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Cashless Society Cometh: bakery worker sacked for allowing customers to pay for items with cash

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Simply unbelievable!


From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/nottinghamshire-bakery-worker-sacked-allowing-18697535


Nottinghamshire bakery worker sacked for allowing customers to pay for items with cash

Birds Bakery employee Megan Metcalfe said she flouted the company's no-cash policy brought in due to Covid 19 to help elderly customers



A bakery worker has been sacked for allowing customers to pay her with cash -breaking new company rules because she "didn't want to let people down". 

Megan Metcalfe who took money from customers who had no cards and instead paid for their goods with her bank card at the Birds Bakery in Radcliffe-on-Trent,  was found guilty of gross misconduct.

Ms Metcalfe, 60,  told our sister site NottinghamshireLive that she had been trying to help out elderly customers who did not carry cards.

Popular Birds Bakery brought in the card only policy following the lockdown - to minimise the Covid 19 risk to staff and customers.

Speaking after her dismissal,  Ms Metcalfe who lives in Ruddington and had worked for Birds for 44 years said:  "I realise what I was doing was against company policy. But they had picked up the items and already gotten to the till ready to buy them.

"There's no way I could let an elderly man or woman walk away telling them they could not buy it because they didn't have a card. They had also already handled the stock so that would have to be binned or cleaned."


She added: "I should not have done it but I don't like to let people down and a lot of these customers depend on us, coming to us every day."



I mean, I can see why this might look bad to some people, after all she could have just pocketed the cash and not put the sale through the till.


But on the other hand, she should have been applauded for her initiative really.


I'd also like to see how fresh bread could be 'cleaned' after someone had handled it...

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Bang goes the hobblers on cash in hand jobs.......

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I read that story a couple of days ago and couldn't believe my eyes. Is there no limit to the stupidity of these rules and laws which (let's be honest) only serve to make life even more frustrating for the majority of people. 

In a cashless society everything will be tracked. Where and when we went shopping, how much we spent, what time it was etc... I hear people saying all the time now "It's so handy and easy to pay contactless". Do they not realise it's just another way to track us and build data on us and ultimately to control us. 

My days of working on farms and being off the grid with cash in hand are gone now and I miss having that freedom of life without being harassed by the system. 

And who said life is meant to be easy and simple anyway? It's the ups and downs of life that make us who we are and build our character...

life is for living and an adventure into the unknown. Boris Bumbles will not stop me from being me...no matter how hard he tries lol 👍😄👍


I mean seriously.....would you trust this man????? 👇👇👇

Boris Bumbles.jpg

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