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Hello all,

 I'm from western North Carolina, US. Live in a rural area. I have a small home on 3 acres, I share with my dog, Tina.

Started reading David's books in 2000. Saw him speak in Charlotte,NC. It was a wonderful experience. Didn't get to meet David at that event, but did meet Jim Marrs. Who was also a hero to me. I have many of his books,too.

When I was talking with Jim, I said to him. "Jim, you gave me so much information, my head is spinning." Jim smiles & said," Well that's good. Now what will you do with it."

So in the over a decade ago, since that conversation, I've tried to share information with folks. Some get it, most don't. But I don't give up. I just plant little seeds. Little truth bombs. That was some good advice I got from listening to Ian Crane & James Corbett.

Turned off my TV in 2008. Was on Face Book for about a year. That was just a lot of mess. I think I've been off there since 2011.

I'm a semi retired industrial construction worker(25 years)  Sad to say I've had a part in building some pretty bad things. But some good ones,too.

I'm looking forward to reading the posts, and connecting with other folks that are thinking outside the box.

Hope everyone is having a good day. 



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On 1/4/2021 at 11:06 PM, JCS said:

How Can I help to spread the message of Truth & Love ?
I am free and ready to go


Hello and welcome. 

I missed your introduction somehow. 

You're already helping by doing that translation. 

Enjoy the rest of the forum.. 

BC :0)


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Hello everyone 


Paul here, 46 from northern England. 


Like many, the events of this past year have stirred me out of my blindness, my complacency and my servitude. And David Icke is the man inspiring so many in the world to look beyond the transient fake reality of the physical world, and to see things as they really are. 


I am happy to be among you. 

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Reply or new topic? It's not clear to me which I'm supposed to select. I've joined up but I can't seem to manage my own settings. I uploaded my pic but I see it there in my 'About' 3 times! I simply want to delete two copies of the image. I see no option for that. Anyone?


Other than that, Hello all. I'm not a Conservative. I don't think that fascism is communism. Facsism (unfettered capitalism, and, as David correctly notes, a marriage of the political ruling class with the corporate community) can't be good. Communism can be real or fake and the real thing might not be perfect, but it doesn't frighten me. If I had to choose a fave political orientation, I'd choose anarchism.


I live in Toronto. It's crazy here. 99% of the public is bovine and scary. As a Christian (but not out of Christendom), I believe that we are rolling into Armageddon, a very good thing. That will not mean the end of the planet. It will mean an end to those who ruin it, spiritually and literally. We are watching the predator/paraiste class launch an all-out war against God and nature. They play God but they have no use for his standards (truth, justice, compassion). Revelation chapter 16 talks about demon inspired expressions that go to the kings of the earth in order to collect then ALL together to wage war - which they therefore do consciously and willingly - against God. They call to God, by their behavior, to "Bring it!" Fortunately, That's his plan anyway. They have the power to roll over us with their global biosecurity police State. They will win and are winning - but they won't get to enjoy their victory for a very long time. That's my view.

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