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David icke on the REAL nature of reality


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Here are some of the best pieces from icke’s exploration of the true nature of the reality we all live. 


As we we can see, nothing is as it seems.


we live in a literal magical  universe where all is possible IF we can let go of all the centuries of programming and mind control that we have all been subject to.


from Tales of the time loop...


We don't live in a 'world' so much as a frequency range; the one that our five-senses can access and perceive and the five-sense range of perception is tiny.


Creation is not structured like a chest of draws, one level on top of another. It is made up of frequencies sharing the same space in the same way that all the radio and television frequency do. Those broadcast frequencies are not just around your body at this moment, the) are sharing the same space.


This is possible because they are operating on a different frequency range or wavelength to your body and each other. Only when the frequencies are really close do we get 'interference' and become aware of another station. Apart from that all are oblivious to each other's existence because they literally operate in different frequencies, different 'realities' or 'worlds'. When you tune your radio to a station, say Radio 1, that's what you get. You don't hear Radio 2, 3, or 4 because they are not broadcasting on the wavelength to which your radio is tuned. Move the dial from the frequency of Radio 1 to Radio 2 and now, obviously, you hear Radio 2.


But Radio 1 did not cease to broadcast when you moved the dial from its wavelength. It goes on broadcasting - existing - while your focus, your consciousness, is tuned to something else.

This is precisely the principle on which Creation operates, or at least the part that we are currently experiencing.


The five-senses through which we see, hear, smell, touch and taste can perceive an infinitesimal fraction of that which exists in the space you think you are 'seeing' now. This is why animals, like cats, jump around reacting to what appears to us to be 'empty' space. To the cats, this space is not empty at all. They have a greater visual frequency range and they can see entities and scenes that are beyond the frequency limits of the human five-senses. When people say that everything is within you or, symbolically,
7 the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, this is correct.


All infinity is within us because all of infinity shares all space.

The point is, however, that we can't see all of infinity with our five-senses" just as you cannot hear all the radio stations available by tuning to one of them.

W see only that tiny part of infinity that is vibrating to the frequency range of those senses - what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. This is what I call the five-sense prison because most people are so trapped in its manufactured and manipulated illusions that they believe that this is all that exists and all that they are. It is their only reality.


This is further ingrained and conditioned by the 'education' system, the media and 'science', all of which are dominated by the belief that the 'world' of the five-senses is basically all that there is.


This is what the manipulators want us to believe for reasons I will explore in due course.


When energy is vibrating slowly it appears to us to be 'dense' and 'solid', but look at it under a microscope and no matter how solid something seems to be it is still vibrating energy. As the speed of vibration increases the energy becomes less and less dense until it is vibrating so quickly that it leaves the frequency range of the five-senses and to human perception 'disappears'.


It has not disappeared in fact; it has simply left the range that human senses can access. This is happening when people say they saw a ghost or a 'UFO' and it 'appeared' out of nowhere and then 'disappeared'.


The conditioned five-sense reality thinks these people must be mad because such things are not possible. Oh, but they are the 'nowhere' from which such manifestations come and go is simply another frequency or wavelength of existence. Understanding all this is crucial to appreciating that the 'far out' world of the so-called 'paranormal' is perfectly and simply explainable. 

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“The theme of great upheavals and a transformation of human consciousness was another constant one and it continues to this day as I understand more and more of its nature and see the effect it is having on increasingly vast numbers of people.


I was told that we had been trapped in a "freeze vibration" and that this low vibrational 'solidity' was being transformed.


I learned much later that many ancient traditions say that the 'physical world' was once far more fluid and less dense than we experience today and the aborigines in Australia say the Earth is destined to return to this higher vibrational state they call 'Dream time'.


We are certainly in the midst of enormous change that will set this 'world' free of its subservience, ignorance and density (in every sense).”

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Before we go on, need to understand what we really feel and believe at the deep subconscious level...


Tales of time loop


“By the way, I will state the obvious because sometimes that can be missed.


The subconscious is only subconscious to the conscious mind. At its own level of awareness, it, too, is conscious and has a different reality to the five-sense 'conscious mind' that directly experiences this 'world'.


Also, what is the subconscious?

It is all that is not conscious to the five-sense realm. In other words, it is infinite. Like the conscious mind, the subconscious can be caught in the illusion or be aware of its infinity.


Which level of the infinite subconscious that is communicating with the conscious mind will obviously make a fundamental difference to the way people see themselves and their sense of reality. It is the difference between knowing you are an expression of the Infinite One or believing you are an 'ordinary' and 'powerless' nonentity ..”

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