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Face-masks MUST be our preparation for Chrislam!

Dagmar Gross

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Yes, I have long wondered what this mandatory wearing of face-coverings is really all about and now I have heard what can well be the answer! I have for a long time suspected something to do with extremist Islam, what with all the tearing down of our history and statues, just like what the US/British/Israel financed Islamic State were doing in the Middle East. And here is a confirmation of my suspicions! Listen to this video by Dr. Vernon Coleman, which I post below because it probably won't let me here, as this sadly has not been fixed.

They are planning to implement Chrislam as our new religion! This is utter madness, but apparently true! Just listen to Dr. Coleman! He's found several sources, like the Pope and Tony Blair!

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On 7/23/2020 at 11:40 PM, alexa said:


They can implement all they want, but I will not deviate from the one true God.

The flat Earth God? :classic_laugh:


Dagmar Gross, this is not Islam at work, it is the NWO apparatus who make up many secret societies. I've posted the names of many of them, freemasonry, order of the brotherhood, skull & bones, and others.


Look at this photo of dick[head] cheney. His daughter was saying how people should wear masks and here he is with one on. Keep in mind this scumbag made millions off of the war in Iraq just after 9-11 through his Haliburton company. Does this guy look like he practices Islam? He's a redneck who is probably a freemason. I have heard people say that he has his own residency at Area 51.


This is much deeper than islam.



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