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Irish (White) Slaves


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Book: The Irish Slaves: Slavery, Indenture, and Contract Labor Among Irish Immigrants

Rhetta Akamatsu


There are other books as well. 


Here’s another scenario:


8K Irish died digging a canal in New Orleans


“The builders of the city's New Basin Canal expressed a preference for Irish over slave labor for the reason that a dead Irishman could be replaced in minutes at no cost, while a dead slave resulted in the loss of more than one thousand dollars.”


“Arriving in boats, surviving the most horrendous conditions on board, they were starving, they were destitute, they were ill-educated, and they were desperate––so desperate that they were willing to risk their lives in hazardous backbreaking work for the chance to earn $1 a day at the construction site of the New Basin Canal.”



“But ultimately they died from prejudice because Irish Catholic immigrants were blatantly discriminated against and could only do the most difficult and dangerous jobs no one else wanted.”


“With the mentality of “No Irish Need Apply” prevalent, thousands of Irish came from Ireland or elsewhere in America, especially from the Philadelphia area, to work, suffer, and die in the bayous and swamps of New Orleans.”




So does exploitation of desperate people qualify as slavery, if their earnings barely sustain them day to day? 

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6 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Maybe try and see if you can find out what scholars Thomas learned from.



WoW Many thanks for this, just that couple of minutes was emmence, Im now looking at other stuff by Thomas Sowell, Cheers

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23 hours ago, Footsies said:

Hi I'm struggling after seeing many articles online like this https://fullfact.org/online/Irish-Slaves/


I'm of Irish decent and always had a belief that there were Irish slaves?


Can anyone provided any trusted sources or indeed storys that white slavery existed.



Well there were white slaves captured by Moors and sold to wealthy Africans, etc

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