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My Targeting by intelligence and Leicester Police


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Yeh well, everyone seems to be blaming everyone else, public enemy no1. Oh well, God knows hey! No, I should have an opportunity to explain, this is totally unfair! The CPS should do the right thing and bring this corruption out in the open, it can destroy lives! Theres a difference between setting someone up, and fairly investigating something and exxonerating that person if found to not be doing anything! I dont know what else I could do!!! I have tried eveything, everyone.

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Response from crown prosecution service:


Thank you for your upload to our external website on Sunday 9 August 2020. The contents are noted.
At the outset I am sorry to learn of the concerns you are raising and appreciate that this must be a very
difficult time for you. However, must respectfully advise you that the Crown Prosecution Service is unable
to assist you with the concerns you have raised and it may be helpful for you to know that the Crown
Prosecution Service (CPS) and the police are separate authorities.  The CPS is responsible for reviewing and,
where appropriate, prosecuting most criminal cases in England and Wales following an investigation by the
police.  The CPS is also responsible for providing legal advice to the police about cases, although we cannot
provide legal advice to members of the public.
The CPS is not an investigative body and has no power to investigate allegations of crime.  Therefore, when
a criminal offence has been committed, it should be reported to the police so that an appropriate course of
action can be taken.
As the concerns you are raising relate to matters concerning the police you may wish to take up your
concerns with your local Member of Parliament or seek legal independent advice.
Please note this concludes our handling of your enquiry to CPS East Midlands but I hope the above
explanation is helpful to you.
Yours sincerely

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to: Victim Liaison East Midlands <[email protected]>
cc: [email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected]

12 Aug 2020, 15:32  


to Victim, robert.buckland.mp, lucy.frazer.mp, kit.malthouse.mp, alex.chalk.mp, chris.philp.mp, info, claudia.webbe.mp, jon, liz.kendall.mp
Thank you for your response - surely you have a duty in that investigations are conducted fairly, and to address corruption with those who have been empowered to conduct investigations, surveillance, home entries and have the communication infrastructure to feed a false narrative, build a false profile to suit, and for those systems to be used fairly and ethically, not to destroy someone when they have committed no crime.
I have tried all routes to have this resolved, I have tried MP's etc, its obvious I am ring fenced and my basic human rights have been stripped completely - my family is at stake here, and all for the wrong reasons whilst people have advanced information which is being utilised for child custody purposes, again for all the wrong reasons thanks to corrupt profiling, I am also not able to get legal help either in a desperate attempt to find out what's going on, all efforts are being intercepted at every stage to bring my side of the story out and refute some of the ridiculous allegations and this is all being done under a layer of secrecy serving a dual agenda.
Whilst I appreciate this may not be within your remit - it has become pretty obvious by now that I am under some kind of investigation and have been for some time whilst evidence and actions have been engineered using my very own family members, people conditioned to narratives, this is a frame up being engineered using corrupt methods in a desperate bid to engineer some kind of case against me, or a cover up.
So effectively one can be deemed as guilty, punished without a fair trial based on manipulated information which is cascaded through to friends and family members severing ties, investigators are able to cover up their actions using my own family members, manipulate devices to suit, and engineer evidence without any oversight whatsoever despite me calling it out repeatedly and begging for help to get this out in the open and stop it in its tracks, false psychological profiles can be built using the very same corrupt methods and relayed to everyone, and I can do nothing about it whilst the community operate under a layer a secrecy having being told lies, whereby I stand to lose my children and I have done NOTHING to deserve that. The so called investigators have kindly offered to manage this and relay corrupt information to family members in advance, none of which is true.  
So called investigators are able to manipulate evidence, engineer false profiles, weaponise health systems, condition and manipulate family members to work against me, arrange the dissolving of my marriage by maligning my character or disclosing confidential information, condition my two elder children to pick sides with some having advance information after covertly offering options to my OH after having successfully turned her against me and used her to engineer so called evidence in return for a platinum exit with a full PR package using some very underhanded tactics, covering all tracks of deceit at each and every step, using gifts, jobs and bribes as means of getting people on side, sharing of confidential information across family members in an effort to condition views, running theatricals in a tight knit Asian community directly in an effort to engineer hate towards me, conditioning my friends to a narrative, all done as part of a covert investigation, the relaying and manipulation of confidential information in a direct effort to sever ties with family and extended family, running paralel community justice punishment systems aka gang stalking, running illegal psychological warfare on an individual who may be innocent and he cant even deflect the various allegations all leading to an engineering of a motive, and no one can do anything given the conduct of a so called investigation, sorry a stitch up operation, where I am already deemed as guilty of ridiculous allegations and dirty profiling to suit a narrative, where my whole area has turned into a theatre of operations to create the required evidence using dirty tricks and where I have been imprisoned, isolated, stalked by the community, where at request, family members are summoned to my house in order to relay the narrative from official in preparation of a seperation having manipulated sign offs from family members who have all been duped using the layer of secrecy, and the list of horror goes on and on.
No one to go to for help, not even a response from MP's - where efforts to bring this to a close are manipulated into "seeking attention" when I am just seeking help and resolution and removal of this dirty layer of secrecy, whilst I get set up and my children are conditioned, where a profile of me is widely distributed which is false and has been engineered, whilst I am on the verge of losing my children, the re-arranging my family structure yet I have been convicted of nothing, these "investigators" operate from the shadows and everything is taken as gospel, this is nothing but corruption from the authorities, I have been set up whilst being led by so called loved ones all this while yet I am unable to bring this out in the open.
I am of sane mind and have no issues despite efforts to show otherwise, I was advised to plead guilty at one point, plead guilty for what? What exactly have I done, or rather what exactly is being covered up that warrants all this manipulation and £m's being spent on what is essentially a dirty operation..
Who is this on behalf of? So now all the evidence that has been engineered, literally, people conditioned, corrupt psychological profiles ready, what exactly are we waiting for? I have a right to counter any false allegations and fix what's left and get out of this nightmare, because I have done NOTHING to warrant losing my children, this is all trickery and psychological conditioning, where is the law, where are the authorities, where is democracy and the rule of law.
I demand that I be brought to account now that you have all the evidence, I demand I be given a chance to address the details of the poison you have placed between me and my family members, because despite my shortcomings I have done NOTHING to deserve this and neither am I into anything criminal, there are murderers, rapists and pedophiles out there, fraudsters and real criminals, why don't you go after them instead of trying to set me up and destroying my family.
I have nothing to hide, nothing I will not own up to, it is obvious other people do, the same people who have turned my friends and family onto their side, and who are doing the bidding for them where I suddenly find myself as the villain and for this to be communicated across communities and families, yet I have done nothing!
This is nothing but a hive of corruption and deceit, no rule of law is being followed here, I have nothing to prove, neither do I wish to be doing this everyday, but I am living a lie, I know I am at risk of losing my children and how so called investigators have been managing and meddling with that, yet I have done NOTHING.
Does the rule of law not apply to everyone, am I some dog that can be kicked around and experimented on, have my children taken off me. You have no right to subject me to such torment and meddle in my family affairs, this is not an investigation, it's a stitch up, it's political, a cover up if anything, having manipulated everybody on side now, I have committed no crime, this is nothing but a dirty operation, blatant abuse of power, misuse of health systems and state psychologists, manipulating an entire community to vilify a single individual and condition them to motives which are entirely false. 
No rule of law is being exercised here, and no one should be above the law! No one should be framed and set up, no one should have their family destroyed without so much as a fair trial just in order to address the absolute rubbish you have been feeding to everyone. 
I would like to add that I have NO psychological issues and I am of sane mind despite efforts to show otherwise, this operation is far too large for it to just be covered up, and it is full of corruption and misinformation, I only want it out in the open to fix my family situation, and I am unable to do that for reasons mentioned because nothing is worth losing my children over.
Dear MP's please take note - is this how democracy operates, no rule of law, just corruption and chaos, engineering of evidence and profiles, false narratives, I request some intervention please, no matter how I am projected, the rule of law still applies, and I will continue fighting because I will not have my children taken away through trickery and managed PR deals.
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To head of MOJ - I am very frustrated, I am posting as a record, not for anything else, I trust one person will keep a record of it offline:

