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Extraordinary Video released today(28/7/20) by BBC on Q-Anon ... Q-Anon is David Icke


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On 7/29/2020 at 1:08 AM, Messenger said:

Those people don't know shit until they start talking about underground bases and aliens being here at the Dulce bio lab, the mag-lev underground rail, the ARV Fluxliner, zero point energy, advanced propulsion, the secret space program, bases on the moon and Mars, etc, etc.

If you could only leave out your crazy, because some of your other thoughts seem spot on.


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2 hours ago, bflat said:

If you could only leave out your crazy, because some of your other thoughts seem spot on.


I'm sane, you're just not as smart as you believe and have a LOT of learning to do. Should I post more books that seem to quiet you immediately?

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7 hours ago, pi3141 said:


Thanks for the reply!


Yes your rant was good I enjoyed it.


I agree UFO's are real, I just can't explain from where they come. There was a great essay floating about the net years ago - 'How To Build A UFO After So Many Amateurs Have Tried And Failed' it was an awesome essay going step by step and examining speculative engineering principles. Then you have the Searle effect, apparently the BBC did film one of his demonstrations but I haven't been able to track anything down. Stan Deyo in Cosmic Conspiracy also touched upon free energy too, that was an interesting concept. My favorite conspiracy is the everlasting lightbulb and its surpression, now of course proven beyond dubt in 'The Lightbulb Conspiracy' documentary.My main interest in conspiracies has always been UFO, Free Energy and Surpressed technology but I also lean to the supernatural side of things.


The Protocols to me I'm not yet convinced are real, seems to convenient to find the plan laid out like that and it fall into our hands. Seems very unlikely, most likely another psyop by someone. But who, someone clearly wrote them and that someone clearly knew what was going on. So, they seem real but who knows if they are genuinely as presented. Douglas Reed, author of the 'Controversy of Zion' and accused of being antisemetic thought they were fake. William Cooper the author of Behold A Pale Horse thought the conspiracy could be traced back to The Brotherhood Of The Snake.


RE the Illuminati, if there's a dark side, then that kind of proves there is probably a good side, what the Illuminati are actually doing I'm not sure, One World Government and Religion, seems a reasonable plan if it stops the fighting and gives everyone freedom. But what it seems to be is One World Communist State with Luciferianism as its religion. So no, not good at all. I'm all for individuality, think we should celebrate our differences and keep hold of our cultures but I'm not against mixing, some individuals fall in love and thats absolutely fine by me. A one world government doesn't sound like a bad idea, thinking along the lines of Star Trek and a future world where everyone is united and war is a thing of the past, it could be good to have an over riding government body so standards are the same everywhere, but unfortunately, that concentrates power and that is never good, so I would prefer we keep our countries and cultures and work together as humans of the same planet. 


Just playing devils advocate a bit with the whole 'are the illuminati the good guys' Have you read the 'Illuminatus' trilogy. Robert Anton Wilson talks about the 'Chapilus Perilous' where once you enter into conspiracy theory reality distorts and you find the ground slip away, unless you hold onto some belief you may not make it through the other side back to normality. Well I've been there, got to the point where I considered we may be nothing more than farmyard animals for an alien race, being farmed here on planet earth with no chance of escape. That sort of thinking leads to depression, breakdown and ultimately skizophrenia - I had a breakdown 4 years ago, thought I was 'A son of God' thought I could talk to dead people. Went a bit mad. I'm ok now but I am really trying to keep a level head about conspiracies. I don't believe everything I read on a conspiracy website, I try to look at both sides, try to be rationale and ultimately hold on to the belief if there are bad guys out there there are also good people out there trying to counterbalance it and also, to some extent, I try to keep one foot in the 'What if there is no conspiracy' I have to try and hold both views to maintain my sanity. (its hard when you know that history is full of conspiracies)


Yeah for me most of this conspiracy thing seems to be Luiciferianism based, Lucifer is quite possibly Satan which makes this whole thing Satanic, regardless of the clothes they wear or churches they pray at, ultimately, if they serve satan, they are satanists. It seems to me it goes back way in time, if its satanism then it goes back to our beginnings. It fits with satanism, one world government and religion with satan at the head, destruction of family, societies and natural order, inversion of good, war, pollution, destruction of nature. Seems satanic to me.

Some people can explain it but few believe it, and no one can prove it unless they are in a high level position and they rarely speak. I don't know how long the "deep state" or secret government can keep the "secret" space program a secret since so many people are waking up to something going on. It's not like many of us are not ready to hear it. I believe that some come from other constellations, Andromeda, Pleiades, Orion, etc. Hard to think about for many people apparently.


The scared or the agents call it crazy while they ignore Military personnel who testify about UFO's shutting down nuclear weapons. lol. Those are not demons doing that but advanced species or "aliens" which sounds so scary thanks to Hollywood. It's not funny though, people lose their life over this topic which is why so many insiders keep it a secret.


