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Message from Ethel on the checkouts


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7 hours ago, Miseducation said:

Hi Ethel, what's your opinion on mandatory face masks?

I don't wear one. They don't work. There is no 'covid 19', 'it' is an amalgamation of various different respiratory conditions, reclassified. I want to add 'in my opinion', but I'm not going to.

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I totally agree these days. At first i thought there was something. Now I find myself telling everyone there is no covid. People look at you as if you are nuts but I no longer care. DI is on the right track. I try to re explain what he says. It makes sense. Ive read 'Everything you need to know'. I just sat there saying OMG out loud the whole time. Shocking and disturbing. Should've listened to Orwell back in the 80s. Ive got The Answer pre ordered.We need all the help we can get now. It breaks my heart how this is affecting little kids. We have to 'fight' for their freedom or they will be enslaved. Trying times . I find listening to Alan Watts is awesome too and reading his books. What a wise man he was. I found him via DI too. Awesome.

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I wish Ethel worked at my local shop. At the moment it's some fella muzzled up like an unholy hybrid of a surgeon and welder who flinches so hard when I tap my card on the machine you'd swear I'd just lopped my twig and giggle berries on the counter. 

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