I need help urgently - no matter what you are being told, it is incorrect, unjust and an effort to stop me receiving help, or diverting the issue into a health one, I have no issues on this front, this is an attempt to further discredit me or divert the issue.
This is not an investigation - I have been subject to a stitch up, a cover up and the layer of secrecy is being abused to condition people against me (inc my children), the whole neighbourhood has turned into a theatre of operations, my marriage is being dissolved as part of nefarious arrangements yet I live in a world whereby I have done nothing or am entirely the person being projected, where I have no opportunity to address serious allegations, incorrect profiling, this is unfair, this is unjust, I urgently need some intervention, please, I have tried a legal firm to get help but again, I was ring fenced and told they couldn't help me to bring the situation out in the open.
How is this fair and just? I refuse to believe that the whole system is this corrupt with influence over MP's or dark suits are interfering with my communications and people are being asked not to help me legally or provide any kind of support with the entire community turned against me based on lies and slander operating like a stasi group, this is not fair, I have done nothing to deserve this, all I am offering is the truth to counter the false narrative being sold to everyone.   
All I am asking for is independent help and for this layer of secrecy to be removed so I can address matters and for investigators to close matters so I can address the issues created, or even be given the opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings on a one to one, no matter the cost, I am not asking for anything else, or anything I am not entitled to, I cannot live in this prison any longer whereby everyone is acting on instructions, I have no life, I am living a temporary lie controlled by investigators, it is ring fenced, I cant even go out without being under pokemon citizen surveillance, it is having a devastating impact on me as its been going on for so long now, whereby everyone else is aware and I am ring fenced on all fronts, why, because there was a covert investigation into finances which I was clear off? Or to cover up a confidential whistleblowing document which is years old? Or am I just an enemy of the state? Despite working all my life and paying taxes into the system, not some career criminal despite how it's been spun by professional manipulators and propaganda artists who have agendas.
Someone needs to bring this to a close by any means necessary ASAP - this has gone too far and for too long, please, someone is obviously engineering a case against me, framing me, reverse engineering profiles to suit a specific profile and they should be aware of what they have done to me and the impact it is having on me, I need this to end, this is so unfair whereby I am being treated like a criminal having been through no judicial process and have just been trying to get on with my life, with my life being blocked at every turn and avenue.
Can someone help me urgently? How can this happen in a democracy? Where someone can be framed, where allegations and smear campaigns used to break ties everywhere and broadcasted, yet I am unable to justify or answer for events, and defend myself, how is this just and fair, where you can relay false information to my inlaws and other relatives without so much as requesting an explanation from me in order to condition them to a specific narrative and dissolve marriages on demand, I have 3 young children whom I love dearly, for whom I have been fighting for over a year whilst covertly agents were assisting with separation using the same layer of secrecy and same unethical tactics, not even an even playing field - this is not fair, I have done nothing!
Who exactly is being protected here at my expense, when other people made the error in judgement despite trying to make it fit? Surely someone has some respect for the rule of law, judicial process, the dignity of an individual, fairness and equality?
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Jeez man you can write. I am partway though the trigger. Can you dripfeed this stuff a little more ? I'm a bad person because I just can't digest this much at once.


