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What's your experience on seeing the human aura?

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On the last few weeks, I have been experiencing things I had not experienced before. Some night, after a meditation on the grass, as I opened my eyes, I could see some kind of glow around my hands. It was like a tiny light, white, coming out of my hands, especially from my fingers. I could only see it when I was not focusing my sight on my hands, only with my peripheral vision. It was big enough for me to think that it was not an illusion. Since then, I have been trying to see it again. I can only see it when there is little to no light (mostly at night), and the more I practise, the more clearly I can see it. When I'm in nature (on the grass, surrounded by trees and vegetation), it's more like a glowing light, it even moves, it's some kind of smoke coming out of my hands. Sometimes I think I have seen even figures come across, like ghosts.

It's only at night and in nature. I've only managed to see it at home once, but again on a black background. Sitting at a table for lunch, I've seen it over a turned off TV (I've not turned it on for almost a decade now), and it was more static, but I could also see this glow around my hands. Sometimes it's not entirely white, it's closer to violet/indigo.


Have you experienced something similar? Am I actually watching my aura? Or do you think it's some kind of illusion?


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I see it all the time. Always have. You need to slightly defocus your eyes. The best way I can describe it is you sort of consciously relax the muscles at the bottom outer edges of your eyes. I don't see colours often. Mostly it's just the white light that's around most people. Like a heat shimmer off a hot road only more white in colour.

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I was meditating with my cellmate who was a follower of kirpal Singh for months and hours at a time back in 09'... after one such meditation his old cellmate, an old timer came up to me- apparently i thought to chat -but he told me instead that he saw a beam of light coming out of my third eye.i was kinda uncertain on how to feel ie: egoic, suspicious, accepting, etc... I found that comment and randomness of it weird as he was kinda adamant and almost.. id say in "awe" or disbelief about what he say


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I have been trying all these years, for nearly 2 decades, and I still can't "see" auras, I can however, sense aura's. Like, the difference between a high vibration, medium vibration, and low or demonic vibrations. As well as other small details I can "sense" and "feel". Or a "They Live" individual and a living individual, or how devout someone's spiritual practice really is. 


I always say, anyone can learn Reiki. I love the Japanese guy who made it, he was one of a kind. He was like "I can heal you, but the inconsistences within the mind will bring the illness back". roughly quoted


A short cut to using reiki is actually asking the Angels of Heaven to help you heal yourself, b/c they can do very fast what we cannot. So, an Angelic Reiki system. 


Although, I believe in Heaven and work with higher dimensionals, Buddhism works with freeing the mind and thus the soul from the reincarnation system, that is why we are here. 

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i had an 'etheric wing' experience last year. woke me the fuck up.


i then went on to buy these 'aura glasses' from amazon.



useless. don't buy.

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Every living form has an energy field, humans, animals, trees, nature, Earth and all planets.  The human field is our sensing vehicle for our experience in this physical dimension. It supports, protects us and interacts with the fields of others.


It is easier to see it by not trying to look directly at it, as it operates on higher frequencies than the physical eye spectrum, and by being relaxed and allowing it to 'appear'.

Its protection of humans from low-frequency energies is compromised by alcohol, tobacco, and class A drugs of all types.


For a full education on it try 'Hands of Light' or 'Light Emerging' by Barbara Ann Brennan. 

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As a kid, I remember seeing a white glow around the head of the priest of my childhood christian church.  There was always a thin black glow surrounding his head followed by a layer of white.  The black glow is what really grabbed my attention back in the days.

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