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On 7/2/2020 at 5:34 PM, alexa said:

Here is a TRUE story of international intrigue, romances, corruption, graft, and political assassinations, the like of which has never been written before. It is the story of how different groups or atheistic- materialistic men have played in an international chess tournament to decide which group would win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man- power of the entire world. It is explained how the game has reached the final stage. The International Communists, and the International Capitalists, (both of whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joined hands to defeat Christian-democracy. The solution is to end the game the International Conspirators have been playing right now before one or another totalitarian-minded group imposes their ideas on the rest of mankind. The story is sensational and shocking, but it is educational because it is the TRUTH. The author offers practical solutions to problems so many people consider insoluble.



This is my 'go-too' reference book, by William Guy Carr, with regards to the machinations of the 'hidden hand' behind world history.


Douglas Reed, political correspondent during WWII tells the whole history from the beginning, unpublished during his lifetime, for obvious reasons.





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2 hours ago, peter said:

I read the original copy back in the 70's, excellent, a real head spinner back then


Oh wow! I read it in the 90's - it became like my Bible, this and Behold A Pale Horse which I also found in the 90's.


I bought a few copies of Cosmic Conspiracy and lent them out. Never got them back though! Lol. Still at least the info got out.


He's still going - Stan Deyo, his scientific mind us excellent.


I've also got a copy of the TV broadcast he was involved in back in the 70's in Australia. Its rare but it is out there to download.

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Yes I have read behold a pale horse as well,, changing the subject a little, Brzezinski's    the grand chess board is a good read, it explains a lot about what is going on in the world and on a funnier note but still a true story Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ,an absolute classic

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23 hours ago, THESTRONG-THEVALIANT said:


I only read Tolkien...

Reading that just made me happy. ?


Going down to New Orleans to collect supplies for my science project and bringing this book along:


Mycelium Running:  How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World by Paul Stamets


Lions mane and Chaga both helped my son’s brain condition at a very young age.  

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coudenhove kalergi's practical idealism.

explaining the genocide of white europe




"The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals"


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Does anyone have knowledge/experience of book translation?


I was thinking of trying to get 'A Seed That fell on Good Ground" (tinyurl.com/A-Seed) translated cheaply.


So what are the best free machine translators and how would one go about getting someone to then proof and correct the resulting text?


Anyone done anything like this before? Completely new to me.

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I have been wanting to get my hands on that Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr, it looks like a great book.


Here are a few others I found in a box in the attic. Notice the dictionary, since so many agents and normies try to pull the conspiracy theory card. I suggest to them to look up those two words in the dictionary. :classic_biggrin:


The bright rainbow colored book is, The Art and Practice of Clairvoyance, by Ophiel.


No I have not read these yet.


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Factory foods are gross books:

Foodopoly Wenonah Hauter:  gives you the complete rundown on the food industry


Politically Incorrect Nutrition: Finding Reality in the Mire of Food Industry Propaganda

Michael Barbee

- interesting stuff like green tea contains large amounts of fluoride because the tea plant absorbs it from soil

The Dorito Effect: The Surprising Truth About Food and Flavor Mark Schatzker

lots of good info about how and why food has lost its flavor and the flavor (chemical) industry




Leonardo da Vinci Walter Issacson 

Wonderful book but I cried cause he died in the end.  Funny part where Michelangelo runs into da Vinci in town and basically tells him to fuck off.  


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23 hours ago, Given To Fly said:

leo tolstoy's 'the kingdom of god is within you'


 ... this book is such complete BS I cannot believe how retarded Tolstoy is.  The sheer self-serving and vain idiocy of his beliefs is quite shocking.

