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i  am  not  sure  if Clif is  running  bots  these  days , but  this  is a  brief video he  did  recently with  some predictions .....

some  doom but  some  interesting things  he seems to think is  coming ...

link  to  video  , with  rough  notes done  by  a  friend of mine ...cc 


Immigrant's Guide to SciFi World . . . 


47  minutes  . . .
 Jul 27, 2020

clif high

Description of the emerging data sets that describe & inform SciFi World . . 








CLIF Webbot notes on Immigrants guide to the sci fi world July 27 2020
Immigrants guide to the sci-fi world: July 27 2020. Season 0

"We are all immigrants now living in sci fi world that will shape the rest of our lives"

Sun..White Sun causing a lot of the issues we have at the moment. Will precipitate an ice age. Shaping parts into the sci-fi world birth painful emergence.

Old shit to die off...officialdom dying...CV virus getting out means we all have to live with now. Bioweapon. USA in schism at the moment. Black/ White people ( sic: involved)  could not run a nuclear plant if they tried.

White Sun..'DVC' reaching the surface of the planet. Never happened b4. Related to ice age IHV. Gives examples: caving of ice flows etc. If rogue giant icebergs start  breaking off means ice age is very imminent. New ice will replace. Cycle.

Spreading of ice flows. Navigation markers put in by Egyptians> Smithsonian has these. Old docs speak to expeditions in which they had to navigate many ice flows due to mini ice age. Vikings. Led to a particular type of slavery at that time and indigenous medicines: Germanic and Scandinavian peoples.

If we see giant shift  of ice flows: prepare for something rapid otherwise we should see this in 2041. Ocean is basically a desert in the middle part. Greenhouse gases etc will affect CO2..altered by the currents= electrical change= altered generalized climate.

Sun disease related to the CCP virus.  1997 data sets now emerging.. he will try to  tie it into language going forward. Sun disease started showing up then (sic:1997).

Greater global depression...boxed in by it. Due to influence of ice age it will be not as we imagined. Failure of corruption by globalism NOT capitalism itself.

Revolution towards capitalism within China. ( as we emerge into the SciFi world). CCP: power vacuums etc ...hit by floods, debt crisis; virus; famine. Will drive to the USD. CCP going bust but several year process. Degrading inside China : major events almost back to back. Floods= famine= dam breaking= failure of CCP= releasing the virus on everyone. Hell to be in China for a while. Power separations. CCP -> Rush into space to show how great they are. CCP is not China- not a Chinese ethos.

All from stresses placed on the planet from Sun and Ice Age.

CCP is a big part of the global corruption..will push into Space as a diversion.

USA-organically driven.  Impacted by the CCP driving into Space.


Bankruptcy of debt system within China- destruction of property system..now they move deeds of trust etc by trading property. Holding up their shadow banks; mortgage companies; bribes. No property to claim when the (sic:  gorges) dam breaks. Debt structure tied to the property market..will crash when land goes due to this major flood.


Focus on capitalism ->will come back to USA > focus on failure of same.

Self serving elites - = mafia, cabal, global, evils we can imagine, controlling us. Bring money to themselves: China and USA.  Rich people at the top of a flat pyramid. Cannot continue. Whole generations who have no path to be assisted within the system. Cannot blame the millennials. Can blame the CCP for a lot of this as well as failure of capitalism as it is practiced now.

'Building' ( as a builder)  energy being frustrated as there is no outlet for it. Young men need to get into martial arts. White Sun= more energy coming in.

He goes back to the data sets and his thinking at the time. 'Secrets Revealed'-. major entry into the SciFi world. Tesla...free energy; field force manipulations. This stuff is happening now. Data sets associated with ice age. Stuff to still bubble up out of Artic. Off planet beings. Bob Lazar may have been quite accurate. UFO"S may be ancient.

Political schisms appearing; science dying and officialdom has been lying. - disease deniers will not take appropriate measures this winter. People out rioting now will be at great risk of getting COVID. 10 am- 2am Best light for Vit D. CCP virus will be very unforgiving. Be with us for generations

Get Vit D above 40 mlg. per milliliter. His level is at 63. No one over 40 mlg. presented with the virus.  Most had 20 mlg.

Vit C...10 grams level. Liposomal C...he will not get the virus. He will maintain through the winter.

Desperation : will be all of us. Changing the nature of tech....internet will be galactic. US to overcome schism and will be stronger. Humanity has new focus. Emergence of pan global human ethos that we can all buy into. Brand new...never had before. INTO SPACE.

