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US ELECTION 2020: Trump vs Biden

Message added by Grumpy Owl,

Please keep all discussion of the US Presidential Election 2020 Race and its subsequent fallout in this topic, thank you.

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Awesome news for Trump is that the BBC has a new Chairman and he appears to be kicking ass to the degenerate woke liberals there, and it seems to have had an immediate effect judging by the BBC News front page which is more normal.

Will be very important for the US Election.


... wow Biden is a disaster.

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Biden is bloody brilliant in this reply to a woman regarding agriculture. I've figured out Biden's tactic, he is sand-bagging everyone. He is making us think he is dumb but when the real debate begins he will come into the ring swinging with big words and infinite wisdom that we haven't seen from the democrat party since John F Kennedy. Look out Trump! 🤣


Tony Heller youtube channel




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Trump 'Approved' Assange Pardon In Exchange For Source Of DNC Leaks: Court Testimony


A new bombshell came out of the seventh day of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing in London: President Trump was "aware of and had approved of" a controversial plan that would offer Assange full pardon in exchange for revealing the source of the famous DNC leaks, according to his legal team on Friday.



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Found this earlier today, Biden calling the audience "stupid bastards". :classic_laugh: Hey at least Biden finally dropped some truth. When I see killery clinton and her pedo husband slick willy, and their partner in crime george soros, when I see them all in hand cuffs then I'll start believing that one of these paid "protection" rackets are worth the stolen tax money.



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Here we go with the Trump saying "liberal". Tonight anyone who watches this debate between Trump and Biden will hear all the typical buzz words and BS that the US political industry are known for.


OK Biden claims Trump has been campaigning on eliminating the ACA or "Obamacare", which he, Biden, says is a loss of jobs.


All Trump would need to do is shift those jobs into agriculture. People must transition out of one industry, and thus belief, into another. They must learn to do that or else we are perpetuating the allopathic western "health" "care" industry based on profit not truth. That is a fact.


Biden brings up Covid. What else would he use to argue? Biden has been a career politician since the 80's! Now look where the country is, totally divided and in the beginnings of a civil war coup by those advocating marxism and socialism.


I got your comprehensive healthcare right here.... Grow food!. Grow fruit and nut trees outside of schools, retirement homes, commercial buildings, libraries...


The moderator won't let Trump speak socialized "medicine". Eat better and you won't need medicine. The people need to begin exercising eating responsibility. Proper nutrition = caring about your health. DUH.


So these two buffoons, trump and biden are arguing over obamacare. It's 2020. How have these morons not solved "health" "care" yet? FOOD, CLEAN WATER, SUNLIGHT.


That means, no more chemtrails! 


Biden: Will you shut up man!




Biden: "Keep yapping man"




Oh the mod is back on the boogeyman, corona "virus". FEEEEEAAAARRRRR.




These people are clowns.


Biden: "200,000 dead"


He is on covid now.


This is where Biden shows his colors, as he supports a story which we know is a story full of lies and flip flops, misinfo, etc.


Trump responds, he blames China. !




Trump: "We don't know how many people died in .......India" (and other countries)


True though, we don't know how many cases are true or not all across the world.


Trump" "we are weeks away from a vaccine"...."far fewer people are dying".


Nice, Trump points out H1N1.


Mod shuts down Trump, let him reply (Biden)


Biden replies with suggesting dead people due to covid.


Biden: "We could lose another 200,00 by the end of the year"


Oh, Trump mentions Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer (big pharma)...


mod interjects.


He calls Trump on the doctors.


Trump calls it, they are making it political. "Moderna"


Mod cites doctor sauwi (spelling?)


Trump mentions we have our "military" set up.


Military who are going to give vaccines? We need clarification on that, Trump.


Fuck the vaccine.


They are arguing to trust the "scientists".


"Scientists in charge they will have the vaccine very soon" - Trump


Biden mentions the covid death numbers again.


Trump to Biden: "47 years you've done nothing".




Biden: "If I were running".


You are running biden!






Now he brings up masks, waiters touching plates.


Trump says he can put the mask on when needed.


Now they argue masks.


Biden goes back to opening businesses and social distancing. "Save 100,000 lives". - Biden


Mod: Mentions Trumps large campaign and pulls the spread of the dis-ease card.




So they are arguing social distancing and wearing masks. Biden is for masks and claiming death and illness from people not wearing them.


Mod says federal reserve.


We are in a V shaped recovery in terms of the economy.


