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Fox News's Tucker Carlson's Report on Racism in Seattle with comments turned off!

Dagmar Gross

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Wow! I just went to Youtube to comment on that report by Tucker Carlson on what employers in Seattle are telling their White employees and discovered that is it Fox News themselves who have disabled the comments section? I went to look why and it said that this report was made more child-friendly by not allowing children to see people's comments. Aha.

But that wasn't the only issue I had with this report. Naturally, I was wondering immediately whether these employers are White too? How can they have been so manipulated into believing that they need to erase their Whiteness and be sorry for having been born that way? What has happened to the White American male?! Because I am guessing that they are not Black. American Blacks are on the whole smarter than that and wouldn't want to antagonize people even more.

If you haven't watched this report, do and then I am sure you will agree with me that a large amount of US Americans are getting ever more bonkers! We Europeans already knew this for some time now, but they are getting worse and worse! How dare these people threaten their employees in this way?! If these employees have any backbone, which many of them will have, they will have to leave their jobs and there will be even more Americans unemployed!

So, is this another tactic of the Cult to destroy the US economy even more and in fact totally?! Because Carlson says this is happening elsewhere over there too! Trump can't be happy with these developments. Goodness, the things he has to contend with over there! I didn't used to respect or like him at all, but in recent weeks he has changed and become a person. And he seems the only person in that government now who is worth something! At least for the US. Here in Britain, we can't trust him not to walk all over us with his trade deal now that he has succeeded in separating Britain from the EU with their much higher standards on every front.

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Yes, watched it and have similar thoughts to you Dagmar about it; it’s very hard to understand people taking that crap, but I guess if you have family commitments you can’t just tell them to shove it.

And of course you have the nutters who agree with it.


Cant agree about Trump; he could be doing a lot more to curb the craziness going on; I do suspect he’s playing both sides; a bit for his masters and a bit for the peasants.



I hope he keeps telling it how it is; he’s not your usual msm guy; he speaks common sense.


And that’s all I have to say on that matter ?

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i think I've seen quite a lot of his older stuff and think i disagreed with what he has to say, however as with all those in the domain everyone has to come under scrutiny, and normally those with a voice have an agenda to go with it.


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