Right thinking....well deliberate thinking- well motivated people trying to come up with social order...social justice warriors->more within the gov..

Clif: not political but rather the degradation of money over time. Economic growth not there for them- their families. Frustration. Where we are at now. No political solution. Need non political situation that will do away with a lot of these problems showing where are we going to be that will be framed in the next few decades  'Secrets Revealed' will show 'Corruption Eruption' & why capitalism failed

The way to get out of it is to pursue Secrets Revealed. All breaking down right now and is only a matter of time unless policies are initiated to have the millennial generation to be able to participate successfully in society.
Otherwise there are no avenues open to us.  Will not be drugs nor be individuals to care for us.

People trying to reform it do not have the skills to do it. Do not know how to run and build things as their lives have not demanded that challenge. Exactly what has happened to the CCP: will bear out here soon. PLA will fail the Chinese people and collapse under the load during this time of great crisis in China.

Find ourselves in a peculiar time. Generalized breakdown of academic science -> corruption of process of peer review etc..

Space will be dominated by 'Aetherism'. Dare not mention this word ( he does not: he puts it on his board). We will be shifting over to a new physics here. Should have learned from Area 51.

Riots will tumble in NSA facilities ...food riots. Famine coming. Get your shit together and prepare for your family for a number of years.

We will not be bored.   

Magnets revealed ...new stuff.


## surge...Cryptos and gold will go batshit. Crocodile teeth. Tech will boost silver : bifurcation. Used in tech - # of years out.

Aetherism will emerge:

RV vehicle...could  go float about. Conceptual tools ala Einstein to float about.

Academic science took a bit hit..in data. Universities will and are dying...thought financial at the time, but no - Covid.

SciFi world will be very cool.

Need to sleep...get PURE SLEEP. ( Clif sells this stuff )
Filing patents around magnets. "they' will need this stuff during this time of desperation.


The concept of Predictive linguistics, that is, that one may be able to develop algorithms to process data retreived from the internet in quantity such that prescient wording might be revealed thus yeilding a description of the developing future, was born out of the first years of the internet being released into humanity's grasp. Predictive linguisitics grew from the exposure of any and all of us on the internet in those early, heady, days, to completely unrestricted human expression. There were no rules. It was real 'free speech'. The totally uncontrolled, even reactive nature of human conversation during those years brought out the idea of "predictive linguisitics".



Capture clif.PNG

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explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 60): straw woo




"the past paradigm is now gone. we have been overwooed [but we are] getting close to the end of the woo. your old life is now gone [and] initiations are not pleasant." -- clif high


according to clif high
- we are being initiated
- green pass vaccination segregation in italy
- the government and the media no longer has moral authority
- there will be supply-chain disruptions
- we are at war with the chinese

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48 minutes ago, tommydrifter said:

according to clif high
- we are being initiated


The idea of initiation was what Stanley Kubrick explored in his film "2001: A Space Odyssey".


Over the past 18 months, it's possible humanity could have been taken over a kind of abyss.


If  this is the case, the world we knew, before March 2020, will never ever return.


We could still be in the process of travelling over a kind of abyss, of course.




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explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 61): auslander woo




"you are an auslander or a serf." -- clif high


according to clif high


the auslanders and the serfs
- the-powers-that-be are dividing us into two groups: the barbarians and the serfs
- in the feudal system, the serf was bound to the property of his liege lord and required a passe/port to travel


the super-flu
- the serfs are dying from the super-flu because their immune system has been weakened
- a possible scenario: the super-flu causes the the hospitals to crash, call in the united nations (the chinese communist party)
- the chinese communist party's plan is to farm america


health advice
- "the vaxxx is eliminating your immune system: the spike is the bioweapon, keep your vitamin-d up." -- clif high

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explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 62): woo fighting




"you will win! get that thought in your head (this is the first element of your strategy) and they can never defeat you. all of this is psychological." -- clif high


according to clif high


legal strategies
- "jurisdiction" implies the "the words rule"; latin is the language of law and in law everything is reduced to language
- the legal system is required to honour its rules and the legal process is bound by procedure: gaming the system wins
- judges do not ever want to be overturned (judges avoid setting precedents) so they make cautious rulings; make it in the judge's interest to make you win
- use public relations to your advantage
- waste their time, cost them money


legal tactics
- file with alacrity (time pressure)
- file often
- file diversely (to different courts)
- point out breaches of procedures and rules
- use up word limits but do not repeat yourself


pro se
- "i was pro se -- it was personal. i didn't have to cite any law. i point out the fact of the matter." -- clif high
- legal references and points of law are not required to win pro se
- find fact in law: be concise, be passionate, and express feeling


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explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 63): chrono woo




"time weighs heavy on the woo. ...[this is] the timing part of [the] war." -- clif high


according to clif high


world war 4
- the-powers-that-be vs. humanity
- the-powers-that-be vs. the chinese communist party
- the-powers-that-be jn. the chinese communist party (jn. <> "junction")


- new zealand = taken
- australia = almost taken
- u.k. = 40% taken
- u.s.a. = ???


