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The real cause of change


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The only businesses and projects that you can make, are those that fit into this economy and this culture right now.  You cannot do whatever the hell you want because it will not work.  That business project or policy is like a plant that you plant in the soil right here.

So much so obvious.

Why then do people talk of ideologies.  As if they can implement them.  They cannot.  They cannot implement whichever ideologies they want because only certain things fit into this soil.

Politicians talk all the time about doing this or doing that.  And then nothing changes.  It is all empty.

And this is also why you cannot criticise the past ... those people 500 years ago could only plant the crops that fit into that soil.

It's quite amazing how humans talk.

I'm going to do this, and going to do that.  No, you are not.

People talk as if they can do anything at all ... of course it never happens.

Politics is conceived as people who believe something and then will do it.  But they cannot do it at all ... because you can't plan whatever you want wherever you want - it just won't grow.

It's all nonsense.

99% of all human words are nonsense.

Total rubbish.

People talk say thing and it never happens.

And nobody notices.

Blind is not the word.

This species is blind deaf dumb and does not learn.

It just keeps talking.


People orient themselves ... their whole understanding of life ... is based around statements of what they are going to do can do or did.

Except that they are not going to do those things, they can't do them and they didn't do them.


Human knowledge is a total lie because the entire species cannot see it's own illusions.


This is why in the Tao Te Ching it says that you should empty minds and fill bellies and strengthen bones.

In other words to be successful forget about what you want to do all your fictitious ideas ... and instead nourish the soil, the ground, fertilize it.

Then things will grow.

Talking, ideas, policies, plans ... are not the cause of growth or change, that's all crap.

Changes come only from putting as much manure as possible on the black soil to make it fertile.


There will never a "revolution", just more fools will sit in the driver's seat of the bus to nowhere.

There will never be a single policy implemented fully and as intended.  Never.

Only in a world of empty bullshit can you convince yourself that your words mean anything.

That's why people love the internet ... a world of empty wordy bullshit where they can imagine they know something or are doing something useful.

Useless !


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Another example of this is ... if someone asks for help, the truth is that unless you really want to invest a lot of time in spiritual practice the best recommendation may be to simple go to Church every Sunday and will full commitment and sincerity do everything there.  Or if you are Eastern-ly inspired to sit in meditation for 1 hour every evening without fail.

But the problem is that people will not do it, because they cannot.

They simply can not do these things.

And most advice fails to achieve any changes because people can-not follow it, even if they wanted to.

Thus most discussions lead to precisely nothing, except a bit of fun chatting.

To change requires a long effort in one direction guided by higher forces often with help from the outside.

Otherwise the arc of trajectory will absolutely not change at all.


And of course if people ask for advice or give advice they don't really want advice or know anything.

It's just a way to spice up the conversation.

They don't take it seriously - in fact anyone who takes such things seriously spoils all the fun.

Humans are extremely happy as they are with their silly toys, dirty streets, stupid wars, empty talk and death surging towards them ... that's how they like it, and they will prevent anyone changing it.

It is quite rare for someone to have some chink in their armour and for a ray of light to enter it and cause change.


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As usual you blow me away.  I’m always afraid to respond to your posts cause you might call me a word masturbating empty black river of nothingness.   
But for someone with a disdain for words you are a natural writer. 

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It's good for me to try and piece together what I think and know and create meaningful analogies and explanations to trigger a new insight ... for me ... as well as anyone else.  In this way my own understanding becomes clearer.

Yeah some people are so nuts I do not respond well, but let's hope that's also sincere.

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Human beings suffer so greatly so stupidly and so miserably, that the only value this world has is to propel you outside of this world.

Only the use of this world as a way to leave this world has any meaning.

You can never be happy here, it can be just !okay" ... but it won't last.

Many people imagine that somehow near the end they will see the light.

They will not.

You must see the light .. now.

And like this imcomprehensibly brave man you must be beyond this world, fully solidly and sincerely.



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This is really interesting and well written. I was in deep thought today and feeling a little frustrated at some attitudes "we need to do something" "just eat this" "just do that" just, just, just - its JUST more consumption isn't it? More words, more posturing, more "I know best" - we dont really "know" anything but its useful to be able to get your thoughts in some kind of order - 


Tolstoy identified 4 ways of dealing with the complexities of life - one was retreating into childlike ignorance (most people?) Another was instant gratification and pleasure seeking, the third was dragging out life too weak to bring it to an end but feeling utterly miserable and the fourth  was realising this life was evil and meaningless - basically the strong commit suicide and see the blessing of being dead.


I like tolstoy and things like this kind of writing helps me keep going. 


My partners best friend recently took his own life - they are all falling to pieces and I feel like the only one who is like "well duh - why on earth wouldn't anyone idolise the thought of death" 


Anyway thanks for your writing and hopefully my contribution isn't too garbled - I'm somewhat pessimistic but it keeps me on the straight and narrow 

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There must be real rules to life ... but for some reason they get obscured, but let's restate some of them.


A great oak tree grows, and grows and grows ... for hundreds of years, there is this gradual gentle cycle of growth ... and in the end it is a large and wise being that shelters many creatures.  It grows almost imperceptibly but also with certainty.

It grows specifically ... it's not just any oak tree.

It is this oak tree in this soil ... it has limitations, it has opportunities, it learns ... slowly it learns.

Learning is specific to your location - that's what I wish to say.

A carpenter has to learn with his own hands, with his wood, in his job ... the learning is very specific ... yet it makes your universal intelligence grow.

We have to enter specific domains and do the specific work ... and then it waters our general intelligence.