That was a much nicer way to say the same thing I did earlier, hopefully


Also, in my opinion, I accept that I haven't read the last couple of posts, you're just giving them ammunition.


They don't give a shit about you. Or anyone else. I am genuinely sorry for your predicament but I don't think you will ever gain ANYTHING from this.


I'll not say anything else in the thread. All the best, sincerely.

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1 hour ago, - TZC - said:

Jeez man you can write. I am partway though the trigger. Can you dripfeed this stuff a little more ? I'm a bad person because I just can't digest this much at once.


That was a much nicer way to say the same thing I did earlier, hopefully


Also, in my opinion, I accept that I haven't read the last couple of posts, you're just giving them ammunition.


They don't give a shit about you. Or anyone else. I am genuinely sorry for your predicament but I don't think you will ever gain ANYTHING from this.


I'll not say anything else in the thread. All the best, sincerely.

Lol, I know they don't and thanks, they are in their positions for a reason, I had to try, some hope of justice and democracy, getting tired of all this dark ops, anything happens to me at least the events are there, all I am asking for is fairness and justice, law of the land to be applied.  


I've been setup and on the verge of losing my kids, I am desperate, everyone's been turned, all I was asking for was the law to applied, fair trial, be arrested and then go and prove my innocence and address all the bs spread everywhere that poisoned my relationships, laws don't apply to us mortals, when it comes to the govt or corporations I guess. what other choice do I have, they have a duty of care at least, can you imagine the desperation when you have to write to the crown prosecution service asking to be arrested just to get justice and potentially save your children from growing up without a dad and vice versa. 

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Labrats, it is PAID CORPORATE HARASSMENT AGENCIES that do this work.

  • A large corporate entity like a Bank, an Oil Company, an Automotive or Mining Company feels someone "is threatening our business and reputation"
  • They pay a certain AMOUNT OF MONEY - anywhere from 300,000 Euros to Millions, depending on how threatening the person is to them
  • The HARASSMENT AGENCY - which has an HQ and paid employees - then begins to work on the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL
  • This is so you cannot GIVE A PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF WHO DID THIS TO YOU WHEN ASKED. So you cannot answer the BUT WHO IS DOING THIS TO YOU? question that is inevitable.

One word of advice - stop repeating "I'm not mentall ill" all the time. That makes people think "he is crazy, but he thinks he's NOT crazy" and such. And don't be bothered by "people not believing your story" - the average person does NOT believe that this kind of thing can happen "IN OUR DEMOCRACY". Media NEVER reports on GANGSTALKING CASES. They are NOT ALLOWED TO.


Sum the situation up CALMLY in 4 sentences:

  • I did some research and whistleblowing against very WEALTHY people who were engaged in unlawful business practices
  • They paid someone money to neutralize me
  • Now I'm being harassed in bizarre ways, and I need legal help or a credible witness by my side to make the whole thing stop
  • I was just trying to get the truth out, and now I'm being treated like I'm Julian Assange or something


Government will not acknowledge it is happening. Law firms may not want to get involved - unless you find just the right one.






Don't start ANY letter or phone call with "I'm not crazy". Talk calmly and factually.










