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London Real Interview, 2nd August 2020

Message added by Grumpy Owl

Link to video: https://freedomplatform.tv/rose-icke-v-the-answer/#


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22 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

Why couldn't the interview be done via video link? Rose doesn't say a lot, It's David doing the talking, which is obviously a good thing. David could just say it to a camera instead, like he is used to doing in his dot-connector videos. I don't understand why Rose needs to travel to the Isle Of Wight when they can sit in the comfort of their own homes and do the interview.

because people love the drama and HYPE.  ...some do anyway 🙂 its an event

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26 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:

Brian Rose Mod  8 minutes ago

Hey folks I'm sitting down with David Icke NOW on the Isle of Wight....give us a few minutes to get everything setup and we will be streaming shortly!!! 👊👊👊 SHARE THIS PAGE TO ALL SOCIAL PLEASE! 🙏🙏


Probably needs about half an hour to change into his suit 😄


I'm sure David has already cracked open a couple of beers. 🍺🍺


I believe this is the link, when they get it working: https://freedomplatform.tv/rose-icke-v-the-answer/#



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Nearly two hours late. Some one at London Real must be keeping these videos going. Why cant they put a message on screen or make an announcement as to why there is such a delay. Does ant one know why D.I is not able to leave the I.O.W. Is he under some sort of house arrest, or island arrest if there is such a thing

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