I don't use the word conspiracy much, especially not with the UFO topic because conspiracy is defined as to conspire which is to plot or plan to do evil. The word doesn't fit when speaking about alien UFO's. UFO's are usually not evil, they are simply flying objects which we don't know who the pilots are. Some are military craft & aerospace corporations craft, others are alien created and piloted. Conspiracy applies to those who conspire to keep the information a secret.


To get here they are using electricity/frequency/energy, magnetic energy, and elements.


Thanks for mentioning the Searle effect and Stan Deyo, I will look into those later.


Protocols of Zion come from someone, how else would we know about them. And some people do believe in them and believe that non Jew-ish people are to be ruled over or treated as lesser. I'm still working on Cooper's book, maybe he speaks about it in a later chapter but he has mentioned "Sion" with an S. Piuerre de Sion.


Re Illuminati, allegedly the white hats are good. There has to be some good or else I believe things would be even worse than now. What is for sure though is that none of this is a theory, we see it playing out, there are most certainly people conspiring. The physical locations of their offices and headquarters is plenty of proof, as are their documents and then the results of their actions, such as event 201 for example back in October and then they went live with their "virus" plandemic in March. One example right there that people are conspiring.

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3 hours ago, Messenger said:

Thanks for mentioning the Searle effect and Stan Deyo, I will look into those later.


No worries - if your into UFO technology I really recommend that essay, it was written back in 1981 and its an excellent foray into speculative engineering.



How To Build A Flying Saucer After So Many Amateurs Have Failed - T B Pawlicki

Link - http://theorderoftime.org/science/sciences/articles/saucer.html
Link - https://archive.org/details/HowToBuildAFlyingSaucer


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I do think it is important to view both perspectives; however this video seems to play on emotion and concern. The thing that is improtant is to Question Everything because it's so obvious to many of us that there is an agenda here, as David Icke says, know the outcome and you'll see the steps to achieve it. Problem-Reaction-Solution is happening daily now. Parents working online from home, now children working online from home, leads to poorer internet speeds, and here comes the 5G solution! 

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8 hours ago, pi3141 said:

Don't want to hijack the thread but @Messenger have you seen this video of TT Brown -


Future Fantastic 6 - Weird Science


Pi3141, hi. I have not seen this particular short documentary but I have seen those clips of TT Brown years ago and lost track of them. Thank you! for posting this.


At 2:00, the Navy report dismissing Brown's discoveries as "experimental anomalies". That's such BS. I bet they took his findings and used them for themselves. Like Nikola Tesla.


Thanks again for posting that vid, cool stuff.

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On 7/29/2020 at 2:33 AM, oz93666 said:

^^^ You're all missing the point .... Of course it will be a hit piece ...it's the BBC ....


But they were forced to cover this ,  because , particularly since corona , interest in our subject has exploded , and trump is constantly tweeting it , he must know 9/11 was an inside job , and the satanist  trying to remove him drink blood .... and he's trying to tell the world ....


The guy in the red hat in the video ...just like Icke , initially assumed Trump was one of the cabal ... but also like icke has changed his opinion....


This is the awakening going mainstream , mostly in the US thanks to Jones , who now often rants about reptilians controlling things!! 


Amazing  to realize  all the Q -Anon people at Trumps rallies know what's going on 




No Icke has not changed his mind about Trump, what a lie. Anyone who reads the books and pays attention knows Icke said from the start and is still saying Trump is owned by Israel. Q Anon is a psy op. Trump aint saving kids when he has been shown to of been on Epsteins island many times

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The BBC leaves out so much regards its own selling products like twitter and facebook. Twitter is now advertised on the back of police cars in Scotland. This is 'normal' to people who see mandatory vaccines as 'normal'. It mentions nothing about the rejection of media corporations while pushing people toward platforms its freinds control. The best sites can't be found on this side of the internet and they make the dark web sound like the place of pedopjiles and hired assassins. The reality is that the BBC and its media buddies killed 768 British Citizens in an illegal war in Iraq they promoted while swearing allegiance to a foreign power which misled the world into a world war in the middle east by way of the office of the EU's prime minister for it's British member state Tony Blair.


The violation of the sovereignty of the UK has never been addressed by these media corporations which are now out of control unaccountable unelected rulers of the minds of television addicts. This is a story that cannot be televised and that they must erase anywhere it rears it's head. Any fish can be trapped in a tunnel it can be bated to because it cannot turn back. The fish is big and the trap is abstract, but the exact same principals apply. MediaCorp will behave like MediaCorp regardless of its rhetoric. Right now we could pull the gate and it would have no way out but is everybody seeing the reasons why we need this enormous fish trapped? Is everybody ready?

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