He thinks that we should be non violent when it should be obvious that we kill all day long in our eating and immune system and yes plants secrete poisons or grow thistles or thorns etc.. and very clearly do not wish to be murdered by us.  How then can you justify the idea of 100% non-violence ?  That is patently idiotic.  But it is a cheap answer which requires zero intelligence.   And if God designed the world the way it is who the hell are you to judge it as wrong.  
Oh Tolstoy fretted about whether God did or didn't exist ... come on let's talk about it for 50 years !
No - Christianity is not about talking about whether God exists.
It is about praying and doing all the many things Christians need to do including going to confession, studying the wisdom of the scriptures, and more praying.  It's not about drinking with your Bohemian friends reading Schopenhaur commit a lifetime's suicide and thinking about big questions.  Because that is for lazy bums.

Then he says Jesus advocated total non-violence.

Well no Jesus did not, because Jesus was not a goddam idiot ... you cannot learn without rain and sun, the alternation and struggle eventually leads to knowledge - knowledge is not cheap.
Jesus said that he came to bring a sword, to divide father from son and daughter from mother.  He said you have to be cunning as a snake in the world of evil drunks like Tolstoy, and that you should sell your cloak and buy a sword.  He walked into a religious building and people who conducting business there he lifted their desks and smashed them on the floor.  He raised the dead and healed this sick with the touch of his hand.
He did not say you should run and hide turning your cheek and be nonviolent ... he said if someone slaps you one your face then you walk towards him and get slapped a second time.
And more importantly you speak to God every night and do exactly what he says.
Meanwhile back in the Cafe, Tolstoy is downing Absynthe reading more poetry of depression, and yes he is pondering whether 'God exists' bla bla bla.  Truly f off you loser.

I suggest to anyone who may be interested in Christianity or anything else, that you lean to read and then you simply read what it says on the page.
But do the blind know they are blind ?
- excuse my honest assault  - 


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William Guy Carr's last work. It was edited by his elder son, and is presented as the author's last manuscript exposing the Luciferian Conspiracy, Satanism, secret societies and the Synagogue of Satan as driving forces behind the World Revolutionary Movement.



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I found this book fantastic. If you are into the paranornal, but also want a historical walk through scientists, the occult, historic hauntings, experiements, i would highly recommend this Colin Wilson masterpiece if this sort of subject is up your alley. Its the type of book to dip in and out of. Its a serious book not some new age claptrap. And Colin was a serious author. From a historical context you can get a lot from it, with Colins spin. And as well as being fascinating, 


Should check out his talks and interviews on youtube, there are not many if memory serves me correct, but i enjoy listening to him. He has a vast ridiculous body of work in writing form.


The odd thing this book went missing and few years ago *inserts x files theme* so i am going to re order it. 


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On ‎7‎/‎23‎/‎2020 at 10:19 AM, BigStevee666 said:

Virus Mania is probably the most important book in the world at the moment, vaccines are irrelevant because there are no viruses, the myth was created to cover up government medical poisonings.

I'm 90 pages into this. Would recommend also.

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Links for books posted above...


Plants of the Gods by Schultes, Hoffman, and Ratsch



The Cosmic Serpent Jeremy Narby

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby.mobi
The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby.epub


Supernatural by Graham Hancock



Secret History of the World Mark Booth

The Sacred History by Mark Booth.epub


Gaia’s Garden Toby Hemenway

Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway.epub


Creating a Forest Garden Martin Crawford



Composting for a New Generation Michelle Balz

Composting for a New Generation by Michelle Balz.epub


Mycelium Running:  How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World by Paul Stamets



The enlightenment of the world by Abizaid, John George



Worlds. Beyond The. Poles. By. F. Amadeo Giannini



Foodopoly Wenonah Hauter


Foodopoly by Hauter Wenonah.epub


Politically Incorrect Nutrition: Finding Reality in the Mire of Food Industry Propaganda by Michael Barbee



The Dorito Effect: The Surprising Truth About Food and Flavor Mark Schatzker



Leonardo da Vinci Walter Issacson

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.azw3
Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.epub


The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger



Satan - Prince of This World, William Guy Carr, R.D. - Jesus is Savior



Virus Mania



Supernatural: Your Guide Through the Unexplained, the Unearthly and the Unknown


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