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why is tom hanks moving to greece?


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Interesting. Always liked his films and got to talk briefly with his son Colin one day in 2017. I will say that a lot of wealthy people seem to have duel (if not more) citizenship. Might just be sick of the political climate here ... I know most are !! Seems that is the lefts agenda, .... to make so MUCH loud crying nonsense squeaks that the people will just go ahead and vote for them to make the "noise" stop.


edit: TH and wife bought a home there in 2004 and another in 2018. His children are all considered citizens too.

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On 7/27/2020 at 3:34 PM, bamboozooka said:

it goes a lot deeper than that.

no tweets since may22. no tweets about his new apple series greyhound.

gitmo or executed?

check this series of videos out


 that reminds me of Chris Christie at NJ beach him and his family

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I'm not sure the Q idea that the Hollywood elites are going to be executed by military courts is accurate but I do believe Hanks, DeGeneres, Oprah etc have at least been questioned by some form of law enforcement recently. There have been denials issued in the mainstream media so that's usually the first sign people are getting too close to the truth. If the assertion they are possibly involved in human trafficking or have been questioned by law enforcement were so ludicrous they wouldn't need to address it.  

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I thought it was an odd move going to Greece. Makes some sense with Rita Wilson's mother being Greek. So many of Tom Hank's films I liked over the years. Didn't like him when being interviewed though for some reason. I watched a couple of the "Tom Hanks missing" videos. Shame about the video guy. Hope it's nothing sinister! I still don't know what to make of it all. Weird. 

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Tom Hanks and his wife got citizenship to Greece because no extradition and also they treat pedophilia as an illness ther.. and to anyone saying him and his wife are both  dead, at same time, all of a sudden??  that is bs.. they are not dead, but they are in hiding now in Greece... puting word out that theyr dead is the illuminti owned media trying to help them .

 Dang ppl, it took me 2seconds to see through the death lie...  do better

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