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The irony is that I am not a threat to anyone, I dont want any attention or be policed everywhere I bloody go, and they can go do one, I am more concerned about the involvement of my own family and what they made me do and what it was for, what that means for me, my kids, I have spent a year and a half trying to save it and thrown everything I can at it trusting and believing people who were basically acting on instructions telling me everything will be fine and being manipulated, the problem is the puppet masters massaging the narrative to the community continously who were set against me, they even got to one of my mates who I never dreamt would do stuff, everyones on call for them to create whatever show they want cos they the good guys, stories ready as I am now the enemy v the community cult they have created, my targeting covered up, can you imagine your own sister or wife stitching you up, my wife who I still love despite all this shit, why did the b**** have to come between us, some mind bending crap, like not even a fair trial just believing the narrative and inventing the evidence, I now realise this was a motive being engineered all the while and absoloute bs given the circumstances and what they were putting me through. The fact that people came to me and said we dont need flash this and that, it was clear this is what was being spread throught the community and what was being engineered, I love to whatever I have, I dont need a grandious lifestyle because thats the shit that was being engineered, oooh look Mr Jones blah blah, never been into that shit, I use to roll into work in front of all my colleauges on a clapped out 206, these people are thick and stupid, and very, very desperate if they think material crap brings happiness, and if at any point I had it, I would spend it, not the end of the world, people dont live in the real world, they live in cuckoo land and expect others to think like them - your bar moves with your means at the time, the system dont hold me hostage to that shit let me tell you, its cuckoo land talk! No what was happening was motives were being engineered and getting others to do it for them, stupid twats dont know their arse from elbow, let alone how the mind and your sprituality works, without peace you have nothing regardless what you have otherwise in the offerings of the concrete synthetic jungle created by man for man, to keep reaching for grapes until your death, BS mate all of it, nothing but a set up!


I think there was more than one party involved in this, it was some kind of joint operation, threw everything at me, sometimes you really do have the world against you, I dont care, everyones set me up and sold me out - the irony is, it was for nothing, I was just a guy who lost his job and went on to look for a normal job but the barstewards were pulling the strings from the shadows all along abusing trust, trying to incriminate me because something had to be delivered by hook or crook, screw them, I never did nothing except sell motors on the side, anything else is a frame up/stitch up/cover up, I was never left on my own, like I was some psycho who was about to go postal which is that state they tried to get me into, you know what despite my faults only God knows my intentions were pure. 


It was bs, desperation, profiling that wasnt me, blocking my life all this time, trying to take me out covertly, but I survived, anyway, I know I wont be able to prove anything here and tried my best to save everything, why should I pay and suffer because some corrupt muppets got everything wrong and kept massaging the story to turn people against me, and then tried to make it fit, or to create a cover up using my own family, how do I even begin to deal with this shit, despite efforts repeatedly calling it out and trying to address it whilst I was being hit with pschological weaponary, unfair! Now I am forced to speak to a psychologist because I am anxious, last time I spoke to one they tried to steer me, the whole shit is corrupt, I wish they would just come and get me and I can prove my innocence and get my life back, this is bs, its state bullying, and to think a whole community happy to cover it all up, its fine, I know I will get my dues up there because only God knows I am innocent and never into anything criminal and neither am I some evil psychopathic axe wielding maniac - this was all a set up. It's BS, I have done bugger all, they can go do one ruining my life like this, WTF man, how can this be allowed to happen, why did I trust people, these morons dont live in the real world, these shrinks dont either, they came for my family, I am not going quietly cos thats everything to me, my kids are my life! I dont care if you got the state behind you, or a corporation with billions and seeing as the initial attempt to suicide me, you aint exactly doing shit by the book. I cant trust anyone or believe anyone, after all this battling against the odds, I end up here! If you find me slapped on MSM for nefarious reasons, remember theres another side to this no matter how it looks, GOD!


The whole system is corrupt, there's nothing that cant be bought, or manipulated, you would think those who fear God would at least look at things objectively, suddenly everyone acting holier than thou like shits being recorded. Sod em, bring it on, I have only to gain upstairs, based on lies and a dirty profile literally engineered using corruption, got to ask, who are the real psychopaths here! Managing the story, building it up slowly, whilst using trust to keep me gagged and looking the other way! I dont trust anyone anymore. Trust me when I tell you I am under no delusion here, I know exactly whats happened, and whos involved, how they got everyone on one side, conditioned the family's, relatives, neighbors etc - how is this fair when all the while I been screaming that the silent alarms going off. As they say, when you stare down the barrel of a gun and you see the gates of heaven, what you going to do, and all for the wrong reasons, all to cover up other peoples shit, and trying to spin it round back on me, should have left the family, this would have been over but noooo ! Here endeth my rant.



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Below is a video that brought me a lot of relief in the early stages (might help someone) - this guy was quite active and gave me some good advice, he is a lifeline for people going through this, trust me, looks like they have also ending up doing what I did, writing to MP, IPT etc, effectively no one can help, I still reckon mine is connected to a stitch up operation, first try to take me out, if that dont happen, engineer stuff against me, or try and get me sectioned, make me look like I have lost the plot to neighbours, family etc, all synthetic mind you, I dont go out as much because the very doings of this programme, kind of get tired of being the community pokemon, I am in perfect health by the way, the video made perfect sense with losing all the people around you and theatre, seriously the guy is a lifeline, he knows exactly what people have to go through.


