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Great to see that the various boards are back!


I don't know whether I just never noticed this before, but all the boards appear to be under one category of 'General'.


I think somebody else suggested this already, but perhaps we could have various 'top-level' categories, with the different boards under each relevant category?


I don't know what the ultimate structure would look like, but something along the lines of:


General / David Icke

- Forum News / Announcements

- New Members

- David Icke Discussion



- COVID-19

- Politics

- Geoengineering / Climate / Environment





- Nature Of Reality




Light Relief & Off Topic

- Sport

- Humour

- Music


That's by no means the complete list, but I hope you get the idea.



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That's how I thought the new forum was going to be like, not like the old new forum ,if that makes sence

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