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I don't think any news agency is worth a damn these days, it's all bullshit. Highly recommend Carl Vernon's videos on YouTube, also Vernon Coleman. They provide pretty good summaries of the latest mainstream news with maximum sarcasm. Other people I listen to lately and who can also be found on YouTube and other platforms include Jamie Dlux and Laura Eisenhower. Both of those deal with the cabal agenda.     

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forget any main stream news, they follow a narrative, and news is depressing for a start, uk column is quite good, just find some good tubers

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Al Jazeera seems to be the most normal.

RT occasionally looks like it could be normal ... but the have quite a lot of agenda items; but they have a lot of different people writing some are ok.

Telegraph.co.uk is sort of normal ... and if you read the comments section you see quite a lot of normal sane people in there. 

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On 7/10/2020 at 11:06 AM, truther79 said:

How about RT? Is that usually good? 


RT is good, don't get me wrong, but its a government propoganda channel. So yes there will be some truth but it is used for propoganda. Just like the Arab channels the BBC broadcast to the middle east, some truth and some propoganda.


Imo all news outlets sometimes tell the truth, sometimes distort the truth and sometimes ignore the truth.


I watch a bit of RT, Kaiser report, watch a bit of BBC, read some of the Daily Mail and Guardian and used to read the Persian news website because all government propoganda news channels do, sometimes, tell the truth. So RT and the Persian news channel publish uncomfortable news about UK government. While BBC will publish uncomfirtable truths about Russia.


So my advice is play them all, try and find the truthful bits while ignoring the propoganda.


Edit: Press TV being the Persian news channel.

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the best would be to watch Russian TV news in their original language I guess, but as far as I know Euronews for instance doesn't comment its news reports and it's good enough already, you just get raw facts and be let make your own mind... as by random it's not included to my free TV channel package... 

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