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US ELECTION 2020: Trump vs Biden

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Please keep all discussion of the US Presidential Election 2020 Race and its subsequent fallout in this topic, thank you.

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47 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:




I sent multiple emails to them back in 2007 that keystone was a bad idea, b/c it was just a plan back then. Hundreds of others did, and if they had listened to us, the thing wouldn't of broke down within a MONTH and leaked hundreds of thousands of gallons all over the pristine prairie. 


Fracking is the worst thing that can be done from an environmental standpoint which is a cherry to that sundae. They let them do it b/c they promised jobs, temporary jobs that mostly Canadians probably got. Drake got some oil money before we did. lol lol :)


Let me get this straight, would we let Mexico or Pakistan drill a hole through us??? Australia? China??? Canada does not qualify, b/c no other country should be able to drill a hole that big through the USA. 


Are all Americans getting free maple syrup from this deal, and as far as I am concerned I want that environmental cleanup to make the grass look like it did 100 years ago. lol :) On a spiritual site. All of South Dakota and North Dakota was part of a reservation that the USA broke treaty with and stole their land with IN RECENT HISTORY!!!! 


You can freeze to death, some people lost fingers/hands from the water that they were using against them b/c there was nowhere to warm up. Some lost their lives, in a protest that if the USA government had listened to us in 2007/8/9, would of never happened. We had been protesting it since it was just a plan. 


Actually, they are currently starving and freezing to death even without the hoses being sprayed on them. Life is hard out there. You get extreme wind chill out there that makes it 20 to 40 degrees cooler then everywhere else, and they used hoses in the winter on disenfranchised Native Americans in negative degree weather. That aint Alabama weather. Thats a cheap shot that the South Dakota police department came up with. Let them spray some sh!t on Asians, Latinos, or Blacks. NOPE!!!


Its basically the lowest thing done in recent protest history was the spraying of water hoses on the Keystone Protestors with limited places to warm up, some had to walk miles drenched w/water in negative degree weather. People were inured, lost fingers or hands, and I mean, to use hoses. The audacity of it, and over something the Canadians shouldn't of been allowed to do, bc this is the USA!!!! The police department abandoned the USA, in favor of foreign money. $$$$



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Well after listening to trump that's that then - pretty much confirmed he caved in 😂 happy now q guys? 

Still boasted about how he made the stock markets so high (made the billionaire elites richer and destroyed small businesses) 

I'm beginning to wonder if he actually was defiant and tried to fight against them or he was just part of the game...just like his antics on wwe wrestling - an actor and a clown. 

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1 hour ago, novymir said:

It's less about Trump and all about the military. That is the power. Maybe, just maybe they are tired of being used to enslave themselves, their families and neighbors, and the world. Maybe just maybe they can see the hypocrisy of all the talk about "fighting and dying for freedom" they've been leaning on(heroes? Really?) for at least the last 100 years.

Maybe not.


That's why the UN will interevene.





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19 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:

Did no-one pay attention to his speech he just gave. 'We will be back in some form.' He kept dropping hints.


Chill, the military have got this. It may well be that nothing happens today, but in the coming days/weeks.


He's been talking about setting up his own (social) media platform.


BBC news just confirmed that there are more troops in Washington DC than there are in Afghanistan/Iraq.  Sad state of affairs when you have to defend against your own countrymen at a level higher than (to quote George W) the Axis of Evil.

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Really well written article here about the 'war zone' that they have made DC into.


One section stood out for me:


In early 2003, as government buildings across Iraq were being looted, Donald Rumsfeld told reporters, “Freedom’s untidy.” Iraq was “being liberated”, he said. “Free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things. They’re also free to live their lives and do wonderful things.”

Iraqi journalist Ali Adeeb Alnaemi was in Baghdad at the time. “I was driving around and seeing looting and burning while American soldiers were standing there, and they would say to me, ‘We have no orders to interfere,’” he said.


He knew what he was seeing: “This is not freedom.

Almost two decades later, supporters of a different Republican president invaded and looted the US Capitol and left five people dead. Amid a huge security crackdown in the aftermath, a secure “Green Zone” has even been created in the heart of Washington DC – just as the US military did in Baghdad.


Alnaemi watched the news coverage in shock. It was like “living a nightmare again”, he said.

Also as in 2003, the chaos and violence he was witnessing had originated from lies spread by the US president and his administration. The invasion of Iraq had been justified by false claims about weapons of mass destruction. “Now it’s, ‘take back your country’, ‘Stop the steal’,” Alnaemi said. “Different lies, but they have similar effects.”


In the past week, tens of thousands of National Guard troops have filled Washington DC. There are checkpoints to get into government buildings, fortified by fences and concrete barricades, and troops with rifles patrolling street corners downtown.


The images of a heavily militarized Washington have left local residents disoriented, and prompted condemnation from military veterans in Congress

“I expected this in Baghdad. I never imagined this in Washington,” said Seth Moulton, a Massachusetts congressman who fought in Iraq, to the Guardian.

'This is not freedom': militarized US Capitol a sign of forever wars coming home | US Capitol breach | The Guardian

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17 minutes ago, Noctua said:


He's been talking about setting up his own (social) media platform.


BBC news just confirmed that there are more troops in Washington DC than there are in Afghanistan/Iraq.  Sad state of affairs when you have to defend against your own countrymen at a level higher than (to quote George W) the Axis of Evil.



no thats not what he was referring to.  not on the planet im on.




BBC news just confirmed that there are more troops in Washington DC than there are in Afghanistan/Iraq.


yes, so lets hope the military are clever and do a coup. everyone knows Biden didnt win.


Yes I know I am partly in denial about it, but fuck me if he gets in its bad news man. really bad news.

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