I can even tell you how it all works, its starts with some kind of investigation or concern till everyone is slowly massaged, the outside world except you are on a messaging system, theres state jobs, money and gifts, expenses involved, but you are sworn to absoloute secrecy, or you can have your life ruined, everyone is compartmentalised and so is the information individuals are privvy to, the person with absoloute knowledge of what is going on will be the handler whos job it is to make you look unwell, slowly people will be brought onboard to this agreed narrative at a community level, so person A doesnt know what person B has been asked to do, then you have the community level show for everyone, so that everyone is conditioned to the same narrative and agree on actions for example, contain and push the mental health/suicidal tendencies agenda and gaslighting the subject, with everyone on remote control to carry out actions, this also keeps the situation contained should anything happen, where person A or B put on a show for the masses to feed the narrative, everyones perception is managed at a group level and an individual one, those that dont exactly play along, theres blackmail, fear, but most will adopt the community spirit and take what they are told as gospel, because its suits with badges or psychologists advising, but in the shadows lurk the real controllers pulling all the strings in the back end for the front to show X and Y with own agendas  - you control the narrative, you control the information and the actions of everyone around you, thus you can create any perception you desire, and if you can pull the strings behind everything else, jobs, organisations, DWP, NHS etc, well, you have the perfect stage.


The first stage is to dehumaise the person, so that everyone targeting the person gets pleasure out of it and it becomes a game, a game of suffering for one, plunged into a never ending nightmare for the wrong reasons, and pleasure for the others as they are now part of a bigger group, so group mentality takes over with the main handlers keeping their hands clean issuing instructions to the Ti handler and putting them on a podium, giving them a sense of power and serving their needs, and we know, power truly corrupts, makes people do things they normally wouldnt, excuses, reasons and smokescreens are ready in case it gets too much and the person cant take it anymore. Its the perfect cover, if the person complains and trys to explain all the tactics it will equate to a deluded person, paranoid etc as per the DSM (I had to check this as I was apparently labelled as a narcissist dangerous psychopath lol gee thanks) a piece of genius if I say so myself, what people dont get is the person painted is not entirely that person, so the person suffers tremendously for smokescreen allegations and people actually believe all the lies with conviction, slowly over time people are turned and asked to take part in whats called "theatre" carry out certain actions, they will get everyone in your life to do this to form the picture they want, from your best mates to your mother in law, they will do this and later be sent to say hello innocently with some excuse, this is so they cant be blamed should the person take his/her life - this is to reinforce the narrative that is being sold to them, it psychologically inprints that belief into that person which follows the narrative or a specific picture of that person, effectively weaponised psychology and character assasination.


No one ever gets to find out exactly what the allegations are otherwise, so the target has no way to explain, or offer an alternative explanation, in my case I picked up on stuff that people were being conditioned to and started offering the real reasons and explanations for any actions, its the perfect set up. None of this could work, if it wasnt for betrayal like Shane says, because they use your friends and family, and one person is allocated as the primary handler, unfortunately someone who I held very dear to me 😞 it took ages to sink in properly, because you just wouldnt expect it.


The group becomes self policing, a fun things to do, a game of sorts, your the target, they will protect the group, their actions and cover up their tracks and evidence of any targeting and instructions sent to do x and y, that includes members of your own family 😞 and protect the group, they will try and cover up for the group by telling you that you are reading this and that and its because of that, and you only think that because you are reading the manuals etc, its proper evil stuff, I wouldnt wish it on anyone, they will try and tell you that you are experiancing psychosis etc, but I am pretty much on the ball, plus people let things out, and when I mentioned it, they were s** scared, I also caught glimses of tracking and messages flashing up which was quickly masked like someone pulled a gun on them, so it is done partly through fear.





Heres the channel



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I have created a webpage in an effort to make people see whats going on, mainly my family members, the bastards have destroyed it all, based on bullshit, FOR NOTHING! NOTHING I TELL YOU! I have done this to make sure all the information is out there, not for attention or any shit like that and how outright lies and trickery was used, how relationships were destroyed and images, profiles engineered, I know theres a ring of fire around me, mainly a social one, I know they have the whole community on harassment mode, these are the men from the back end, power and control over everything, I am nothing in comparison, they will destroy me, but I have nothing to lose, what I had is at risk, always was 😞  I am no ones slave, all these people running around for them aquesing to every instruction, doing everything they ask, what are they so afraid of? I am not going to bend over as more shits taken away from me. WHY DID I LISTEN TO PEOPLE! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I didn’t pay my taxes for them to be used against me, or for games to be played and I am used for someones entertainment, working all these years paying into the system. 


I dont care if no one believes me, I have God, he is my witness.



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On 8/1/2020 at 11:05 PM, labrats said:

I have since wrote to the Ministry of Justice, what more can I do! I am tired of living in a parallel universe where everyone slowly becomes part of the stasi network and I get made to look like something I am not where I end up being the bad guy, its the same Psychology with masks and stuff, I cant for the life of me get people to believe me, I think I was a test or something, can you imagine your own kid being party to it and everyone else stitching you up 😞


For entertainment purposes if anything;


Dear Robert and the overseers of law and order,

Further to my request for assistance from the British Govt to which I have received no response regarding the so called covert operation/investigation running in Leicester and the blatant abuse of power with no regard for the letter of the law. There does not seem any point in making any formal complaints as it's clear, some are beyond the authorities or judicial processes, there is obviously a layer that is able to act with impunity so I am just making a plea.

