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It occurred to me that the idea of him stopping making videos because of Twitter trolls could be an April fool. The video was posted on April 1st.


However, if it is his last, I find that very, very sad.

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Dr Vernon Coleman provides unbiased, accurate information on health matters. He accepts no sponsorship or advertising. Dr Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million copie

I like him, its irrelevant what he is, trans etc, who gives a monkeys if he wears a frock on a Sat night or whatever pleases him, that's his private business, what matters is what he brings to the tab

What rot. Just because he writes on a variety of subjects he is 'not to be trusted'? So everyone who dismantles this experiment in social engineering masquerading as a pandemic has to do so from an ex

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24 minutes ago, Ethel said:

It occurred to me that the idea of him stopping making videos because of Twitter trolls could be an April fool. The video was posted on April 1st.

BOOOOOOOM  !!!!!!!!!!!
Never thought of that.
Hope you're right  :O)


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Its a shame Coleman has quit making videos, maybe is wise if it stresses him out at his age & putting out truth videos, when your opinion sways from others can lead you into trouble.


Twatter truthers tho are like a witchhunt mob sometimes when it comes to calling out shills & masons.

Ive seen images of Coleman, David & others apparently making masonic signs, pushed by loads of people as some kind of hard evidence they are Illuminati shills.🤣 when most of the images are so pathetic, like somebody making a video puts their fingers together in a meditational pose, which I do myself sometimes as it actually is rather effective & you can feel your pulse. Of course I must be calling to Baphomet tho & in league with Angela Merkel. When I dive also we use the okay sign a lot, which sometimes you might get a shot of me looking like im giving it the 666 or now white power sign, declared & banned by the ADL.

Suddenly all these truthers are experts in symbology & talismanic magick.

Its fucking lame as fuck & always made me cringe most of the time.


Coleman I feel did kinda shill tho in the video he posted, telling us all to spread far & wide about Bossches leaky vaccines that arnt actually vaccines.. but I feel was just his opinion really at the time. Which he is entitled too. I dont  hold it against the man. Like I dont really hold it against David Icke going on the Alex Jones show. Which is far more concerning.

Plus it probably is 77 or just Christian fundi truther types that dont like certain aspects of Colemans lifestyle..so must mean hes working for Satan. He should really expect this tho putting himself out in the public domain.


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