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12 minutes ago, Archive-1984 said:

97% Owned (97 percent Owned)
A very important documentary explaining the monetary system and how money are been printed out of thin air in order to bribe, supporting that Mafia model called "politicians" and oil the machine of deception.

What shocked me the most was that... we don't keep the wheel of the economy spinning with our works. The biggest scam of all ages is the Fiat monetary system. Must watch (had to watch 2 times and I will watch it again, since I am not into this).


I didn't know how to embed the video, I searched the forum but I didn't find any info on this.

you will like the money masters doc as per original post. 

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On 5/22/2021 at 7:26 PM, Mitochondrial Eve said:

Love 'Zero Point' which I found to be jaw-dropping stuff and pretty hypnotising too


I just watched the first one and its interesting the talk of the singularity which is a transhumanist term. They speak of a great transformation in human consciousness with 2012 being a kind of start date of the new epoch


It is certainly looking as if the 'great reset' will include a brain-to-cloud interface for all of those humans who have been injected with nanotechnology to create a kind of giant, inter-connected hive mind


What will this mean for anyone who is not hooked into that?

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I watched 'the river runner' in which the guy its about develops a brain tumour which seems to be a manifestation of his own inner tension. I won't give any spoilers but found it an interesting watch:



I also watched 'nomadland' which is not strictly a documentary as it has actors but many of the people in it are real and it is kinda documentary-ish in that it has many set piece interviews. Sad but a good film:



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