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How Are People Actually This Stupid?


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On 7/28/2020 at 12:43 AM, Armesis said:

Children as young as 4 are being sent to government institutions where they are immediately conditioned to shut up, get in line, do as they are told, listen to authority, eat when told and use the toilet only when allowed. It continues all their life. This type of conditioning, plus the fluoride in the water, etc dulls the brain and creates worker ants. Drugs like ritalin are the coup de grace to young children's minds. 


When they get promoted to 'adulthood', they are already zombies, ready to receive commands and do as they are told. It amazes me how people still manage to break out of the mental prison and rebel. Personally I was always a rebel in school questioned and argued with teachers alot. 

having being forced as a 6 years old till 14 to take ritalin, i assure you, it made me worst, way worst. but the common symptom of Adults today that was put on Ritalin is definitely the sheep kind. were incapable for the most part to deal with authority. good assumption on your part, but Im in the process of learning more about the brain damages caused my ritalin long term usage during childhood.


thats a whole conspiracy on itself. Ritalin. Monster drug.

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