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12 minutes ago, Archive-1984 said:

97% Owned (97 percent Owned)
A very important documentary explaining the monetary system and how money are been printed out of thin air in order to bribe, supporting that Mafia model called "politicians" and oil the machine of deception.

What shocked me the most was that... we don't keep the wheel of the economy spinning with our works. The biggest scam of all ages is the Fiat monetary system. Must watch (had to watch 2 times and I will watch it again, since I am not into this).


I didn't know how to embed the video, I searched the forum but I didn't find any info on this.

you will like the money masters doc as per original post. 

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On 5/22/2021 at 7:26 PM, Mitochondrial Eve said:

Love 'Zero Point' which I found to be jaw-dropping stuff and pretty hypnotising too


I just watched the first one and its interesting the talk of the singularity which is a transhumanist term. They speak of a great transformation in human consciousness with 2012 being a kind of start date of the new epoch


It is certainly looking as if the 'great reset' will include a brain-to-cloud interface for all of those humans who have been injected with nanotechnology to create a kind of giant, inter-connected hive mind


What will this mean for anyone who is not hooked into that?

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I watched 'the river runner' in which the guy its about develops a brain tumour which seems to be a manifestation of his own inner tension. I won't give any spoilers but found it an interesting watch:



I also watched 'nomadland' which is not strictly a documentary as it has actors but many of the people in it are real and it is kinda documentary-ish in that it has many set piece interviews. Sad but a good film:



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There was a time when I used to avoid documentary films like the 6 o'clock news, thinking all documentaries were boring. As with non-documentary films, admittedly, there are some, if not many, that are. In hindsight, however, I went onto realize that I thought this only because I was being exposed to dull, insipid docs as those shown in classrooms, which tend to put students to sleep. As it stands today, cinematic/nontheatrical documentaries are some of my most watched films. To choose a favorite among the hundreds I've seen would be difficult so I have gone with two titles that come immediately to mind, films which would make my Top 10 list of Favorite Documentaries if I were to actually sit down and compile one:


Note: I use the term documentary film loosely here, as that which defines a film with little or no fictionalization and that does not necessarily involve news events, human-interest stories, or contain a social message.


Kumare (2012). Directed by Vikram Gandhi.


At one time in the West (in the 1960s, in particular), eastern mysticism was all the rage. As mentioned in this film, to this day yoga -- with its classes, studios, and accessories -- has grown into a profitable multi-billion-dollar industry. ('Pop-spirituality,' I think they call it.)


Director Vikram Gandhi tells his story here, of being born & raised in the United States and witnessing East Indian beliefs & practices become quite popular with westerners, at a time when he was on his way to leaving his own Hindu religion behind.


Wanting to understand this fascination with eastern mysticism among many of his fellow citizens, Vikram takes up the part of a bearded & robed guru (whom he dubs 'Kumare'), composing a catchy little ditty a la "Kumbaya" in the process. In no time, he goes onto attract a circle of followers, who look up to him as if some wise leader, a demigod. Little do these devotees initially realize that their beloved master is only an ordinary man who has traded in his street clothes for a swami-resembling appearance in order to teach them all a vital spiritual lesson.


Along the way, the guru-pretender Kumare encounters various seekers who almost immediately regard the role-playing fellow with unquestioning admiration, from a supposed clairvoyant who claims she sees a positive aura encompassing him, to another person into the 'Law of Attraction.' Kumare even sits down with the co-leader of the Urantia movement for a chitchat.


A documentary most didactic, I would think, for navel-gazers and those fond of the lotus position.


Chronos (1985). Directed by Ron Fricke.


Here's an exceptional motion-picture that stands apart from the hundreds upon hundreds of titles within the documentary genre -- and for that matter, within all of cinema!


Quite unlike any other film in existence (save for Baraka and the first two installments of the Godfrey Reggio trilogy), watching this, as I do at least once a year, is for me akin to a profoundly moving, numinous experience. The first time I saw this, several years ago, it left an ever-lasting impression on me.


Chronos is pure cinematic art, a nonverbal audio-visual masterpiece, that contains some truly awe-inspiring, unforgettable imagery and even some cool camera effects. It clocks in at only 45 minutes but feels like a slice of eternity. To say this film is timeless would probably be the most fitting description one could give it.


Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi film/series is based on a Hopi word meaning "life out of balance." As with that picture, Chronos also comments on fast-paced modern societies (via intermittently utilized speeded-up film/time-lapse photography), with their so-called technological 'progress,' in contrast with the unchanging wonder of the natural world, which remains a sagacious constant in the grand scheme of things.


For me, the aesthetically composed Chronos is also a part-commentary on the overall futility of the human experience here on Earth; this a fundamental yet basic observation shared by many and one that centuries ago was immortalized in the Bible (as recorded at Ecclesiastes 1:14).


Accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful score by Michael Stearns, the deeply soulful Chronos is a perfect time-out from the stresses and hustle-and-bustle of everyday life; a film that arguably puts matters in their proper perspective and which probably appeals mostly to contemplatives the world over.


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The documentary In the Shadow of Hermes by Jüri Lina shows how freemasons, international bankers, and communists joined forces in an unholy alliance and through the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917 established in Russia the most brutal and dehumanizing slave society the world has ever seen.



To know the real history of communism is the best insurance against ideological impostors. Based on the book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" by the Estonian dissident Jüri Lina who narrates this documentary in Swedish.

(eng subs)

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"Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians.




NOTE; This film had to be reassembled from remaining VHS fragments after an all-out effort was made to block the films release and destroy all extant copies. Every effort has been made to restore it to the original and complete "meant to be broadcast" version.

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8 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

Brilliant documentary, "The Spider's Web - Britain's Second Empire," detailing The City of London's involvement in financial dealings around the globe.


Thanks, I've bookmarked to watch later. But I'm a bit disappointed by the title, as if the evils of the City of London can be blamed on Britain as a whole. The COL, and London in general these days, imo has little to do with Britain because it's an international metropolis run by globalists. 

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I think this fits in here. It reflects not only the forum. It reflects youtube, religions, sciences. It reflects non-linear human progression.

From my perspective, I can say that TJump is impossibly tiny. And Howard is on his way. Even if he can't put the whole picture together yet.



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World at War


The Battle of Chile


Hour of the Furnaces


The Spanish Civil War




The Civil War (Burns)


The Ten-Thousand Day War


Napoleon (PBS Empires)


Ganges (BBC)






The History of Christianity


The Adventure of English


Phenomenon (2020)


Jazz (Burns)




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