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Thoughts on Trump?

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10 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

why is icke posting election fraud if as he says all puppets are the same and elections are all irrelevant.

i cant see any reason to post it.


That's a fair question, bam. None of us can speak for David.


Obviously I'm probably a bit more distrustful of these politicians than a lot of folks, but I still think the election was dodgy AF.

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Peace be upon you,


This all seems so obvious to me I can't see how others don't spot it....


Years ago I wrote a book on it (which got me banned from a blackhat marketing site! lol) called "The blackhat puppetshow effect" - essentially it teaches to control both sides of an argument to steer the audience.


Trump is a puppet playing the good guy - but he's pushing the vaccine and InfoWars got rid of David Knight for exposing that so it gives the game away a bit.


All this election fraud is a ruse so they can say: "we need a way to make sure this doesn't happen again in future: we need mandatory ID cards" or something similar. Watch ;)

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