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Pyramid Scheme Murder Stories


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I will start with the story of Julius Jones.


Long story short, Julius Jones was framed for a murder he didnt do. 


Christopher Jordan was the one who the evidence points to, and yet for testifying against his friend Julius he got 15 years, and was released 5 years ago. While Julius is on death row, and was not involved in the crime. He hid the gun in his friend's house, then told the police where the gun was, or the police told him to do that in the first place. The daughter who witnessed the crime said it was done by someone with long hair and only one of them had that. 


I am accusing Chris Jordan for doing an inside hit job, and why the police and lawyers were going along with a false story line. It was Chris that had the history and connections to other criminals and possibly a criminal network who routinely do hit jobs to fund themselves -- along with other things. 


This happens all the time, my own aunt was hit and killed by a distracted driver, and b/c the guy had a household name, he only got a $100 ticket. 


It sure is looking like Chris Jordan did a hit job on a high profile business man Mr Howell, and so the whole law/police system protected him all this time. 





I find it suspicious, the daughter who saw a guy with longer hair sticking out, is not advocating for the release of Julius and is against it. Money speaks. The guy didnt kill your father and your asking him to not be released??? I am guessing she was paid off well. Mrs Howell. Rachael and Abby Howell. Let me tell you something, a liar is a liar, a rat is a rat. 





He worked as a lawyer at Howell-Stone Insurance agency. Seems to me, if the Howell is dead, Stone gets the business?? Either that or he was involved in some type of side business (like CIA work) or worked on a high profile case --- being a lawyer anyone can retaliate on you. He had more enemies without any black men. 


I just find it suspicious that the daughter is not at all concerned the man who more then likely killed her father, has been free for 5 years already. 


You can smell a Howell like you can smell the pyramid scheme, and thats how her father got himself into trouble. HOOT HOOT!!!



****Now listen closely. Some of the most prominent members of the Illuminati are not the most obvious or the highest paid. Just saying. I would never trust a Howell myself, its like the last name Avery. They get away with killing people. (A bird Avery duh!) Birds like bushs the most, right? So, he wasnt high enough to NOT get killed, b/c he wasnt the entire bush -- the home of the birdies, get it?? lol 


Chances are, your daddy got himself into some trouble. HOOT HOOT!!!! Howells are just like Averys. and he wasnt as high as the bush, so they went after him. Innocent???, i highly doubt it honey boo boo!!!!

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