I would first like to point out that I have no psychological issues and I am of sane mind, I have been the subject of a vicious witch hunt orchestrated by those in power, apparently under some kind of covert investigation and ring fenced, tormented for well over a year in a virtual prison. This operation has been ongoing in Leicester for well over a year now whereby human rights abuses have taken place, I have been tormented and they have tried to drive me to suicide by making my environment hell using text book "cointelpro" gangstalking tactics, it is far too large and involves far too many people and authorities to just have it covered up, or make me look like I am delusional.

All my family members, my in-laws, and other family have been conditioned to a set narrative destroying all my relationships using the layer of secrecy (alleged covert investigation) and propaganda and have all been poisoned so effectively I have little support other than token gestures prompted by those running the stitch up, I would like allegations corrected as it has been through no fair and judicial process, just a wealth of corruption, deceit and espionage - this is all I request, I have no desire for recourse for the torment I have endured, the only thing I am only guilty of in this theatre of operations is bad behaviour and reaction to an environment.

Power is being abused and I am being vilified using the layer of secrecy, my life effectively being dissolved - where private and personal information is distributed to the population with complete disregards for the rule of law, someone's dignity and privacy, where I am unable to even seek legal help or other genuine help other than what is being arranged at the request by those running the operation and pre-conditioned to a set outcome to suit the narrative, this is lawless behaviour, with no oversight, no regard for the rule of law, no checks and balances in place, a complete and blatant stitch up operation, where £m's in finances have been committed to and now its become political and I am the pawn, whereby everything is taken as gospel by those in authority who have nefarious motives, to deny me any real assistance, to isolate me and engineer family conflicts and hatred towards me, surveillance and H&S laws are being abused and everyone is sworn to secrecy in this stasi eque community operation whereby I have already been deemed as guilty for something I have not done and punished, or for errors in judgement I have made in the past with best intentions, I have been made to look like I have a mental condition when I am perfectly fine, and for negative information to be distributed in a tight knit Asian community pitching husband and wife against each other whilst offering to manage the dissolving of marriages and custody of children whilst I fight to fix and correct the repeated onslaught of covert assualts and bring the matter out in the open.

No matter what I am being made out to be, or am, I have a right to be able to get help, a right for the law of the land to be applied to me and not be set up and framed, to be put through just and judicial processes before allegations and slander is distributed in an effort to blacklist me from society altogether, and deflect attempts to dissolve my marriage and take my kids away from me having convinced friends and family members, friends I have known all my life are turned and conditioned against me no doubt using personal and biased information or outright trickery, or just inventing it given what I have experienced, this is lawless and criminal behaviour, as the Secretary of state for justice you of all people will appreciate the importance for the rule of law and that the abuse of power can lead to injustices and whilst people feel it is ok to torment someone to death because he/she has a few minor faults disregarding any good he/she has done is criminal and unfair, especially since the profiling is completely wrong and efforts are then made to entrap the person to fit the profile and should the person take his own life from the hell, who/what can we blame is the only concern.

I am being set up, framed and demonised as part of some community covert operation which has been ongoing for over a year, which I have been trying to bring to light as I live in this nightmare whereby those around me are under instructions along with my environment and contacts being controlled, relationships dissolved, going as far as influencing my two children who are minors and tearing my marriege apart, my area has been a theatre of operations and the community set upon me operating like a vigilante community group directed by officials abusing the power afforded to them by the state and covering up at each step, where I am hunted and vilified with complete disregard for my human rights and the rule of law and any fair judicial processes, where there is entrapment, framing and set ups, planting of evidence, and the tampering of devices where everyone has been bought onboard using the layer of secrecy where others have decided that I need to be punished outside of judicial processes, all my contacts and family members have been visited by officials and I have been slandered to and confidential information is shared specifically to isolate me, conditioning them and making me out to be something I am NOT, and yes I had faults I will openly admit to but nothing on the scale of the projection or be subjected to the nightmare I find myself in in constant conflict with family members whom have been arranged on one side v me.

This is still a democracy, the law of the land still applies, the powers afforded to them by the state should not be abused, I am not an enemy of the state, I am NOT a criminal, the law of the land applies to me, human rights apply to me despite the fact that the state has been able to convince others that I am a Psychopathic and violent criminal when I have no history of any violent behaviour, despite repeated attempts by psychological means to get me to act out, if illegal and no touch torture is being inflicted on someone in an attempt to murder them psychologically, lies and entrapment, framing, abuse of data protection - what credibility do these authorities have in carrying any just and fair investigation and of their motives? Because if they were just, they would know by now my only motive is the security of my family and to be left alone. If they feel the need to frame me and go around visiting and conditioning everyone I know and turning them, what exactly are they trying to achieve here, who are they acting on behalf of, and who is being protected here at the expense of me, yet I have been put through no just and judicial process to have my life literally deleted from underneath me despite trying to call this out and address this on numerous occasions before things went too far, what if we all behaved lawlessly, discarded the rule of law, set people up, paid people off, have the whole community attack them, did what we wanted whilst drunk on power and making someone suffer as sport, to suicide them, treat someones life like a game, what if we had no authority to answer to, unlimited power and influence and were able to do anything we pleased, convicted and punished anyone we deemed an enemy using kangaroo courts and interpreted anything to suit an agenda? I am human, I am allowed to have faults and reflect upon them, but I have committed NO crime I am aware of, I only have good intentions, I am being stitched up and framed, my family is being used against me and I have NO intention of committing any crime whatsoever, and never have! Any such indications are outright fabrications, I have done nothing other than seek employment and be met with blockages, diversions and set ups, this is a set up and a complete and desperate stitch up operation whilst time was bought to frame me whilst in psychological hell, and to condition everyone using members of my own family, no letter of the law is being applied to me!

