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Moving the peoples dictatorship to its logical conclusion

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The easiest way to take control over people and control them utterly is to leverage the second phase of democracy, where the people and their representatives have themselves taken little by little each others freedoms. When already, so to speak, there is a sign of regulation on every tree.


Hence, the corona scare control., in this latest phase of democracy, which is the prelude to dictatorship already initiated by a thousand dictators of democracy, the rule of the people, 'elites', or 'the cabal' as they are called by some just have to give the enormous apparatus of control, created by the people, this enormous system of laws, regulations and procedures. of vast armies of bureaucrats and managerial classes, of an enormously large law and justice regulation system, of an addiction to technology, of the peoples materialism, a push.


Thus, giving a push, the gigantic system of control, of regulation and propaganda already being in place, the peoples representatives, the peoples journalists, the peoples managers, the peoples snitch system already in place, the people and the peoples representatives will start to tumble over each other using their own regulation and propaganda apparatus to control each other, to convince each other trough their own propaganda apparatus, and to silence each other by means of their own rigid and overblown regulation system, each by their own means motivated by their own interests. And the managerial classes will head to work to eagerly to invent more procedural rules, and the already gigantic law enforcement apparatus will eagerly apply more control, and the bureaucratic justice system will frustrate opposition by overloading people with absurdities, and the inventors of newspeak with its euphemisms and slick language will head to work to derail any opposition by neutralizing any common sense left through abstract absurdities, and the corporate managerial class will take care of control of the work space, and the lower institutional establishments will add their jargon and procedures, all adding tons of paperwork of descriptions and regulations.


At the point in time of the push, the people are psychologically already used to their hyper-regulated system, it being already the normal, and the people already created a multiplicity of interests in their own gigantic overly complex regulation and propaganda system, already being corrupted by these interests.


Hence, the Orwellian state.

Aside of the armies of controllers described above, the people themselves have already freely and willingly obtained the screens, they have voluntarily placed them in their living rooms, their bed rooms, the public space, the commercial space, the bigger the better, wide-screen high definition, the latest biggest size available. The people themselves have freely subscribed to the channels of propaganda, of entertainment loaded with propaganda alternating between entertainment propaganda and commercial propaganda every fifteen minutes. They have become obsessed with news, or 'reality porn', they are attached to screens like mindless zombies, they even carry little screens with them everywhere, screens by which they are obsessed. As consumerists they have already sold their personal information.


All you have to do is to seize on this situation. Everything being in place. Then the people, being without self-reflection, used to blame the other start to blame the other in the form of 'elites', and so a small amount of people, consisting of those among the people who have been moving social-economically upward get the blame for the whole system. And so hardly anyone realizes that the system of control is built upon the broad foundation already created over the decades by the people and their representatives themselves. That no such intense control can be forged without the enormous control and regulations apparatus already being in place, without the democratic obsession with reality porn (news), and without the peoples obsession with technology and screens, no such fear and collective psychosis could be distributed on such a scale.


Hence, from this historically unprecedented system of hyper-regulation and worship of technology already being created by the people, it is just a few easy steps to move on to final control. The people already being enslaved and ensnared by their own system of historically unprecedented regulation and ubiquitous means of propaganda, a dictatorship which no historical elites, kings or dictators have ever managed to create, and will never be able to create on their own, will, of course start shift the blame. Being used to their own cage, as hyper-regulated work-slaves and consumerist slaves, subject to hyper-regulation they will put the blame everywhere except the foundation which they have aided to create and even financed themselves through their consumerism, their obsession with news, and trough a thousand little dictators among themselves out to apply little forms of control, forbidding and regulating. As the people are the holy cows in a democracy, no fault is on them, no one dares to lay a finger on them at large.Moreover, as democracy is the bludgeoning of the people, by the people, for the people, they are all divided, if not shifting the blame to elites, then shifting blame on another, left, right or whatever comes in handy.


Thus, the people, of which only a minority will be in forceful opposition, though divided as they all have their own theories and labels of who is finally responsible, never self-reflecting, never self critical, never having oversight on their own cage and their own little contributions, never changing the cause which will finally lead to dictatorship. Psychologically the opposition among the people will cling on to the easy slave-dictator model, always shifting the blame to some 'masters of control' model, masters who reside anonymously in dark corners, dark backrooms and high places, or at least far away and unreachable, sometimes even theories of masters who have throughout all history always enslaved the innocent holy cows of democracy, 'the people'. Opposition will explode into a thousand theories, all shifting the blame to mysterious sources,mysterious practices, and always 'establishments', never The people, never, The Holy Cows of democracy, being always victim. And so any common sense based approach which may attract an amount of intelligent and self-reflecting people will thus be derailed through a labyrinth of the much more attractive unreliable and highly speculative sensational theories, thus eroding the capacity of transformation of society itself through common sense intelligence. The sensational and attractive conspiracy and blame theories will become more widely known, and so through their simple good versus evil narrative will marginalize and overrule more common and practical sense based non blame theories.


Imagination of the marginal opposition will be solely or mostly focused on the anticipation and publication of the sensational negative, positive imagination will be at large impotent, providing no powerful alternatives, result of a lack of self-reflection and vision, through the power of negative anticipation they will potently aid in the realization of what is negatively anticipated.

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