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FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

Ziggy Sawdust

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This bullshit is straight out of a crappy comic book. I don't think it will work for the PTB though. I still reckon the most likely scenario is that Biden will pardon Maxwell in January 2025, after he loses the Presidential election, but before he leaves office. Traditionally, that is the time when departing U.S. Presidents dish out pardons. Unless, it is Biff Trump of course, who executes people instead. The mass media will make out that Biden is away with the fairies, not far from the truth actually, and she will get away with it. If Maxwell does end up serving her full 20 years sentence, then I guarantee that she will get the role of 'The Ghost Of Dot Cotton', in the 2042 'Eastenders' Christmas special. Something for her to look forward to at least.





'Ghislaine Maxwell appeals sex abuse conviction.'


'Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell have argued that she should be set free under the terms of a previous deal with federal prosecutors.'


'During Tuesday's hearing, Ms Fabi Samson called the Florida plea deal "weird" and "unusual" but argued that it should have halted any further action against Maxwell.' (Yeah, one could say that.)



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