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Thoughts on Trump?

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15 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

I still choose to continue to believe in Donald Trump, because not to is not an option for me. I believe he wants Good for humanity and has been working towards this. If not, well, then I am still in time to kill myself before they force me to have all that crap injected into my body. For now, I choose to believe. And the number six is said to have been good before the evil ones hijacked it. Perhaps Trump is cancelling its evil significance with what he is doing? If not, we will soon find out... And in numerology, the three sixes end up being Nine and Nine is according to what I have found:

Nine is the number of the Sephiroth known as Yesod, or Foundation. It is considered to be the reflection of everything, especially Tiphereth, the Sun. Nine represents continuity, and the feminine principle of creation. The number Nine symbolizes opposite poles, light and dark, Yin, and the power the subconscious, particular dreams, astral states and psychism.

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Just now, Dagmar Gross said:

And the number six is said to have been good before the evil ones hijacked it. 


Maybe, but he should at least stop LARPing as a Christian if he is going to push anti-Christian things. Not that I'm surprised as he surrounds himself with folks that want to bring the West/Christendom to ruin. Just wish he would hurry up and drop his mask and tell us about those "good genes" he often talks about.


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21 minutes ago, Dagmar Gross said:

And as it turns out, it was Obama and Hillary Clinton who colluded with the Chinese! And Russia was all a smokescreen! Well, Israel was of course in on all this too and have been for a very long time. THEY had JFK assassinated. Because he wanted to take their Mafia and the CIA apart. Trump has been so much more careful in his "draining of the swamp"! And he's done it! Well, I don't know how far he has got with Israel, but I expect he's got them under control too. We shall know fairly soon, I think. Before Christmas?! I certainly hope so, because this waiting is wearing me down!

Then you're waiting is in vain. He has had 4 years in office and gets pushed around by Twitter lol. Netanyahu cleans his skiddy undies at the whitehouse




Netanyahu After Biden Win: 'Republicans, Democrats, There's No Difference'

Speaking at Knesset vote to ratify Trump-brokered normalization deal with Bahrain, Netanyahu says 'I've had a warm relationship with Joe Biden for many years'


Israel’s Netanyahu brings his dirty laundry to Washington. Literally.


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1 hour ago, Morpheus said:

@bamboozooka can you elaborate to what this means exactly? Does this mean a dismantling of the military industrial complex by making them report directly to the president? That's kind of what I thought he was suggesting.

with all the jfk mentions i take it to mean restricting access of the alphabet agencies to spec ops



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On 11/19/2020 at 7:31 AM, bamboozooka said:

billie write a novel. call it "the answer"

wait you haven't got one

why was you silent when icke promoted fall of the cabal part 4


"its the zionists. everything is the zionists" 😢


i'll use the video @Morpheus put up

fingers in ears billie. guaranteed to trigger


Wow! Yes. As a European, I never liked Trump very much and had not followed his political speeches before. But this year, more exactly in August, I discovered that he is in fact the only man out there who can save us from the tyranny of the Cabal and that he IS DOING IT! Now, this speech is so revealing about what he and his fantastic team have in fact been doing behind the scenes, under the radar, so as not to alert the monstrous Cabal. Because if the Cabal had discovered anything, they would have killed him like they did JFK, who also wanted to bring in NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act), in 1963. And Trump is playing this deception game magisterially!


When he speaks about "We, the people", is is talking about the US Constitutional Law, which is the equivalent of British Common Law, because the US, Britain and so many other countries in the world ruled over by the Cabal have been subjected to Admiralty Law or Maritime Law, which is in fact the law of the sea. Therefore, it can only be used "by Consent" of a population! Which is why we must never consent to anything we do not wish to!


So, NESARA and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reform Act) for the rest of countries signed up to this already, mostly under duress on the part of Trump, has ALREADY STARTED! Apparently, Trump announced it within an Executive Order he signed on November 2nd 2020. This means, he has 120 days from that date until there can be another election in the US and perhaps elsewhere too, we will surely be told. That election will be clean, with voting happening with the Quantum Voting System, which also runs on blockchain like the Quantum Financial System, which will also be coming in with the NESARA/GESARA conditions. Santa Surfing and Charlie Ward have excellent videos on this for everyone to inform themselves.


So, all will be very well very soon! Trump needs all the Cabal players to expose their crimes publicly, which is why he is letting the media and the US Democrats continue with their treasonous modus operandi, so they can all be arrested and condemned for their crimes. And treason and paedophilia carry an automatic death penalty in the USA... That can of course be commuted to life imprisonment if a deal is reached. Ghislaine Maxwell, for example, has made that deal.

Did you know Guantanamo Bay prison has been enlarged by about five times it's original size? The military tribunals for treason will be held there... And several people have already noted numerous passenger jets flying from various US airports out to GITMO in the past weeks. That is all on Santa Surfing's videos and on Twitter. And nobody flies there for a holiday...


And everything financial ought to be sorted for the whole world by June 2021! I can't wait!

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trump gets rid of a load of zionist warmongers.

bound to trigger all the never trumpers out there.




Former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright; retired Adm. Gary Roughead; onetime ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Jane Harman; and Rudy De Leon, a former chief operating officer at the Pentagon were all removed, effective immediately.

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Clowns In Action no longer have the use of the us military to carry out their crimes

Still think the warmongering zionists are in control?

Pentagon plans to end military support for CIA counterterrorism operations


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the rest of the world has been programmed by their versions of cnn that "orange man bad"

then you have the "its the zionists" that claim they are all puppets.

i can't find a post on parler saying trump is cult owned.

if they are all puppets and it doesn't really matter who wins the vote "its planned"

you decide what side of the fence icke is on.





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9 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

you decide what side of the fence icke is on

he says it in the first sentence


yes they are all marionetes,he`s not pro trump because he is aware of the fraud 


it`s a pshichological game played on the people,makeing trump a victim,to divide them(globaly) and to disrupt USA


he didn`t drain the swamp,never had an intention to do so......politics is a very efficient attention sucking tool 

because they say and talk what people want to hear and then go and do as instructed by psychopats 

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