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Finally you're back ... Hi all (intro)


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So for the last couple weeks I had to go to bit chute for finding "real" latest news as, this site was down. So glad to see it back up as there is very few places to get uncensored news.

I know people that can't go a day without CNN/FOX (insert favorite mainstream here) telling them what to think/feel on todays events. Sad really and they get offended when you question their dependency on it. Weird, it's like a sort of religion with these people (that I know) and yet, they are quick to judge and not believe in a higher power. 


I ran across this place in March or whenever the Floyd crap started. It truly amazes me that the braindead take arms about this, yet could care less about the countless murders in ghettos across America. Anyway it was here that I first found real news/video clips of what was happening on the streets, as I don't have FB/TW/INST ect. Don't have cable tv either and it's laughable to watch CNN/FOX type "programming" which exactly is what that's about. I was surprised how much was being suppressed because when I'd share info on what I'd seen, nobody was aware ?!!


So just joined and hope to contribute, I will say politically I'm in the middle and have never really thought about conspiracy stuff, so while it's interesting/entertaining I'm not sold on any of it. Still I read the rules and will respect others viewpoints. I don't follow DI and have really never heard of him until finding this place ... but after some reading he reminds me of an Alex Jones type. Never got into AJ but one radio show I did always like was Larry Elder ... just good common sense stuff that shouldn't even need explained. How bizarre our world has become.


Let freedom ring loud and proud ... the world together has got to step up against these anomaly agenda organizations who love to dictate their filth. 


See you on the boards !



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