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Star-Ship Enterprises and Stellar Theology

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The West is the best, every other nation wishes to be them.

The largest human skulls came from Cro Magnon man about 10,000 years ago in Northern Europe, largest brains highest intelligence and spiritual contact (higher forces).

There is no mistake, these people were light years ahead ... and still are ahead even though multicuturalism is weakening things.

Just look at India seat of the ancient sagas but can't organise toilets these days.

Or South America land of ritual sacrifice.

Or China which eats every creature known to man without discrimination.

One weird planet ... it was probably India's poverty that kept some ancient traditions still alive in the mountains.

Everything upside down on this planet.

This planet must be the place were all the god-awful rejects from the entire universe are sent for one last chance to sort their shit out before they are obliterated forever from existence.


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Powerpoint Slides

World's End Pub Quiz Download Links


20MB Version





5Mb Version






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For the answers to the Pub Quiz, see the Powerpoint Slide

World's End Pub Quiz Download Links





Lite Version





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