it fairly obvious who the victim then was if the MP gets named.


However, it does concern me that we clearly have a sick and deviant Parliament in the UK.





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Well, that the UK Parliament has many power-crazy members in it who exploit their position in despicable ways is nothing new. This individual will just be one more. That is due to the boarding school system, Eton, Harrow and all that. They all have to undergo the fagging system there, being bullied when young by the older boys, and that seems to make far too many of them heartless over time too.But that seems to be done on purpose, by the hybrid-Reptilian elite.

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