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Can an employer in UK dismiss you for refusing the covid test?


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I'm under the impression the employers don't have the power to compel employees to hand over personal medical data on a whim though it is often still a condition of many jobs to have a medical when going through the job application process. This may have changed however with the government's recent introduction of voluminous well prepared in advance.rules. It is certainly the case that local delegated healthcare officials with the help of the police  can enforce testing on people they suspect of carrying the virus.


What this means in practise is anyone's guess but it's gotten to the point that businesses are having to quarantine anyone coming into contact with a "deadly virus" carrier. 


Devious employees with a grudge can go about their daily work for weeks then just phone in to the hotlines which gets the business quickly to a point again where it's normal functions cease.


To balance that up devious business owners can manuevre certain employees into a position where they get can laid off singly, in small numbers or en masse. It's so much easier sacking people when they are at home.


If it's getting to the point for someone that redundancy is nigh then it still pays in most cases to get formally dismissed rather than just walk out.

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Oh and  if the test is unavoidable the option to get one from a private clinic of your choice should always be an option in which case research first to see what sort of tests and results  various companies are making and getting. *







*Especially if there's any truth in this







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Nobody is shoving a huge long cotton bud up my nose and into my throat, I'll tell you that now! It'd make me choke and hurt like hell.


I'd just order one of those online things if I got "contacted" and rub it inside my nostrils and send it back.


This test is a load of baloney anyway because people who are said to have the virus often do not even come out with it.


And they told us that its so "contagious" that standing next to someone who has it but shows no symptoms can breathe out on us and give us it. If this were true then you wouldn't need to shove a huge long cotton bud so far up the nose and into the throat; it's only be necessary to breathe or spit into a contained cup to put the virus into it to show up into a test.


They must think we came down with the last shower to believe all this nonsense.


If they want to detect the virus accurately then that would be taking blood tests.


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4 hours ago, Itsa said:


Personally I would take the test and save my energy for when I refused the vaccine.


Then again...... 😮


Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt calls for all NHS staff to be tested for coronavirus at least every WEEK from September to prevent a second wave in Britain


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