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ICKE / ROSE interviews

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New Member here - Concerned Citizen,


THE COVID 19 virus, and the current crisis. 

From the start of this thing I was doubtful. Way back in March just before lockdown was forced upon us I was sceptical about the event taking place and in fact stated to people I new that it was just a flu type thing. A short time later (say a 2 to 3 weeks) I started to look at death numbers from ONS (Office for National Statistics). Never really looked before and was surprized to read that around 10,000 people died every week in the UK. It was something I had never really thought about before and people I mentioned it to also were surprized as they had never really considered that aspect of death numbers before.

Shortly after this I started to find this "alternative media news" and realized that I was not the only one thinking that the situation was not quite what mainstream media was stating.


Getting to my main point now:

Saw the Icke on Brian Rose (LONDON REAL) 1st interview and have viewed the others.

David is so ADAMANT that this virus does not exist (yes, Kaufman etc). I wrote to Brian Rose (LONDON REAL) in early June to suggest that he interview Icke with another person, say, Dr. John Campbell to discuss the virus being in existence. A reply from REAL LONDON (not Rose himself) was received. It was a bit like a typical automated polite reply saying a good idea, blah, blah.

A couple of weeks later I wrote again, only this time suggesting that I would like a response from Brian Rose himself along with fact that this issue of the EXISTENCE of this virus is ABSOLUTELY KEY to the whole set of issues relating to the situation we are in. Brian Rose owes it to "his army" + the world to help establish whether this thing exists. NO reply received yet, and I note that ICKE V is being advertised by Rose.


I also wrote to Gareth Icke informing him of what I had done - his response was something like "ok mate, will email Brian". A rather brief and ah well type response, but I do appreciate that Gareth is under a lot of pressure with a vast quantity of emails to deal with + the sorting of this forum.


Just a few moments ago I noted Dr. John Campbell (on you-tube, yes I know Icke banned from that) spouting forth about latest events on the vaccine issue.


I feel that the establishing of the virus existence is something that will provide the answer for those on the fence about this situation. Icke just giving his one-sided opinion on LONDON REAL is fine but if ICKE V is just a "repeat" of others, with a little bit more thrown in, is perhaps not going to sway the sheep (for want of a better term).


Is Rose just furthering his business with Icke on his show?

Is Icke on there (because he is banned elsewhere) and is able to promote his books.?


My views are just thoughts from a very Concerned Citizen.


Why don't we all go to Waterstones Book Shop and ask for a David Icke Book? Oh, I can't as I wont wear a mask!!!!!!


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On 7/24/2020 at 9:01 AM, Concerned Citizen said:

Is Rose just furthering his business with Icke on his show?

Yes, lol, you can't even watch the interview on his site without signing up for a newsletter, then every time you watch a video on YouTube you will get an ad with him saying, "Hey, you, you've been stalking me all over the internet, why don't you sign up for my course to grow your own business", when the only reason I went to his site is to hear what Mr Icke had to say, part of which is that we are going into a big brother economy and private small businesses are in trouble

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