Where is the rule of law, where is the oversight, what happened to innocent until proven guilty based on real evidence not a frame up or theatre, or people being bought or offered things in exchange to parrot something? Where evidence and false profiles can literally be engineered, spun and invented and then relayed in a continuous information stream, relationships poisoned, abusing data protection laws and relaying of confidential information to humiliate someone or to turn others, where people are free to cover up any evidence of my targeting and be told I can't prove it outright? Just because family members and people who should be supporting me have succumbed to the propaganda. Where's justice? This is a dangerous precedence that is being set.

I hope to hear from someone who regards the law as sacred, as something that keeps us civilised, as something that applies to everyone, but I won't hold my breath.

Thank you for your courage and sharing your insight.  

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So I figured I may as well provide an update since things have got worse on the family front and my life is surrounded by a theater basically deleting my life and marriage where agreements have been done over the past 3yrs in a community policing initiative I have figured, essentially involving everyone, one by one turning everyone so not a single person left to object to things, its all going under mental health, persecutory delusion after being psychologically raped and humiliated in the worse way imaginable - but reverse engineering the symptoms, essentially lay on the punishment we got the paperwork and health officials to corroborate, anything anyone's told me would be auditory hallucination, some good people have let it go, this was done on a community level, basically my whole life destroyed on a covert layer - its outside the law, plausible deniability, serious domestic conflicts caused in my home by winding oh up, really genius stuff.


I have been to the Police on two occasions, demanded the CPS to proceed with anything, begged family and friends, and I even know what each one of them has been turned with, the lies and smear, because whilst this is going on, my life is being destroyed on a family front, and custody etc going on in the background, and its not being done by the book either,  I was aware that cars I sold to people were being replaced for them in order to buy testimonies, people around me were bought, money seemed to be no object, and when I use to leave the house, I would get swarmed with Police cars i.e. don't be going anywhere, I realised a few things, some ancient things are being dug up, and lots and lot of staging of events and evidence.


I have realised, we never left the plantation field, we have owners, they own everyone and everything, there is no rule of law, no innocent until proven guilty, this system of gang-stalking is blacklisting your existence, the harassment is to induce trauma, in my case they have managed to get family to take part in some evil stuff after turning them, as its done on a group community level it turns into group think, a social game, and paperwork and a trail created, its the years of trauma which is supposed to get you, the isolation and cleverly orchestrated with military precision, with everyone operating on this mental health theme, there is no one who cant be bought, blackmailed or just turn it into a game, a community fun thing to do, its basically bullying on steroids with an operational team on you full time using anything and everything, community values, religious values, staged events, basically a closed community court involving everyone you know and the community, to keep the situation contained and decisions on family matters, marriages, private and personal information all on display.


Everyone is grouped and form part of this group, everyone you know, socially annexed, this group becomes the layer with privileges, and your on the outside, the target, say anything and you can join him, fed by staging events and fabricating things, which the members of the community are shown, on one layer, its hes not well, on the other creating the very symptoms which would point to paranoid skitz, or depression, psychosis, etc and associating triggers for it but not what the group did, so if something happens to you, "he wasn't well anyway", it happened when x happened, etc, this is like family, protecting the group is priority, didn't go out much, when conditions were created where you would be harassed, and in a religious community where you have basically been stripped bare naked, you would be policed by the locals on apps, it becomes a powerfully backed self policing vigilante group operating in parallel to the legal system but no law of the land, no rights, no privacy, nothing, just daily terrorism and humiliation in a tight knit community and social structure, psychiatrists, and every official is brought into this group and people showered with gifts, jobs, money, cars, promotions etc, these are then used as props, and form the reasons why someone is depressed thus conditioning people to why this person fell over or flipped, nothing to do with the damage being inflicted on a covert layer, basically everyone is bought and preconditioned, in my case its that bad - I am making desperate efforts to salvage my fam but its so bad, my efforts turn into a joke for people, this is an evil cruel and nasty system and its not to be messed with, its the second most powerful force in the Universe, basically everyone in my life has dissapeared, when I publish information, or when someone pulls a stunt, I publish it, I quickly get a phone call, or a visit to shake my hand, basically, this is how sick it is, they make out someone is suicidal, then keep laying it on, using your own people, then in case he blames you get it off your conscious, make sure pictures are taken for evidence to cover yourself if we manage to suicide him using you and using false reasons, its sick, twisted and sadistic, for example mention a friends name who has been turned, I get a missed call one ringer whilst on a call, so I have a FT ops team on me, basically every track is covered up, devices are messed with and a complete ring fencing socially and electronically, I am not sure if Leicester is being used as a test bed, its basically using CBH harassment protocols, the law is the law, no one should be above the law, without laws and judicial systems, we would all just be outlaws and behave like the Mafia, its a dangerous precedent being set and turns even the nicest people into something else and getting them involved.


