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Sky Worms !???


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This is a new one on me .... It came up in a Karl Mollison video .... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=BMYN72O1D6BY


2:09:05 Karl .... " someone sent me a link to sky worms.  At first I thought this has got to be some weird hoax .. they're happening in many areas of the world ...So I asked Creator ..."What is this ?'


Creator ..."This is an extraterrestrial technological manifestation that the Arcturians are doing , and it involves a certain kind of probe ...normally it's cloaked and invisible , but they are allowing it to be seen as part of the disclosure ( as a prelude to set humanity up for the great deception ) " ....Much more on this in the video 


Also covered in above Karl Mollison video is Crow777 and the wobbly moon , this too is genuine and ET created with the same motive. 


Here's one of the Sky Worms ...



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there was fella who joined up to this forum a good few months ago and recorded the same. Rods they were called. he set a motion camera to take pics of wildlife but these things kept appearing.

this dude came on here asking for help but i don't think we were very forthcoming.


his uploads where daily and far superior to the OP.


anyone remember him ?

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