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Twitter CEO starts free income intitiative


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Jack Dorsey ..

'In a similar altruistic endeavor, Dorsey has teamed up with a group of 14 United States mayors to conduct a trial run of offering Universal Basic Income (UBI) to their respective residents. UBI is a concept championed by Andrew Yang in his Democratic run for the presidency. He referred to it as a “Freedom Dividend” and promised to pay American adults $1,000 monthly.

Dorsey will provide $3 million to a group called “Mayors for a Guaranteed Income” (MGI), in an effort to jumpstart the pilot program in 14 U.S. cities. The money given to their constituents will be a supplement to existing state and government benefits. It will serve as a test case to see if the idea works. If it does, there will be plans to roll it out nationwide.'

this could fit into the aftermath of the what's going on in the US

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they make these billionaires, then use them to carry out their public agenda's... havent the public learnt anything about rich philanthropy through movies?

they always just want to take over the world

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