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Chemtrails today


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2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Ever the sceptic. 🙄


I did find a video of another guy who took on Trevor James's work, but I can only find his website and not the video I saw with him at a county fair and he cleared the sky that was drenching the fair goers. I'm trying to find it, but that guys website is called onlyresultscount.com strangely, he's not doing anything with the translators like on that fair video I saw and i therefore wonder if he's been warned about spreading the info. Who knows, that was just pure conjecture on my part. 

Oddly no mention of results, evidence, tests or anything on that site.

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just looking around for stuff and found a slightly crappy vid, but interstingly it includes the Kate Bush vid that's about WR.


whoa... there's a chemtrail in it!




Then after after we see donald sutherland fiddling with the knobs and wheels, back to the sky and BINGO it's gone!



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