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Lithium in your water supply..


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Now a new global study from Brighton and Sussex Medical School has found areas with naturally-occurring lithium in public drinking water had lower suicide rates.

Lead author Professor Anjum Memon said: “It is promising higher levels of trace lithium in drinking water may exert an anti-suicidal effect and have the potential to improve community mental health.


....It gets worse....



Prof Memon said the next steps might include testing of lithium supplements in the water supply, particularly in communities with high prevalence of mental health conditions, violent criminal behaviour, chronic substance abuse and risk of suicide.






I imagine this is already  being done for years now, it could explain the passivity of the people.?


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10 minutes ago, allymisfit said:

I thought lithium was a good thing? 

Esp in small doses? 


Sorry.. I'm quite ignorant to all of this. I just found personal help with lithium at small doses 🙂


Drugging the population against their knowledge is not really a good thing.


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18 minutes ago, allymisfit said:

Aah yes! You're right there.


That is a serious crime. This needs more light shed, quite an eye opener really! 

As Peter said

It would not surprise in the slightest if this has been going on for a while

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There appears to be a market expansion happening as there is likely an excess supply of lithium from various mines scattered across the globe.  

Just like fluoride, the excess lithium is being marketed, usually at the municipal level across the west where they can fetch the highest sale price.


Articles like the one above are merely marketing materials used by the salesmen to pitch the product.

Just like fluoride, lithium impairs thyroid function.  Older adults in the US, especially women have been put on thyroid medication and will remain for life.  This will expand the pharmaceutical thyroid replacement market share.

Long term use of lithium also causes severe kidney damage.  

Abruptly stopping medically prescribed lithium causes a complete breakdown in manic depressive patients.  Saw this first hand.  

“The mineral lithium is a powerful epigenetic factor. Key epigenetic mechanisms include histone modifications and changes in DNA methylation. Lithium works in both of these channels and has been shown to influence the expression of over 50 different genes.”


Ok so they’re messing with gene expression in humans by mass drugging.  Without knowledge of interactions with other chemicals such as fluoride already existing in the water, as well as those unnamed chemicals they use to coat the pipes to reduce lead erosion.  

Sounds great!  Pay off necessary officials and it’s coming to a town near you. 


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I suspect there is a healthy level of lithium that our body needs, but adding it to water, along with other naturally occurring trace metals can be positively dangerous. 


When you become a parent, you get warned about baby milk formula and always changing (and rinsing out) the kettle before making it up. If you don't, all the heavier minerals and metals can concentrate up over time in the water. 

Whilst is the parts of the UK with hard water you'll mostly get limestone build up, there will also be lead, copper, sodium and presumably lithium build up. That could be quite a toxic  brew if you use up the very last bit of water!!!!


Water filters are a good thing!


By way of light relief:



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