Trump: We built the greatest economy and china ruined it, basically he says. the china plague.


Trump claims we were doing record business.


Now Trump brings up the democrat states hurting from being shut down.


It's true though.


He is pointing out alcholism and drugs and how Biden will shut down the country and add to the problem.


Biden now stumbling about Trumps money and taxes.


"the people who have lost their jobs have been on the front lines" Biden.


I hate the front lines buzz words, they are so stupid. Front lines. Ha!


Biden now back to masks they Trump could not provide. Small businesses closing.


Trump : "people want their schools open".


"People want their places open, they want to get back to their lives"


I agree, they do.


Mod steps in, a new report he cites to trump about how trump paid $750 each year.


Trump says he has paid millions of dollars over the years, which I believe, businesses are forced to pay taxes.


I bet Trump won't release tax forms because he is linked to epstein and clintons. We saw them all mingling, the photos are out there.


Trump is defending himself, and points out that Biden and the Obama admin passed a law which gave Trump a tax break. LOL! Nice.


Biden attacks trump, "worst president" ever.


Mod steps in and asks about "economic plan" and taxes, over four trillion dollars....


The mod asks a loaded question about "free market", making it sound bad, "no regulations".


Trump, claims he brought back 700,000 jobs in manufacturing.


Biden rpelies about bringing back chyrsler and gemeral motors.


Trump, last year Michigan had a great year last year, companies doing business in MI.


Biden replies about the highest trade deficit.


Trump brings up 3.5 million dollars given to Hunter Biden (Biden's son). $183K/mo to Hunter Biden from an energy company.


Burisma Holdings?


Biden claims the accusations are wrong.


Trump asks about 3.5 million from Moscow.


Biden fires back asking about trump family fortune.


Lol, they are arguing, it's funny.


Gentlemen! the mod shouts.


Six segments, one segment over, second round up next.


The mod asks for fewer interrupting between the two and blames Trump.


The mod begins with the issue of race.


Why should voters trust Trump over Biden, he gives Biden the go first.


Biden It's about acquiring equity for everyone. Biden claims some anti-semitic event.


He is talking about the church shooting, alleged shooting.


Now Biden brings up corona virus again and Trumps response to it.


Trump calls Biden on calling people "super predators".


"you've called them a lot worse than that"


Trump: I would have put out the fire but the town is run by radical democrats, "radical left". Joe is wrapped around their finger Trump says.


The breana case.


The mod asks about violence against "blacks".


Biden replies, there are some bad apples.


Biden wants to bring in the police chiefs to the white house and work this out in regards to the George floyd riots.


Mod asks about critical race theory. do you believe there is systemic racism in this country? -mod


More buzz words for people to cling to, "systemic". No one knew that word a year ago. Now everyone of the left parrots "systemic racism". Brainwashed.


Biden: we can defeat racism in America.


Trump responds by pointing out Oakland and Baltimore.


Biden claim's the violence went down under obama and his watch.


Mod claims equivalent spikes in violence during  republican run.


Biden claims we are dying of covid in the suburbs.




No we are not! Alive and well just tired of the bullshit from the politicians!


On that note ladies and gents, I shall end this post in pursuit of a hot meal and a glass of tea. G'night


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Two cheeks of the same arse. All leaders swear to uphold the orders of Zion. Most are Jesuits... Trump attended a Jesuit university (Fordham), his hand signals are masonic. Biden is a kiddy fiddler and can be seen touching breasts of 8 year old children and seems to have inset dementia and can't string a sentence together. All leaders are selected to give the illusion of choice. Their is no choice or democracy they are merely a front and are controlled by the higher powers that be. Democracy is an illusion.

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Ladies and Gentlemen! The greatest shit show on planet earth in just 10 minutes! Just wait! Q and Alex J will come to the rescue! 


In the rest room with monitors on the walls:

Both assclowns handlers together while popping champagne cheering;  "Let the goyim have the vaccine"!


Goyim in a car passing by outside arena super mega lux LCD displays:

What the hell have they pumped Biden with? 2 tons of andrenochrome?!

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On 9/27/2020 at 5:22 AM, Messenger said:

Found this earlier today, Biden calling the audience "stupid bastards". :classic_laugh: Hey at least Biden finally dropped some truth. When I see killery clinton and her pedo husband slick willy, and their partner in crime george soros, when I see them all in hand cuffs then I'll start believing that one of these paid "protection" rackets are worth the stolen tax money.



Sure they are stupid because they go to war for somebody else 

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