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The Giant of Kandahar


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 The events allegedly happened in 2002 on a desert part of the Afghanistan, when a U.S. Army squad went missing. A Special Ops Task Force was sent to find out what had happened, and the soldiers walked along a ragged, mountainous trail until arriving at the entrance of a large cave. Pieces of broken U.S. military equipment and gear were scattered all around the clearing. The Task Force was about to enter the cave to explore its recesses when a  13-feet, red-headed, six-digit, double-toothed humanoid emerged and attacked them.


According to the witnesses, the giant pierced one of the soldiers with his long spear killing him, before the rest of the squad could take him down, shooting at his face for thirty seconds straight.
The body of the giant was packed and loaded into a helicopter, and transferred to a secret location in the USA for study.

 Inside the cave there were remains of human bones, leading the military to think that the creature was a cannibal.

The giant weighed about 500 Kg as estimated by the C-130 Cargo plane team who transported the body from the pick-up location to the United States. The witness remembers that one of the pilots noted a “terrible stench of musk and dirt” exuding from the cadaver, like a man “who didn’t shower for 10 years.” (The witness told Marzulli that the odor was more intense than that of a skunk, and close to that of a pile of decomposing corpses.)
The giant wore a canvas or animal hide to protect his feet, like some sort of moccasins.




Karl Mollison , channeling creator was recently asked about this......


Creator .... "

This was a real occurrence and the accounts are fairly accurate as to the details of what took place. This was an outsized being of unusual stature and appearance as well as behavior. And so this is one of many strange encounters with Anunnaki beings who are members of the small contingent here or may be stragglers involved in various duties who become isolated and then may be on their own for extended periods of time until they can rejoin their brethren.

This indeed was a living, breathing, full blood Anunnaki.

He was left behind in an earlier foray into the region for surveillance purposes and to recover some artifacts of importance to clouding their history. As you know, there have been many, many, artifacts of the early Anunnaki presence destroyed, especially during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And so there have been many forays done to destroy historical links to important events that took place and this they like to do themselves because they do not trust anyone else to take care of it effectively. This particular individual was separated from his group and was simply left behind and was not following orders and so was in effect punished by this means. There are a number of lower-level Anunnaki in terms of the hierarchy, some of whom have much more limited capabilities, particularly with respect to intuitive reach, and they may well have difficulty communicating with their brethren and can fall into difficulty if they become isolated and forgotten in this way.

He had not been there very long but was there long enough to suffer and that led to extreme behavior on his part. There is no love of humans to begin with and so any threat to a physical Anunnaki will typically be met by swift use of force to whatever extent is possible.

He had eaten some soldiers , this was a matter of course for him as the Anunnaki regard humans as first of all a food source. That is your greatest value to the Anunnaki other than as slave labor. So it is not so different in how people view cattle. They are a premier food source for milk and meat, but oxen, for instance, can be beasts of burden and trained to serve in that way. Humans by virtue of their greater intelligence have more utility as slaves to do useful work than would be the case with an animal of minimal intelligence or trainability. ...."   


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Like this article A lot. Have read A lot  in the past about giants. Certainly enough evidence around that has been certified. Bones etc. Photographic evidence.

The frustrating thing for me is that I would like to spend time investigating these things by going to sites around the world to see for myself. Unfortunately a lot of areas are in war zones high risk countries or on inaccessible private land. I’m not a reporter or even a necessarily good researcher, but I have studied a lot of unusual things since I was in primary school. Now I feel it would be good for me to  Seem things in the flesh so to speak.

Found a lot of your other posts intriguing as well. 

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hello everybody




re: why are the superpowers so interested in afghanistan?


i speculate that the interest in afghanistan has as much to do with hidden history as it does oil, drugs, or geopolitics. are the mountainous caverns of afghanistan an entrance to the inner earth? i am interested to hear what everybody thinks about this?




have a great day everybody

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