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Died Suddenly by Stew Peters - Watch here: World Premiere: Died Suddenly – Stew Peters


These Little Ones presented by Stew Peters - Watch here: These Little Ones Exposes Satanic Child Sex Trafficking


The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard - Watch here: Home - Fall of the Cabal Documentary P.S. The producer of the documentary just died from an apparent "suicide"


Mark of the Beast by Thrivetimeshow - Watch here: Mark of the Beast | Will Many Fall Into the Mark of the Beast System?


The Final Lockdown - Aman Jabbi/Maria Zee - Watch here: Aman Jabbi - The Final Lockdown - Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID



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On 12/6/2022 at 9:33 AM, Mr H said:

One of the most shocking documentaries I have ever seen. Really not for the feint hearted.


About child trafficking and organ donations in europe.


"Eyes of the devil"



That "mother" deserves to be drowned in he sea with a millstone around her neck.


Poor little one.

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There is no Ring of trapped Souls. No one will be alone when it comes to the end. It becomes recognisable when it considers it to be necessary. It doesn't even matter like what it appears as. Illusion number one. There is not just one point of passage. An unlimited number can be created at the same time. Communication can be established with everyone, I mean everyone. Just because a lot of things take place in a kind of holodeck doesn't mean that the final end takes place in that particular area. OBE/NDE equals holodeck. Humans can also interpret it as a planetarium. It doesn't matter. If he is an OBE he understands so far nothing. Zero...



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What happens in this video is unfortunately normal. It is almost unbearable what this creature (Michael H. Adams) emits. It is always the consequence when an Experiencer tries to convey an experience. And how it is directly trashed. Paul has something to share. A fragment that will make sense on a grander scale later. 


The important thing occurs in this section.

12:30 ~ 15:09


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He chose himself as an authority. And he chose himself to be the authority when he leaves his body. Independence? He's not going anywhere. Because there is no universe. And sorry. Everything NDEer/OBEer are saying is not worth anything. Everyone was guided here. Nobody can do it alone. In the same way, humans are unable to navigate the unfamiliar. ;) And not even in dreams. Nobody can find the demonstrations from the other side on their own. We are being visited and not the other way round.


Omniscient, powerful creators who have created this existence themselves? That is bullshit from the system. To deny your elders is more than infantile. Especially that Humans could not answer the simplest questions. And why the other side has to constantly take care of us and created one of the simplest possible realities for us all.



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Netflix's documentary series, The Program: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping


I just finished watching this three-part documentary exposé on the "troubled teen industry (TTI)" which was heartbreaking to watch.


I appreciated that one of the victims of this industry went on to film school and created this documentary to expose what happened to her and her friends in one of these "schools" and is still happening across the world.


A particularly juicy scene was when she and a few of her classmates tracked down one of the perpetrators at a karaoke bar and sang "One Way or Another" by Blondie while he sat watching them clueless as to the fact that he was being stalked by them.

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Fuck the chosen ones. The truth is much more pathetic than you would think. Never to be part of it. There is nowhere to retreat to. It is suffocating. Nothing can be altered. Nevertheless, there will be an effect on those they encounter who have to follow a comparable path. The other side is always interfering. In the process it becomes obvious that there is no turning back. To a point where all the pieces converge. And it is indeed a kind of school where other spaces are already perceptible. I guess these will be other spaces where the others will not find themselves. That what is human is fading. It can't even be conveyed comprehensibly how a so called chosen one will change. This thing can easily comprehend something that is not of this world, which is none. At a certain point, it just observes. 


A depiction that will never look like the real thing...



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