- the-powers-that-be are the western global elite
- russia is not-aligned
- africa, south america, and central america, is mostly not-aligned


weapons of war
- spike proteins (1. the virus, 2. the vaxxx)
- nanoparticles / graphene oxide (the vaxxx)
- "the-powers-that-be are working with the c.c.p. to exterminate humanity." -- clif high


the big die-off
- the super-flu is a temporal clue
- according to a mortician, the mortality rate is 2.5 times higher compared to the year 2019
- the injection sequence: 70% by july + 30% by october (the october 15 mandate) implies an april (2022) die-off
- a quiet death in isolation
- "we could lose one billion people over one year: ...consider a billion people popping into existence -- and reverse it." -- clif high


economics and finance
- demand for resources will fall
- intercontinental goods transfers disruptions
- the fiat die-off includes payments systems


- "they released the spike protein on their own population." -- clif high
- "all this is about feeding their population." -- clif high
- organ harvesting
- a possible scenario: the evergrande bond fiasco will force the chinese communist party to revalue gold in order to prop-up the yuan


health advice
- traditional vaccines initiate a natural immune response; the vaxxx is a toxic injection
- the spike proteins cause blood clots
- "'vaxxxidents' -- watch out for 'em." -- clif high
- maintain high vitamin-d levels


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hello everybody


a short disclaimer here: this is my best effort to paraphrase clif high's information accurately but "translation errors" are possible because much of this information is of a technical nature and is new to me. if you understand high better than i do, i welcome your corrections and clarifications. nor have i included everything in the presentation for the sake of brevity and clarity and readability. check out high's videos for yourself, if this is of interest to you.




explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 0, episode 64): measuring woo




"humans have been measuring the woo since ancient times. ...in the woo it's always going to be discovery." -- clif high

"this is a case of mis-measuring the woo: if it doesn't make sense -- back up. the woo is deep." -- clif high


"is it really a stalker!? or just a car driving behind me?" -- clif high (as a paranoid)


according to clif high


measuring the woo
- apply first-principles thinking when measuring the woo
- the celtic cross as a measuring tool: using line-of-sight and trigonometry to measure


the chinese communist party's bioweapon effort
- the chinese communist party has collected genomic data via p.c.r.-testing in the years 2016-2019
- there is no evidence for a genome-specific bioweapon (individual targeting)
- the chinese communist party's bioweapon effort targets a phenotype (group targeting)
- targeting a phenotype in this way fails because our assumptions about d.n.a. are incorrect


- the "frequencies-that-are-you": physical and emotional
- the immune system's three biorhythms: 1. innate (constant); 2. adaptive (responds to the environment); 3. inter-systemic
- cells are receptive and permissive to virii: receptivity refers to the virus's ability to "stick" to the surface of the cell; permissivity refers to the virus's ability to replicate using the machinery of the cell
- vitamin-d inhibits cell receptivity to virii (and cell permissivity to virii)


- 90 nanograms per millilitre of vitamin-d is optimal; target greater-than 47 nanograms per millilitre of vitamin-d
- vitamin-d is used in 3000 body processes
- vitamin-d operates as a carrier-wave
- sources of vitamin-d: sunlight; vitamin-d lamps; supplements


- "[the chinese communist party] want[s] to depopulate north america for food production." -- clif high
- the evergrande bond fiasco will impact banks, real estate, and manufacturing worldwide
- two possible scenarios: 1. bond defaults force the chinese communist party to revalue gold; 2. the chinese communist party attacks taiwan

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hi all


now is a good time to tune in to "explorers' guide to sci-fi world" as high informs us that the "woo" (sub)series is finished.




explorers' guide to sci-fi world (series 1, episode 9): budo, 38:17 





according to clif high


- ukraine is khazaria. putin makes a strategic strike on the khazarian mafia ("the bug") targeting biolabs.

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