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Out of Place Artifacts (Ooparts)

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On 8/20/2022 at 12:32 PM, webtrekker said:

Hi Dale. Could you enlarge a bit on your statement 'I have it in my possession?' I'm a bit confused here.


Think of an indian yogi..... He lives on the earth, yet off the earth. He has nothing yet he has everything.

After all, our body is made of frequency/particles with its signature and that goes for an object too.

If you want to materialize a thing, that is also an option but there are other occasions you don't need to have them physically.

While you are in your house, there are multiple of you all existing to the edge of the Universe.

If you want to understand this, I suggest you read Dr Ibrahim Karim's book.

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The ages suggested for these artifcats are incredible 300-500 million year old rock with a hammer head in it.




And Un-scratchable Balls (Unresolving Itch problem springs to mind, like bing in polite company and you just got to scratch.) of 2.8 Billion years old (Yes with BBbbeee in it)



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