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THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT… The Fall of the Cabal is a Documentary of nearly 3 hours made by award-winning author and researcher Janet Ossebaard, about the downfall of the 1%, often referred to as the Cabal: a small group of people who run the world through their excessive wealth and power.




its a long one but very good. get the popcorn.


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I seen the doc before, they mention that alefantis is a rothschild? Makes a lot of sense, would explain why he was top 50 most influential in DC. He also owns a museum called pegasus apparently where the kill room is but google maps can't seem to find it? Weird

Edit: after some digging i've narrowed it down to columbia heights DC (allegedly), but i don't know exactly where tho 

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Bamboozooka, thank you very much for this very informative film. I have to watch it in parts, because as you say, it's very long. But definitely worth watching!

I have already in recent weeks discovered a lot on the global rescue operation of so many children kept by the Cabal in DUMBs and how the Covid lockdowns are being used to carry this out. My path? I had seen Charles Ward in the videos on the Hidden King months ago now and the other day I suddenly saw him included in a Round-table discussion with several peopole of more of an astrologer and channeller bent. I had already been following Laura Eisenhower and she was in this discussion so I watched it. Well, Charles Ward is a highly informed guy and he is in contact with many other investigators and awake people, among them Charlie Freak. And Charlie Freak made a documentary film together with Mark Devlin about all this too, called, I think, "Trump, Q and the Take-down of the Cabal from A - Z".

So, from then on I knew all about GESARA that Donald Trump is bringing in now too. This has lifted my spirits no end! Because now I know that there IS an end to all this misery and the 'vaccine' won't happen, therefore I won't have to kill myself to avoid having that injected into my body! I have been spreading this message, the NESARA/GESARA message and all that this involves far and wide. Also elsewhere on this Forum!


So, thank you for this video too. And I am so glad that Mel Gibson, for example, is not part of those monstrosities! This means I can continue to adore him in "Braveheart", where he was so great! Yes, because this is now going to happen all the time. We won't be able to watch the stars involved in movies that we loved anymore. I can only hope that all my other very favourite ones are not involved in this either! But a list, which may not be complete, has already been released kind of on www.paedoempire.org, if you are interested?

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