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Michael Schumacher

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I used to care about sports and loved F1 but Lewis Hamilton is a woke-wanker, anti-white activist, so he can go fuck himself. Glad he lost. I don't follow any sports when the anti-whitism starts.


He's one of these wankers who goes on about racism...the only racism that exists in the UK now is anti-white racism...but I guess that wasn't what he was on about. 




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1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:


.the only racism that exists in the UK now is anti-white racism..



What? Just shows how out of touch someone can be when they don't live in the UK.


Nazi saluting extremist jailed over hate videos


Alexander Gray from Torquay posted 62 videos in which he spewed hate against black people, Muslims and homosexuals...


The videos included Gray making Hitler salutes and boasting of being a white supremacist. One urged people in Devon and Cornwall to expel black people and make the area racially pure.


He re-posted a video which mocked up an attack on an Asian family by and armed gang of racists which ended in a mass shooting.


His own three to six minute long videos, recorded on his phone in his bedroom in a hostel in Torquay, repeatedly used the N word as well as glorifying Nazis.


He claimed society was being taken over by black people, feminists and lesbians and urged white people to ‘wake up’ and ‘stand up’. One ended with a Nazi salute and other with him ranting ‘Heil Victory’ and ‘White Power’.


Gray, aged 29, of Newton Road, Torquay, admitted four counts of stirring up racial hatred, possession of the class B drug Spice, and was jailed for two years by Recorder Mr Malcolm Galloway.


Devon Live:




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