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US ELECTION 2020: Trump vs Biden

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Please keep all discussion of the US Presidential Election 2020 Race and its subsequent fallout in this topic, thank you.

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I dont want to help out the corrupt establishment in any way by saying this, but if they don't pardon Assange, that's going to boil over and they will regret it. 


Go ahead and dont do it, but if you dont, its probably going to be the Diana effect for ya!! 


Try pulling yourself out of piles of T-Rex sh!t. 


Supposedly there was a list that Trump had that they are trying to prevent from happening. If you win and are honorable about it and dont end up in new scandals, then thats smart. But if your going to act like big babies and continue to ruin what little left of the reputation you have left as corporation owners. (and those bought by corporations) Then thats not smart. 


The American people are sick scandals at this point, and if you dont realize that, you soon will. 

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35 minutes ago, metak88 said:
Ashli Babbit ALIVE and WELL The FALSE FLAG Shooting


She went down as if just fainting. The entire thing from start to finish was so terribly done that I (at first instinct) suspected Trump's team had framed the deep state with a false false flag - making it look like the left had executed the false flag.


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12 minutes ago, Saved said:

She went down as if just fainting. The entire thing from start to finish was so terribly done that I (at first instinct) suspected Trump's team had framed the deep state with a false false flag - making it look like the left had executed the false flag.


Depending on what you believe, I think they did, except, it was the left the framed Trump and he copping the shit for it now. These impeachment calls are fuckin hilarious, such bloody hypocrites it's insane. Wouldn't surprise me if this is a false flag, not one bit. 

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Analysis: TV providers should not escape scrutiny for distributing disinformation


"Fox and Newsmax, both delivered to my home by your company, are complicit," NJ state Assemblyman Paul Moriarty texted a Comcast executive on Thursday. "What are you going to do???"

"You feed this garbage, lies and all," Moriarty added to the executive, according to a screen grab of the texts he provided me. Moriarty was referring to the fact that Comcast's cable brand, Xfinity, provides a platform to right-wing cable networks that have for weeks been disseminating disinformation about the November election results to audiences of millions.

Moriarty has a point. We regularly discuss what the Big Tech companies have done to poison the public conversation by providing large platforms to bad-faith actors who lie, mislead, and promote conspiracy theories. But what about TV companies that provide platforms to networks such as Newsmax, One America News -- and, yes, Fox News?

Somehow, these companies have escaped scrutiny and entirely dodged this conversation. That should not be the case anymore. After Wednesday's incident of domestic terrorism on Capitol Hill, it is time TV carriers face questions for lending their platforms to dishonest companies that profit off of disinformation and conspiracy theories. After all, it was the very lies that Fox, Newsmax, and OAN spread that helped prime President Trump's supporters into not believing the truth: that he lost an honest and fair election.

Yes, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin and others are responsible for the lies they peddle to their audiences. But the TV companies that beam them into millions of homes around the country also bear some responsibility. And yet we rarely, if ever, talk about them.





lol Censorship in overdrive right now.... ;-)

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6 minutes ago, eddy64 said:

seems a bit strange that the dems seem to have lost their minds and are desperately trying to get rid of trump with less than 2 weeks left of him in office.


isn't that just business as usual?


I mean at what point in the last 4 years were they not doing that?

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people ask 'where was the security?'


But what exactly do you stop tens of thousands of rampaging people with?


Did you want the army posted there ready to defend the capitol? Then  you end up with a bloody sunday type situation because the training of a soldier is to shoot people. Police are trained to club you and soldiers are trained to shoot you, so if you put soldiers in charge of security people will die


The police tried to hold the barriers but were overwhelmed. That's what large numbers of people can do if they choose to do it. What's the alternative....that police draw guns and shoot their own countrymen and women?


Better to let people blow of some steam and trash some public property. The idea of the republic is that the government is supposed to serve the people and that building should be perceived as public property


If the public want to to stroll through the corridors of power then frankly i think that is less bad then what antifa and BLM were doing which was burning and looting peoples businesses.


Also the media is not talking about why this has happened. As always they are just blaming trump. But the reason people were gathered in that place and why they are riled up is that they are frustrated because they believe that the election had been stolen through fraud and that courts are refusing to look at the evidence, so the crowd took it into their own hands to try and prevent the official passing of the baton to biden by seeking to shut down the building the process was happening in


if the crowd had evil intent then they would have killed people but they did not. Their intent was not to cause harm but to stop what they saw as a corrupt and fraudulent transition to Biden


The issue of whether or not the election was stolen has not been decided either way and needs to have a full examination of the evidence IN A COURT OF LAW. Had this been done those people would not have been there and would not have been so frustrated. They want their day in court and they should have been given it

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