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Kingdom of Skulls


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From the empty abyss of desolation, the domain of true non-existence and non-life ... there a flicker emerged, and that flicker grew over unwatched eaons of time in the darkness with darkness, and slowly gaining a primitive sense of life, a primitive faint understanding of something ... and countless time was passed in this darkness ... growing ever more until this beginning evolved from desolation, to unconscious, and evolved to the subconscious world.  Layer after layer of evolution, rising from the abyss of non-life and chaos ... a tower rising towards the light.





There is a world at the end world of darkness.  The last trembling rung of the night.  The final layer in the tower before light.  The world just sub-the light.

In this place some faint trickles of the above have penetrated the deep web of powers that rules this final darkness.  Enough intelligence has arrived for the darkness to be truly evil, to twist and bend and betray ... to pull down ideas from above and use them as weapon to destroy, destruction with true cunning.

This is the human world.

The last stop before hope.

The final nightmare.

On the cliff heads under raging endless storms, the humans claw desperately to clumps of grass .. holding on for hope ... 

Too much light comes here, it disturbs everything ... this is the unstable nightmare, further below the darkness rules with violent order, and high up in the heaven worlds there is only upward climbs ... but here the circulation of pain, of trembling, endless trembling ... the darkness clings together, the light smashes apart, the twisting and cunning, the undoing and doing ... a world of pain.

It clings together, rejecting the light ... it is not time for the light.  Light must be destroyed in the kingdom of skulls.

Destroy all the light or this kingdom of skulls is lost.
The last rung of the ladder would be lost.

And then who can climb the tower?
Who can climb the tower if this layer is lost, if this layer is "saved" ... it can never be saved, or the ladder will lose a rung.

What is this layer made of?  It is made of the bodies of the dead who perished here, who had enough consciousness inside them to make this layer, they became the material that this subworld is made from. 
And so it goes.

Some who are born in the kingdom of skulls, are born twice ... they have enough light to propel themselves upwards ... they are the final harvest of this layer of reality.  Others have a great duty to keeping this sub-world exactly the way it is ... they sense the importance of changing nothing, and undo any improvements.
Most of mankind serve this rung ... they undo every piece of light here, peeling it away piece by piece to preserve this layer ... they feel that this is a life lived well ... and indeed it is, we all have our jobs to do.



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"Destroyers of Nature's Good"

It may be difficult for spiritual people to live in this world where you are ignored ... but beware of not being ignored.

The soldiers of this world actively seek out any light here, they come with a smile and nice sounding words, they wish to be part of it, to enter the priesthood to work in your school, to join your group, and to be a nice guru.

And once they enter they will take one brick after another out of that building of light, they will turn everything good upside down, they will bend every straight line, and disorder everything ordered.

And one day they will leave and be very please, because they did exactly what they came to do.

To return this world to a world that does not disturb them.

Any light here, disturbs their ... "way of living", and they will stop at nothing until it is dead.

It is for this reason that schools have hidden inner elements, the esoteric.  It is for this reason that schools do not give freely, and have barriers.  They have castes.  Because its only a mater of time until they come.

It is rare for more than 2 generations of students to pass until the school or teaching is so damaged that it is indistinguishable from the chaos outside.

It is nothing for the people of this world to send their children to die in a war, or to teach sodomy and genital removal to their children during their education ... they feel nothing anymore.  These people can be totally trusted.  To be exactly what they are.

They do not know that they live, and they do not know that they die.

The rules that these people live by are no longer the rules of life.



"This world is ruled by letting everything take its course."
Tao Te Ching


"Conceal your illumination"

Ancient Chinese Saying



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Your posts always cheer me up. If I'm feeling down I think


"I know, I'll visualise myself dying (as per one of ypur other suggestions on another post) and read one of rideforever's threads".


Is that the point? Just to actually try and destroy any hope anyone who wakes up has?





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There are deranged entities out there who will attempt to hook you in for reasons of power and control. 


These people are everywhere. 


Even if what they’re teaching is true or partially true, why would someone instruct without being invited?


These types will enter the subconscious of another person, then haunt their periphery.  They have a keen sense for weakness and wish to exploit those weaknesses. 


They claim to know the truth. 


They whisper lies and conjure elaborate images and flatter.  And they are fine and polished in their approach.  They possess excellent command of words.  They are masters of coquettishness, the most effective method of seduction. 




If you really want truth go straight to the source. 


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