A carpenter on a Friday, thinking about the weekend, he takes shortcuts he rushes ... and he cuts his hand ... then he learns.  The red drops of blood make him learn.  And he's a little wiser.


Enter your specific domain of work, and get a yield there today ... whatever you do doesn't matter, what matters is the yield.

Turn up - be present - consider your work.  Tree surgeon, Prime minister, Toilet attendant.

It matters not ... what matters is that you meet the challenges with your presence, and you make something happen.

Then you cause to be born your own intelligence, and your experience, and you add t the universe.


So ... it seems a little dull perhaps ?  Does it?
On the internet people want to save everyone.  But real life is not an everyone thing.

Each individual has their own work, their own field and plough and their own personal reward.

Your intelligence grows from this specific work, and it also waters your general intelligence.


Seeing this rule, we can feel that opportunities are there for us, and hope is there.

Some people when they work ... they feel great joy at their accomplishments.

A really clean toilet bowl.

A billion dollar project that really delivered.

All is good, all is a yield.

The universe is a great farm, and we are all in the field.


So why does society then make a big deal of judging the past to feel good?
I think it is that we are too excited to be with other people in society.

To talk and share and look at the internet.

It's great fun.

But then it tries to take over ordinary life ... 

Instead of eat dinner quietly with friends... we try to get too much out of it when we include judgemental conversations.

We try to mix domains.

We try to juice up our conversations with judgements and emotionality.

That is not good.

We get lost in society, sucked in, and the words and claims and judgements just get bigger and more obscene... I think our psyches are quite weak in that way.


But - we have to bring order to things.

When being with people keep it simple, don't try to get too much out of it.

It is just a momentary sharing with another.

And sex, let it be a meeting in the body but don't force upon the act the need to find the meaning of life itself.

And then with work ... do your work willingly enthusiastically and get something out of the day.

This way you separate life into these different domains ... like 3 fields ... each one with their own harvest.

You do not mix the domains, and you get a yield for your work for what you have given, and do not demand more.

And there is order and clarity, and a yield.

And patiently you grow.



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On joy


I love interacting with people in society and in general that’s why this mask, distance stupidity sucks so bad.  


I love watching people’s expressions and reactions in their faces.  Like when they burst into laughter!  I like to hear their opinions but more I like to read between the lines at what they really mean in their faces.  How they lie!  I like to watch their insecurities and secret desires in a split second flash of their eyes.  I like to feel that confrontation when I stare too long and then look away.  


I don’t watch like a scientist observing a rat.  I feel alive myself when interacting with them.  I wonder if I am as transparent to them as they are to me.  


I like the internet when people lay themselves bare.  And I can lay my thoughts bare even if no one sees them.  Like a diary but with hecklers. 


And I want nobody to be left out.  I want them to know I’m here now too and I love their thoughts and their humanity just as it is.  


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Makes me think of  this part of  The Lament of Hermès  


“In that day men will be weary of life and they will cease to think the universe worthy of reverent wonder and worship.


They will no longer love this world around us.  This incomparable work of God.  This glorious structure which he has built.  This sum of good made up of many diverse forms.  This instrument whereby the will of God operates in that which he has made, ungrudgingly favoring man’s welfare. 

This combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that call forth the veneration, praise and love of the beholder.  

Darkness will be preferred to light and death be thought more profitable than life.  No one will lift his eyes to heaven.”


Guess I consider this world to be not just a launching pad to something better.   But to be here now with you and you.  Or even with some damn cat if that’s all you’ve got.  Or a Green Anole lizard on the fence matters very much.  

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rideforever, I've read a few of your posts recently. I get the feeling you want to just 'get it out'.


Please don't take that the wrong way. There's a lot of genuine thoughts and truth in your comments. Some of your comments are like Haiku or poems that don't have to rhyme...




Blind is not the word.

This species is blind deaf dumb and does not learn.

It just keeps talking.



Anyway ?

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@Sentient Being

Where now the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?
Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing?
Where is the hand on the harpstring, and the red fire glowing?
Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing?
They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow;
The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.
Who shall gather the smoke of the dead wood burning,
Or behold the flowing years from the Sea returning?


One thing I have always known is :
I refuse to die here

... I am not going down like this

... ... I will not follow them into the grave


How can we live up to the heroic passages that we have heard?
How can we be Men in a world of worms.

How can we reach the Grail?

You would be hard pressed to find a one who has enough room inside himself to even raise his head high enough to meet the rays of the Sun, so cowed down are they.

How did it come to this ...


In this thread I have tried to raise my thinking, to confront the events of the day with reason and inspiration.

People want to talk about slavery ... okay then, let's do talking, but the real talking.


Here is something else another insight that came to me some months back ... the epic poems and ancient heroes ... ever has mankind had these poems and stories, and it is a way of remembering.  Remembering the future.  They intuit what they might become, and set it in a story in the past.  This is how the future is remembered, because the future is where we are going.

That was an insight that came to me when I was inspired to think to actually think about these epic poems.  What they mean, and how to become worthy of them.

To lift myself up a few inches and just heave, why to heave ?  Why not .. I will be thrown in a grave one day, so why not try.

Everyone on Earth is dying if not dead walking.

So why not try.

Even if there is no chance ... even if the enemy is abroad and the sky is dark.

Even if dawn is far away, and the blackness has taken the land.

I will not submit.

And I will not die here.

And I will not give my soul.


Once upon a time I read the book "I Am That" by Nisargadatta.

And I was sure that he was totally sincere, he was feeling these things, these deep currents.

I did not, but I was sure that he was absolutely sincere.

And that there was something else, a different world.

And everybody gets what they want.

But you must want the right thing.




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