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An intelligent force and the supernatural

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I have come to believe that there is an intelligent force (behind a simulation) but like this quote from Futurama ("Godfellas" episode), I don't think I can 100% prove that God exists.

"Bender, being God isn't easy......You have to use a light touch. Like a safecracker, or a pickpocket.....When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."


I think any evidence of an intelligent force can also be explained by coincidence, hallucinations or delusion.

I think the Bible was partly guided by an intelligent force and some people interpret it in an all or nothing way (that it is 100% true or moral - or that it has no supernatural basis)

I call this "The Bible Test"

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It is not a question of whether the Bible is true or not ... and you are sitting on the throne judging it.
Spirituality and religion is a path and method for you to transform yourself into a higher being, it is a kind of work that you do on yourself over many years and in many ways to transform yourself into a creature who has reached a high state and is dependant only on the light of God for his existence - you then live in the "house of the father" ... rather than surviving with the support of biology.  Such a creature would no longer be reliant on the biological construct for survival.

Or, you are given a life ... and it is up to you what you do with it, nobody should judge it, however a higher life is available to human beings if they wish to do what is required and if they can grasp it, which would be unusual.

It is probably not well understood but Christians are those who pray many times a day - this is perhaps unknown to many, they have special books with daily sequences of prayers from early morning and late in the evening somewhat like the Muslims, and they also are connected to a mentor.  It is a work and path and a new kind of life.

People have a strange view of Christianity.  Jesus for instance ripped dark forces out of people and injected them into a herd of pigs that he sent over a cliff where the pigs fell and died, he raised the dead and so did his students.  They also were experts in the study of the Jewish path.
I think at the end people would be truly shocked to discover that such things are actually possible.


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6 hours ago, rideforever said:

.....Jesus for instance ripped dark forces out of people and injected them into a herd of pigs that he sent over a cliff where the pigs fell and died, he raised the dead and so did his students.....


"three out of ten [Christians] rejected the influence of supernatural forces (18% disagreed strongly, 10% disagreed somewhat)"

So some liberal Christians don't believe there were literal demons who were put into some pigs.... they don't believe much of the Bible is literal history.

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