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Where would you emigrate to?


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36 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:

Thank you for this. Sounds very interesting!

And as for Mallorca, that used to be known as the Island of Calm, or "L'Illa de la Calma". A Catalan poet called Santiago Rusinyol, who died in 1931, wrote a book with that title about Mallorca. It is still hugely popular there.

And Deya, on the north-west Tramuntana coast has long been a very popular hangout for artists too. The British historian and author Robert Graves lived there for most of his life and there's a museum there dedicated to his memory, which was set up together with his family. Robert Graves, in case you don't know, wrote for example "I, Claudius", which was made into a great BBC TV series starring Derek Jacobi as the emperor. Did you know "claudicare" is Latin for limping? And Claudius had a deformation that caused him to limp.

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'It's two days' hike from the nearest airport. There's no parking, even if you could reach it by car.

The Irish Pub in Namche Bazaar, Nepal warrants a place in the Guinness Book of Records - if not for being the 'most remote' than the 'highest' Irish bar in the world. At 3500 above sea level, the bar serves the route for mountaineers on the way to – and from – Everest.




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