Before this started, I was a normal guy with a family, 3 children, whom I was dedicated to, I have a credible work history i.e. I am not deranged person with a history of mental illness - I have worked for many well known organisations, I held a FT job, my last job was a 19yr service, and flipped a few cars on the side, bit of a wheeler dealer, I was a bit wild in my young days but we all grow up and make a life for ourselves, we don't expect our laundry laid bare in some closed community witch hunt where family and life decisions are decided on outside of judicial systems, even then, we don't become judge, jury and executioners, and dish out punishment and we certainly don't mess with a mans family/children use family members to create a mental health paper trail. 





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It seems like these agencies have been fed a bunch of lies about you and take you as some kind of international bond villain/master mind that they need to spend millions to track your every move.


I have a hunch it's someone very high in the upper echelons who is feeding false narrative to the spy agencies, and they are blindly following this BS about you, so this person or their organisation can keeps tabs on you for free at the taxpayers expense.


Something about you has triggered this. But what I don't know. Something about you has peeked someone's interest in the upper echelons.


I have no idea who these people are, and why they seem to have unlimited resources and budget, but I do know that they will encroach on your life if they see an opportunity.  


My deepest sympathies for what you are going through.  

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We live in a control grid, there's a whole hidden apparatus operating in the shadows keeping things in check, the first thing is to put you under a never ending investigation, pay visits, create a group in the community and put everyone on hyper vigilance mode, because their goal is to crack you in the end, make you flip, or go mental and sectioned, Manchurian candidate stuff, in my case I am some con man fraudster, and lots of other things, pushed into the mental health system by so called loved ones, no doubt it was either that or they testify against me for some bs they engineered, I have a FT ops team on me, wrecking me to everyone, mind games galore, everyone's gone, became part of the privilege "group", its taken 3yrs to try and suicide me initially, get everyone to believe I am depressed, create the conditions, under a banner of mental health, they own everyone, we never left the plantation fields, at the flick of a switch, you can be turned on, a scenery of democracy, rules and laws were put up.


I live in a religious community, those community values were used to get people frothing at the mouth out for blood, I only have my children left now and that's being worked on, people have been manipulated to a level of just finish him off, clear the way for missis and kids, just have the "reasons" ready, depression, money worries, anything. They do it with fear, do you want to be him, privileges, jobs, cars, power, blackmail and lots of propaganda, there is nothing you can do! Nothing, as everything is done under the banner of mental health, you just watch the destruction unfold as an isolation grid is formed and try to refute the bs sold to everyone who think its a game, everyone operates on the banner of mental health, so to make it look like you are the one isolating yourself from people, people who betrayed you, life long friends who succumb to the propaganda, despite repeated efforts to provide evidence of allegations, regular community meetings keeps the conditioning going, I created a web page purely to get the facts out, a self policing group, judge, jury and executioners, operating under a layer of secrecy, but some people told me, this is then put under "auditory hallucination" secrecy is the key, the rule of law does not exist.


I have no friends left, I have no life, I have no outlet, I have 3 children, 1 of whom is also being used and receiving messages, they have strategically turned it into a Mr V Mrs, genius, this shit is real, its the worst evil you can imagine on this Earth, the kind of stuff where you wonder how one human can inflict such evil on another. I am quite sharp in terms of picking up on allegations being sold hence the webpage, the mind games and the psychology behind it, absolute and utter lies driving the destruction. Basically, a lot of engineering of symptoms, synthetic, to create a diagnosis of paranoid skitz, paranoid persecutory delusion, getting people to talk about conspiracy theories, "order out of chaos", but inflict the trauma using DSM medical text book methods so everything can be explained with mental health and a trail of paperwork and witnesses, everyone has to be turned first, and grouped, turns into a social game, its proper sick and sadistic. Thousands of people around the world, dissidents, whistleblowers, anyone who doesn't fit in the system or is perceived a threat, in my case, I had an entire community go full on hostile mode despite hard efforts to counter a lot of allegations before its too late.

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I highly recommend that you watch the videos from these YouTube channels:


Saved By The Lion Simon - YouTube


Jovon Judah - YouTube


Servants Research Ministry - YouTube


Kingdom Living ken price - YouTube


Worthy is the Lamb. - YouTube  


MarcTheMessenger - YouTube


Jeremiah Cohen - YouTube


Chris LaSala - YouTube


What you're going through is spiritual. You'll find relief in Jesus. I (and He) promise you that.

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